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  1. Troy35

    05 engine rebuild

    Ok, thanks that gives a great place to start. I'll take a much closer look at the head for sure.
  2. Troy35

    05 engine rebuild

    Hey all. I am in the process of tearing down my '05 WR450 engine. The engine seized on me while riding. My fault, after it seized I realized that the oil plug high on the frame was gone. The only thing I can figure is that I didn't tighten it well after an oil change. So I figured I would get all the top and bottom end parts, and hell, the bike is nine years old with a lot of hours so I have a brand new bike after the build. I have the new crank assembly, bearings, piston, and gasket kits. I have the engine out of the frame and I have the head and cylinder off. I realized that the piston was my problem. I guess the oil starvation caused the piston to come in contact with, and weld itself to the inside of the cylinder walls. Once I knocked the piston down enough to lift the cylinder off of the case the crank actually moves quite freely. I am confident the seizure was the piston/cylinder union. I cleaned the piston shrapnel off of the inside of the cylinder wall and it all came off beautifully but I do have a small (less than the diameter of a BB) hole in the cylinder walls. So I know that these cylinders at NikSil right? What options do I have there save buying a new cylinder? Can it be replated or even steel sleeved by like LA Sleeve? I am going to finish the bottom end rebuild. I want to see everything inside there is OK, plus I have the new crank and bearings anyway. What else should I (reasonably) look at doing? The head is mostly what I'm curious about. What could the oil starvation have done to it? It looks absolutely fine. Even outside the oil issue, on a nine year old bike what would you do? I would rather not shell out the money for brand new valves but how far should I take it? What else am I missing on a full motor rebuild? I've done a fair share of top ends on 2 strokes, but like many jumping from 2 strokes to 4 strokes I'm finally at the "4 strokes are more complicated and more expensive that 2 strokes" part of my riding life. I will never go back to a 2 stroke again! I love my WR, I just want to do this right. Hopefully without breaking the bank.
  3. Troy35

    Rampart Range Colorado Gnarly Trail

    Thanks, I enjoyed watching that. That trail looks very gnarly indeed!
  4. Troy35

    Canister Oil Filter?

    That is a spin on filter not a canister style. Did you look at your bike to see if it has a spin on filter on the side of the motor? That would answer your question most likely. That being said, I have a 2005 WR450f and your website says that the filter would fit my bike, but that it completely not true, my bike takes a different filter entirely. I don't trust your website. I would try thumpertalk, RMATV, motosport, or any of the other offroad specific sites. They seem to get things correct. Good luck with the oil change.
  5. I'm surprised that nobody has gotten back to you as most guys here are smarter than me. That being said, I have a friend who bought a used '05 RMZ250 for his son and we could not get it running correctly. It would start rarely with the kick start, but if we bump started it in 2nd it would usually go. You would have to be on the gas though, it would not idle. We cleaned the carb, replaced the stator (waste of time just throwing parts at it), and were about to replace the CDI. We decided to pull the head and realized that one of the intake valve seats was bad. You could see light shinning past the closed valve when you shinned a light through the intake port. Took it to a machine shop and after it was fixed the bike ran perfect. I don't know if this is your issue, but I would look at valves. Good luck, let us know what it was when you figure it out.
  6. Troy35

    I"m in.....

    Thanks for sharing the photos and details! If you get into the carb I would very much appreciate photos and explanations. You seem quite knowledgable, especially in the area of getting carbs dialed in.
  7. Troy35

    Cooling fans and amp draw on WR450F

    Very cool! Thanks to you and the other guys that added info on this topic. I am going to do this.
  8. Troy35

    Cooling fans and amp draw on WR450F

    I don't know if Mt-Track will see this, but has anyone else run two of these on the front side of their radiators with success? I'm curious about prolonged use/abuse from rocks, crashes, cleaning, etc. I think this might be just the ticket for me to help with my cooling problems.
  9. Troy35

    bigger radiator test

    Thank you for the time that you put into this test! I was considering the bigger radiators for a cooling upgrade, but I'll hold off on that and only use them if I crack one. Please follow up if your opinions on the cooling difference change with a more prolonged test or ride.
  10. Thanks guys, if anything I am running a bit rich because I was convinced that this was an issue with the carb. However, I just took the exhaust off my WR450 to get at the starter and it seemed too loose/sloppy at that union. I'm going stop by the dealership today and see what they have for me. It's got a stock header with an aftermarket slip on.
  11. Troy35

    Carnegie - KTM vs Yamaha

    I liked both videos! Where was the second video from...where was that ride?
  12. I guess this is the best place to ask this question. What is the best way to seal the junction between the head pipe and the mid pipe? I have searched a bunch and I believe this is my problem for popping on decel, but only a couple of people suggested using red, high temp RTV in all the prior threads that I could find. Please let me know what the best sealant for this is. I would like to be able to take the two pipes apart in the future, haha. Thanks!
  13. Troy35

    desert wash fun

    Good video, that place looks like fun. I have a river that dries up during the summer that is close enough to my house that I can ride right to it. It's tough riding between rocks and thick sand that you feel like you want a paddle tire in. It's a lot of fun though. My only advice is possibly move your camera up a little so that we can see further out in front of you.
  14. I remember when I was a little kid my Grandad told me about driving a Model T, yes a Motel T, through his high school in southern California. I bet he wishes he would have had a GoPro. I wouldn't have done it but these kids have a great memory. Had they got caught I would hope that the school officials would have seen it for what it was, a simple graduation prank. I doubt that would be the case though. Just don't do it again...haha