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  1. crawfishoo

    How much is Savatgy's cut?

    I simply stated facts Tomac raced this weekend and won a Million dollars. Herlings did not race, so he didn't help. I'm not sure what fact we are arguing about?
  2. crawfishoo

    How much is Savatgy's cut?

    I really don't like to stir the pot but you are right.... you don't need help when you don't race. Tomac raced last weekend = wins a Million bucks Herlings sits at home = send self proclaimed tweeters "I'm the Fastest Man on the Planet"
  3. crawfishoo


    We each have our opinions, don't flame me for mine, I won't flame you for ours. The debate about one race series being "better" than another doesn't make much sense to me. Each are unique and have different conditions, challenges, and preparation. Drawing broad conclusions over a single race is very narrow minded. We all want to see the best bike riders in the world compete against each other, but in reality it is not going to happen unless there becomes a unified MX series that all riders adopt. And we all know that fairly tale race series is just a dream. MXGP guys will say we already have it and AMA guys just don't cut the mustard.... AMA guys say MX is a dying sport, I'm wasting my time, energy, and health competing in a "fluff" series... Herlings is not going to risk his reputation and come race in the AMA MX or Supercross series. Likewise Tomas, Roczen, ect are not going to go race the MXGP series to try and prove anything. The debates will go on and on and nobody is going to prove "their" guy is faster than the other. This much we know.... * Herlings is currently the fastest MXGP rider * Tomac is currently the fastest AMA MX rider * Herlings beat Tomac in this years MX of Nations race, but Coldenhoff beat them both, so where does he fall into the conversation??? * France has the best MX of Nations team Outside of those facts, its purely speculation and rumors as to who the best riders is and who thinks they are the "fastest man on the planet". If its Herlings, great, go win several AMA MX & Supercross championships. If its Tomac, great, go win several MXGP championships. Neither will happen. So after this politically correct long winded response. Let us all agree on the same thing.... The "fast man on the planet" is..... NEITHER Herlings nor Tomac. Sorry that title belongs to Usain Bolt!
  4. crawfishoo

    2007 cr125 fouling plugs

    A couple comments & questions; Did they replace both main seals or just the the flywheel side? A bad seal on the flywheel side will make the engine run lean, that would not likely cause a fouling issue. A bad seal on the transmission side can allow trans oil into the case, this could contribute to plug fouling. The stock slow speed circuit is overly rich from my experience. A 55 pilot is several sizes to large. I started with bone stock jetting as a baseline and started tuning from there. I found that below 1/3 throttle the stock jetting is overly rich, but once you are in the taper section of the needle the stock jetting/manual recommendation is almost spot on. The pilot circuit and straight section of the needle is very rich! I changed one pilot jet size at a time until the air screw began to have an effect on idle & throttle response. These are the settings I have been running, but do not take them as gospel, each bike can be different, overall engine condition, fuel quality, & pre-mix can have an large effect on jetting. But this will give you an idea of what has worked for me. I check my plug after every ride and it comes out with a nice rich tan color on the insulator and dry electrode. I have never had spooge out of the exhaust and have yet to foul a plug since I bought the bike. Fuel: 50/50 Tarragon 110 + non-ethanol 90 Premix: Honda HP2, ratio 32:1 Sea Level altitude Pilot: 35 Needle: 6DGY29-70 (2 steps leaner on the straight section + 1/2 clip richer) Main: 430 to 450, I follow the manual for recommended main jet I have heard all the rumors that a Mikuni TMX will just not run right, JD jetting kit, PWK air striker, run a hotter plug, change fuel/gas ratio, ect. I do not believe any of those are the correct answer to fouling plugs. A little patience with jetting and making deliberate changes one step at a time will yield a great running bike. Just throwing parts at it and hoping to stumble across the right combination will not work.
  5. crawfishoo

    Sunline V1 MDX for '07+ CRF - lack of power

    I bought V1 levers back when my 09 bike was new. Same thing as you experienced, front brake hardly worked. It was super mushy and had to pull the lever clear to the bar to get any stopping power. I put my stock lever back on and the brakes worked great again. I returned the V1 levers and bought ARC levers and they worked great. It's unfortunate because I really like the design and function of the V1s but I won't buy them again.
  6. crawfishoo

    Cam chain tensioner

    I had a catastrophic engine failure on my 03 CRF450R. Wide open pull up a large sand hill when it let go. Resultant damage... 2 broken intake valves, piston jammed vertically in bore, bent connecting rod. Replaced: Head Valve train Connecting rod Cylinder Piston Camshaft Cam chain radiator (long story, read below) ect... The worst part for me though, was the fact we were a good two hours of single track trail away from the truck. Had to ride double to get back to the truck, and the next day brought a grizzly 4 wheeler and laid the bike on the back rack while I rode on the front rack to even the weight. We tipped and rolled the poor grizzly three times because of the single track trails. Bike suffered crushed radiator and broken plastics. And it took about 8 hours to retrieve. Now, I know there were some problems with the 02-03 era tensioner but after that experience every bike I have owned since got a MCCT. My 04, 05, 07, 09 CRF's all got a MCCT within 1-2 rides of purchasing them. Take everything with a grain of salt though, considering the population of bikes the failure rate is pretty low. Chances are, you will never have a problem, but for me personally I will always have a mechanical one. Regards
  7. crawfishoo

    Need GPX 125 cases

    Hey guys, Rear shock broke and both right and left cases on my 2005 gpx 125 engine are cracked. I have been looking online and can only find the left side case, does anybody know of a good place to get both sides? I would be willing to buy a used bottom end if anyone has one avaliable. I see that pister pro has a left/right set of cases for a GPX 140, but ultimately I do not have enough experience with these engines to know the interchangability. http://shop.pitsterpro.com/gpx140enginecase.aspx T-bolt I know you deal extensively with pit bikes engines, please PM me with any options you might have. Thanks
  8. crawfishoo

    09 450 Compression and Leak Down Test

    Hmmm good to know Captain. I knew the trans was a bit smaller but thought it was holding up pretty good. There are still 4 of my good buddies with 09's so I will keep an eye on them! What kind of oil and service intervals where you using? Thanks
  9. crawfishoo

    09 450 Compression and Leak Down Test

    I have not been around for a few months but is there is recent development about 09 transmissions going out?? My 09 had 167 Hrs on it when I sold it and the trans had never skipped a beat, and 75 of those hours where turning a 2moto kit! What is going wrong with the transmissions and what is causing it? Sorry dont want to be too off topic, I rebuild my 09 at 75 hours and the whole top end looked brand new!! At 120 hours I replaces the rings and valves, looking back it really didn't need it. The 09 motor seems to hold up alot better than the 02-08 in my experience.
  10. crawfishoo

    ims desert tank

    Mine has been great for the last year but... I took it off yesterday and two of the inserts started to turn. Luckly the bolts broke free before they completely turned inside the tank. But there is no way I'm putting the tank back on, hopefully I can get a replacement. Mine even had the square inserts but they are still turning inside the tank.
  11. crawfishoo

    New 09 owner need help

    I have an MRD with Eddie's tune and it has WAY more top end than stock. The bottom has a smoother transition into the mid then it really takes off from there. Not sure if anyone has tested them back to back put I'm betting it has a powerband very similiar to the pro circuit pipe. For not much more than yosh slip on you can get an MRD system, IMO it was worth every penny.
  12. crawfishoo

    09 CRF450R hours

    For your break in I would change the oil ASAP, I did mine at 0.5 hours and the filter had all kinds of shavings in it. I changed it again at 2 hours, and still had some junk but alot better. Did it a third time at 5 hours, looked great then have done 10 hr intervals ever since. Bike has 165+ hours and not a single problem!!
  13. crawfishoo

    ASV or Sunline levers

    Not trying to ruffle any feathers but the OP asked which lever will give him the easiest pull, not what ones are more durable or unbreakable. I agree with many that ASV, Sunline, ARC and others are great levers but none of them significantly change how the clutch pulls. A stiff pull stock is still going to be a stiff pull with ASV, Sunline, ARC, ect... I think about the only product that has worth while bearings and can actually decrease the pull resistants is a works connection elite perch. For the OP check out this link http://motocross.transworld.net/1000076277/features/product-report-works-connection-elite-perch/
  14. crawfishoo

    ASV or Sunline levers

    I didn't realize that, come to think of it I never took my ARC assembly apart before I sold it to my buddy. I will have to go look at it, now I'm curious. Either way I can tell you it didn't pull any different than the ASV F3 I had or my current V1's.
  15. crawfishoo

    ASV or Sunline levers

    All of the levers you have mentioned are not going to help with pull very much, the idea behind all of them is to be un-breakable not so much help with pull. They all have the same hardend sleeve that contacts the pivot bolt, same as a stock lever. If you are willing to spend the money just to get an easier pull I would reccomend a hydraulic unit! If you want a mechanical unit, a works connection elite perch is your best bet. The lever has a sealed roller bearing and the tolerancles are really good between everything. I have add all three, ARC or moose, ASV, and Sunline V1's and I can promise none of them are going to make a dramatic difference in clutch pull. That is not what they are designed for.