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  1. md30

    Any way to buy a JD needle only?

    stock mikuni. i found a guy on ebay selling just the blue needle and some jets for $25. thanks everyone who helped!
  2. I ordered the green one last night and then saw these messages this morning about fines 😂 ! Funny, over the weekend my truck ran out of gas for the first time ever 4 blocks from the gas station. I ran over to the station on foot to see if they had a tank they could loan me, they said no but could sell me one for $13. I said mmm I'll just buy a water bottle, and then he shot back, "no I'll get a $500 fine if you do that!" haha! 🤣
  3. Hey guys I'm trying to figure out what the physical, structural difference is between the two versions of the Tuff Jug cans. I'm looking to get a Ripper, and I want it in green, but the only CARB approved models are in red. Are the plastics different material? is the difference just with the spout's ventilation system? They both show that they unload fuel at the same rate, so why even bother with a non-carb version? please only reply if you know! Thank you TTrs!
  4. md30

    Suzuki DR-Z400S 2006

  5. md30

    Suzuki DR-Z400S (2006)


  6. md30

    Any way to buy a JD needle only?

    Thanks for that tip! I also found a guy just selling the blue needle which is what I need, but it doesn't come with a needle clip. Did yours? If not, do you know if the stock needle clip works on the JD needle?
  7. Finally going to do the 3x3 on my 400s model, but I don't see how a needle and couple jets can justifiably cost $80. So can I just buy the needle separately? Or, has anyone tried the 3x3 and kept the stock needle but swapped out the jets only?
  8. md30

    What did you do with your CR today?

    I shot a short video of these new installations for your watching pleasure: plus I have a question: For those who have bought new aftermarket pipes, how common is it for them to have surface rust on the inside? plus in addition to the rust, they had a small metal shard right at the mouth of the pipe where it mounts to the exhaust flange which i had to pluck out with some pliers as you can see in the video. I was really disappointed with that... but other than that the pipe fit the bike really well.
  9. md30

    What did you do with your CR today?

    it's an fmf woods pipe with a p3 guard, but im pretty sure you can find a carbon fiber guard for the PC pipe too
  10. md30

    What did you do with your CR today?

    wow no one's touched their bike since last april?! Today I installed my new pipe and guard after cleaning the inside which had a ton of rust dust, and some new plastics. Went with red number plate and side panels. Oh and the other day I installed that new tusk linkage guard.
  11. I ended up ordering an 05-07 airbox. I'll post back once it's installed to let you know if there were any issues
  12. Was anyone able to confirm that an 05-07 air box will fit an 02-03 model? I just need a new air box, I'll keep the same air boot and I've already got the MXbonz kit (which i'll have to pry off my current air box ) The thing that concerned me was that the 05-07 subframe had a different part number than the earlier gen three bikes. Wasn't sure if that was due to the air box fitment or something else.
  13. for a 2002 cr250r. plus another 1.4 pounds if you add a p3 pipe guard. in case you were wondering. stock: 4lbs 11.4 oz gnarly: 5lbs 11.6 oz
  14. md30

    2002 cr250 having a hard time with

    the cr250 does come on hard when the powervalve opens up, but it's possible yours isn't adjusted properly. does the power feel like it's increasing steadily throughout the midrange until the powervalve opens, or does it get to a spot in the midrange where it feels like the power is stagnant or decreasing before the powervalve opens? You can try adjusting the powervalve cable slack nuts to see if you can fine tune it.