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  1. ok! here you go: there's actually a first part to that video, but it focuses more on the wheel im building than the disc guard. Key findings are: positive: -solid feel -thick fin -direct fitment negative: -part of disc left exposed -color is weird neutral: -has some flex. don't now if that's good or bad
  2. Today, and yesterday, I made progress building my a new 18" rear wheel, and installed a new rear disc guard after breaking a mounting tab off my old one! part 1: part 2:
  3. I think I'll be riding this bike off road a lot more than I had planned... at least for weekend camping trips on flowy trails! Gonna get a tubliss front and rear, and swap out that front tire for something more aggressive (originally planned to be a mostly street bike)
  4. Looking to get one of these for my 02 cr250, but no reviews on quality, craftsmanship or fitment.
  5. some hill climbs which dont appear nearly as steep as they are
  6. replaced this tiny seal on my rear brake master cylinder that was causing the brake to slip. you can see in the picture on the top where the rubber has disintegrated a bit, causing the leak. had to buy a whole rebuild kit for $17 just to get that tiny rubber!
  7. here's a new one from one of the users here that is kind of awesome:
  8. thanks, that was another CR i had which was stolen last year. i leave it as my profile pic as a tribute. it was an '01, i picked it up in really rough shape and brought it back to life over the course of a year. the fender was from a 2013/2014 kx250/450f. two of the holes needed to be drilled out a bit, but that was pretty easy. alternatively if you wanted a green fender without having to modify it you can get the polisport free flow fender. it comes with an adapter. i have a green outfit for my current '02 as well, which i only put on once for a short time before switching it back to red... theres a video of that too. i got the sense people here on TT didn't quite appreciate it lol.
  9. Thanks, Luke! The temperature gauge is awesome: it's one of my favorite and most practical upgrades on the bike, it really let's you see how hard your being on the bike and when to let it rest. The kickstand rocks too, it's got a nice strong internal spring and stays in place when up, doesn't bounce around at all
  10. omg your bike looks brand new! stunning! Where did you find an FMF pipe with that 'brushed' finish look? The only thing holding me back from buying a Gnarly is the chrome finish
  11. today we made a video