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  1. here's a new one from one of the users here that is kind of awesome:
  2. thanks, that was another CR i had which was stolen last year. i leave it as my profile pic as a tribute. it was an '01, i picked it up in really rough shape and brought it back to life over the course of a year. the fender was from a 2013/2014 kx250/450f. two of the holes needed to be drilled out a bit, but that was pretty easy. alternatively if you wanted a green fender without having to modify it you can get the polisport free flow fender. it comes with an adapter. i have a green outfit for my current '02 as well, which i only put on once for a short time before switching it back to red... theres a video of that too. i got the sense people here on TT didn't quite appreciate it lol.
  3. Thanks, Luke! The temperature gauge is awesome: it's one of my favorite and most practical upgrades on the bike, it really let's you see how hard your being on the bike and when to let it rest. The kickstand rocks too, it's got a nice strong internal spring and stays in place when up, doesn't bounce around at all
  4. omg your bike looks brand new! stunning! Where did you find an FMF pipe with that 'brushed' finish look? The only thing holding me back from buying a Gnarly is the chrome finish
  5. today we made a video
  6. those are the pro-carbon ones from the UK linked to above? do you have a picture of the damage?
  7. I dont know your bike but on my honda i use the motion pro torque wrench adapter, it sounds like that's what you need
  8. free shipping until friday: They say they are made for the 04-07 CR swingarms, but with some very minor trimming on the left side guard, they will fit the 02-03 perfectly. I only wish I had gotten some before I dented my swingarm in the rocky stuff!
  9. replaced my tusk handguards with these acerbis off my drz which dip down on the ends: i hurt both wrists from the tusk bars in separate falls. comparisons: the acerbis shields are massive, but i think ill get used to them also, installed these friday:
  10. no racing. just weekend fun with my buds, love to get in the messy stuff
  11. It's gonna take me a minute to wrap my head around all that, and i appreciate all the help. I love taking the bike apart as much as i love riding it so revalving, while ive another tried it before, is something id look forward to doing, as long as i understood what i was doing. as far as the shock spring, at least for the rear i did measure it roughly 35-40mm or so of free sag and 100mm of sag with me on it (cant remember exactly, but was within spec for sure), so im pretty sure that's the right weight for it. As far the front forks, i didn't measure the sag, but it's not much at all. very stiff still. front tire pressure is 6psi, and rear is about 1 or 2 with my balding tire. I'd love an 18" wheel but just wasnt convinced it was worth the money since Im not worried about pinch flats. but if i can find a good deal on decent spokes, then ill reconsider.
  12. This is great stuff, thanks for that detailed explanation. I'm definitely going to read it again more closely and use it as a guide. I was running 2psi with a tubliss system. Don't think there is a need for an 18" rim if you're running tubliss. But the tire definitely needs changing. I try to stand, in that particular scene of the video I had stalled and was trying to get going from a stand still so it took me a while to gain momentum and balance.
  13. Bike: 2002 cr250r Riding style: enduro-ish... rocks, hill climbs, single track. no mx. weight: 135 in street clothes height: 5'9" After I got the bike a year ago I replaced the stock fork springs with .38/kg springs, and the stock shock spring with a 4.5kg/mm spring, which are much softer than stock, and those are the weights I need according to the online calculators and what others have suggested, and they definitely helped a bit, but the setup still feels too stiff. I'm looking for something more plush considering the type of riding i do. I'm prepared to do a revalve, but have no idea what type of shim stack formula I should follow. I'd like to get it right the first time. Any suggestions? watch this video starting at 0:55 where my friend films me going up this rocky hill, and then it replays in slow-mo, and you can see how the bike hops around. When I saw the footage I knew it was time to get serious about correcting my suspension. thanks
  14. that's not a good test to determine a poor seal. remove the air filter, stuff a couple paper towels in the airbox, put the airfilter back on, power wash airbox from the outside, remove the air filter, and look to see if any water got in.