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  1. installed new "hub savers" sprocket bolts. didn't use the washers... bolts not long enough. hoping once i get my rims powder coated this sprocket will look less weird
  2. rode it, for the first time in months!
  3. Dont worry about what? corrosion due to humidity?
  4. Just heard back from the folks at Buchanan, for the record. that's $260. ... Ouch. For comparison, a new set of OEM spokes (front and rear) would cost about $110 (no tax+free shipping), but as has been noted, the plating will eventually wear off.
  5. new tires [emoji2] [emoji2] [emoji2] and chain and sprockets didnt realize rear sprocket would be black though. might look cool with black hubs and rims, but not sure if i like it on my bike all the sprocket nuts were chewed up, no idea how this was possible. the front 30mm sproke nut also all chewed up. had to dremel it to get socket to fit. and had to use spare 14mm nuts from my CR to install new rear. new 12mm nuts on my to-order list it's like the previous owner used a hammer and chisel to get these on or something
  6. One seller on ebay said he could make them for me, but he seems a bit sketch, and is no longer replying to me. factory effex makes '05 , but no longer carries '06. where else can i look??
  7. nice catch, i went back and looked again, apparently moose sells both stainless steel and chrome-plated spokes ($70 vs $50). the listing i saw merged the descriptions for both
  8. I'm asking specifically about '02 cr250r spokes, but if you only know for your year/model please share.
  9. any recommendations on stainless steel spokes that will file stock rims? moose makes some that say "stainless steel coated," but I assume coated means that will eventually rub off and oxidize/rust too. pro-wheel sell them advertised as stainless steel without mentioning coating, but they say they fit the 400s, 400e, and some RM models, even though the stock spokes are supposedly made just for the 400s... it always makes me a little nervous to buy parts advertised for multiple bikes when the oem part specifies it designed for one model
  10. It's the first thing I noticed when I bought the bike last month. next weekend I'll (hopefully) be taking the wheels apart to powder coat the rims, wasn't sure if I should by a new set of spokes or just have these scrubbed clean. If they are original I think I'll just have them cleaned. On that note, for those with experience, has anyone successfully been able to restore old stock spokes to make them shine again, or has the finish just worn off and will scrubbing them just make them more prone to oxidize and rust? When I tried to restore my XR spokes with 1500 grit sandpaper, they looked good for a while, but quickly rusted up. I read about using non-scratch scotch brite pads to clean them, but I don't want to waste my time if the shine won't last.
  11. is it normal to have nearly all spoke threads on my rear wheel exposed? front are not exposed, just rear. '06 400s.
  12. installed a pair of $18 ebay wide footpegs. old: new: installed tiny rear blinkers bought and used my first dremel today. had to cut off chunks from a new rear fender i bought to get it to fit and shaved off a bit of rear rotor to get my disc lock to fit more small mods on the way
  13. nah i was never worried about the balance, that was other people who brought it up, i was just worried about developing rust. plus i filed it down on each side anyways, not for balance, but so I would always have one slot exposed for my disc lock. plus getting new tires this week anyways!