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  1. Campisi

    XR250R No start

    Tried measuring compression again just for grins. Had my wife holding the compression gauge into the plug bore while I kicked the starter, throttle wide open, manual decomp disconnected .... max was 105 this time. Hmmm, maybe she did better at keeping the gauge sealed into the plug bore this time, who knows. Still, way too low. I hate to start pulling things apart when it was running fine.
  2. Campisi

    XR250R No start

    Yes, throttle wide open. I was thinking of opening up the exhaust valve clearance to make sure the auto-decomp isn't interfering with the compression test?
  3. Campisi

    XR250R No start

    Howdy, I need a little direction on how to proceed on getting my 2001 XR250R to start. First, it had been sitting in my shed for about 18months (with gasin the bowl and tank - bad on me. Of course it won't start, heck, even the throttle valve was stuck solid in it's bore. So I cleaned out the carb and tank and freed up the throttle and it started and ran like when I put it away for that 18months. The throttle was still sticky and would not return to idle unless I moved it there. So I drive it back into my garage to fix it and I pull up and the throttle is winding pretty high (certainly not redlined but not idle either) and before I could return it to idle I heard a 'click' and it died. Have not gotten so much as a cough out of the engine since then. Checked for fuel and spark. Compression seems to be low but I'm not sure I'm checking it right (I'm using a auto compression tester with a rubber plug that you force into the plug opening). The highest I can get is about 60PSI even with manual decomp lever disconnected. Any ideas on what I can try before pulling the head off? Thanks so much.
  4. Campisi

    XR250 No Compression

    Yep, don't know if I was measuring compression properly or not. I just had my wife hold the compression guage into the plug bore while I turned over the engine to find 'compression' then kicked it. Did this several times and never got it to go any higher than 60psi.
  5. Campisi

    Throttle cable locked up

    You sure it's your cable? I swear your story is my story! Just pulled my 250 out of the shed where it had sat for two years. When I put it away it ran great. I had drained the bowl and tank. My throttle was completely stuck and would not budge. Though my cables were a little 'sticky' that wasn't the problem. The slide in the carb was frozen to it's bore. Took the carb out and could not budge the throttle with my hand. Used some WD40 to work it loose and then, voila, it was free and moving perfectly again.
  6. Campisi

    XR250 No Compression

    Guys, I know you must get sick of this topic but I need some ideas before I start doing things I will regret. I put my 250 away a couple years ago in my shed. Drained the bowl and tank. Pulled it out a couple days ago and found in the two years it was stored that the throttle was completely stuck (would not budge) and the float needle was stuck closed. Pulled the carb and freed up the needle, freed up the slide (seems like it was gummed to the carb). The bike fired right up and ran well. Only problem was that though the throttle was now freed up some it was still sticky and wouldn't snap back to idle when the throttle was closed. Anyway, I took it for a ride on the street and it was just like when I last put it away - smooth running. So I pull up into my garage and accidentally whack the throttle open and it revs pretty high (but I can guarantee it's rev'd higher than that before). The hear a 'tick' and the bike shuts down immediately. Since then I cannot get the thing to fire up again. Compression reads only 60PSI but the engine rolls over easily and there doesn't appear to be any rough spots or anything. I disconnected the manual decomp - no difference in compression. Squirted some oil in the cylinder - no difference in compression. Any ideas on what to do next? I guess I should pull the valve cover and see if the valves are in spec but I'm worried that something 'broke' when I heard that tick noise. Thanks for reading this post.
  7. Campisi

    lift front wheel to clear a big log

    Yep. As Dwight said, you don't need, or want, the front wheel to completely clear the obstacle. You want the front to hit the log near the top. Pretty easy to do this on a 200.
  8. Campisi

    What Did You Do To Your XR Today . . . .

    Nothing. Just got it out and rode the crap out of it. Ain't that the beauty of an XR?
  9. Campisi

    Why did you choose XR250 over XR400?

    I originally went with 250 because the seat height was slightly lower and the weight was slightly lower.
  10. Campisi

    Question about buying a plated XR 400 in CA

    I have a 2001 XR250 that I bought new in '01. When the deadline was approaching to plate these things (Jan '04) I got nervous and decided to plate it. Now, me being the procrastinator I was, I waited until Dec 03 to get the ball rolling. BUT, at the time there was a grandfather clause that stated that as long as the paperwork process was STARTED prior to Jan '04 then you could plate it afterwards. So I started my paperwork in December and didn't complete it until 1/23/04. So my bike was plated on 1/23/04 legally. I've had it dual-registered since then. My pink was re-issued at that time and it states "Issue Date: 1/23/04". So, if you buy one from someone who plated it before Jan 04 the pink will have the issue date on it. If you buy one from someone who bought it from the guy who plated it, the issue date will be later. Damm, I'm long-winded.
  11. OK, I've finally had it with keeping my bike street legal AND Green stickered. I've always paid both just to keep some money going to OHV parks but the greenie fee is getting ridiculous. I got the renewal for my green sticker today and it's $52. I don't know if it was that last year as maybe my wife paid it and I didn't see it but that it ridiculous. I'm thinking of letting it go and just keep the plate and equipment on the bike. What happens if I just don't pay green sticker fee? do I have to file a Non-Op form and pay a different fee? Can I just start paying later on down the road? Thanks for any help here.
  12. Campisi

    ATC200X carb

    I removed my ATC200X carb because I liked the better low-end that the stock carb gave me. I ride trails mostly and have a Engines-only 120 kit in my bike.
  13. I'd like to try to run the ODI Lock-On grips but they don't list a kit for the CR80/85. They do list a kit for CR125 and I was wondering if anyone verified that they will or won't work with a CR80 throttle cable. I use Lock-On's for my MTB's and I'll never go back to regular grips for those. Love to run 'em on the CR/XR conversion bike. I tried doing a search on this forum but didn't find anything. Here's the grips I wanted to run: http://www.odigrips.com/mxlock-onhonktmgasgas2-stroke.aspx
  14. Campisi

    Pilot screw missing!

    So I roll my CR/XR120 conversion out of the shed for it's first ride in about6 months. When I put it away it ran great. Fire it up and the thing will not idle unless the choke is 100% on. Soon as I drop the choke to mid or off position the motor speeds up for about 5 seconds then dies. I figure the most likely culprit is a clogged slow jet so I unbolt the carb to do a clean up on it and first thing I notice when I flip it over is the darn pilot/fuel screw is completely missing! I guess it musta backed out on the truck coming back home after the last ride. Now I gotta pick up a fuel screw assembly. Service honda shows it for $10 but $9 shipping. No local dealer within 25 miles.