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  1. Premixer112

    Vurbmoto Edit Contest

  2. Premixer112

    Vurbmoto Edit Contest

    Thanks man. And that's the angle I was trying to get at with mine, bringing it back to how the old school MX videos were. If I had to do it over again, I would make it a little more technical and add in some bike sounds, some more effects, but overall I prefer letting the original footage speak for itself as much as possible.
  3. Premixer112

    Vurbmoto Edit Contest

    Sorry you don't like it. What music do you like? And it might've not been clear because it was still processing, check it now.
  4. Premixer112

    Vurbmoto Edit Contest

    Had to re-upload because youtube said it was published December 9th (which it wasn't), and that would disqualify me.. So, here's the new link:
  5. Premixer112

    Vurbmoto Edit Contest

    Vurbmoto is having an editing contest with footage from their video War Machines. Here's my submission. I'm really wanting to do something in media for a living. Whether it be filming, editing, or just photography and hopefully will be able to do do a lot of motocross related stuff. Getting even through the first round would mean the world to me and youtube views and instagram likes are the only way to accomplish that, so I apologize for the whoring out of myself haha. But I hope some will watch and enjoy, it has an old school mx video vibe to it that I'm sure a lot of people who post on here are into. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BsGv1xdGTS4
  6. Premixer112

    New camera test video of KTM 250sx

    Well something to keep in mind and something I should've noted was that making this video was actually kind of an after-the-fact decision. I had just gotten the camera in the mail that day and just wanted to do test shots. And I was playing with the focus and using a really big aperture, so all of those were me kind of fiddling with it. But I was trying to shoot it like I would a serious video, so I know now what to brush up on.
  7. Premixer112

    New camera test video of KTM 250sx

    I here ya on the focusing. I just got a little obsessed with the shallow depth of field and manipulating it. When I shoot people actually riding, I won't be doing that. It just makes the shots more interesting instead of just having the camera sit there. And my DIY dolly I made is very bumpy so I couldn't really use it for most of the shots, and my tripod is a little shaky too hahaha. Thanks for the feedback
  8. I've been getting more into photography and I've always liked making videos, but have never had a good camera. Well, I changed that and my new camera got here today so I went into the garage and made a little test video shooting different angles of my 250sx. Tell me what you think!
  9. Look at the last post I made guys... Jesus, what happened to this place? I used to get actual helpful info when posting a thread.. I posted a pretty much identical thread on Vital MX and got an answer in the first post. The guy said the bearing with the larger ID # is the one that goes on the bottom.
  10. Well, I do have a plumbing pipe that I used to get the races out of the frame and the diameter of it matches the inner race of those bearings. But I feel like I would still screw up and it would slip and hit outside the inner race, even with the heating and cooling method. Why wouldn't the machine shop know how to press a bearing on? And if that's the case, I can tell them where to put force on, which way to put it on if I take it there. (btw, I just noticed I put those bearings upside down on the shaft in those pictures accidentally). That's not what I've read about changing these out...
  11. I feel dumb posting this, but oh well. I'm changing out my steering stem bearings and instead of trying to pound on the new bottom bearing onto the stem and likely mess it up, I'm going to take it to a machine shop and have them press it on for me. Only one problem: I don't know which bearing and seal goes on the bottom triple clamp.. The bearing kit I bought was All Balls and they are a lot different then the ones I took off. My guess is that the correct one is the one with the "taller" race and smaller width bearing. But like I said, I want to be sure. Also, might as well ask about the seals. The two smaller ones appear to be the same size, and I'm assuming one of them is the one that goes on before the bearing. But I just want to verify that before I take the stem to the shop to have the bearing pressed on over it:
  12. Premixer112

    Will wheels from a 2012 KTM 250sx-f fit on a 2014 250sx?

    I really want black wheels. And it seems to be mixed reviews..
  13. I'm looking into trading wheels with a guy that has a '12 250sx-f with black Warp 9 rims and what appears to be stock hubs, with my stock '14 250sx Excel wheels. I'm trying to find info online about this, but can't find a clear answer. If we keep the spacers that came with our bikes, will the wheels bolt up?
  14. Premixer112

    How to Break in my Rebuilt KTM SX150

    Just run whatever mixture you're going to run in it normally..