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  1. Thanks Robert! It makes me very happy to know there are still people riding in their 70s!! I'm turning 32 soon and thought I'd be lucky just to get another 20 years of riding I totally agree riding alone is foolish, especially deep in the woods. That day there were some special circumstances... long story, but i was on more of a mission than a joy ride, anyways lesson learned!
  2. These two are actually on the same trail, but going different directions.
  3. what seat cover is that?
  4. how many hours will you be running that piston? i wish there was research to show that drilling a cast piston is safe. most people on the forums say it's more prone to failure, but everything is anecdotal so it's hard to gauge the credibility of all the different claims around the subject. when i had my '01 (no bridge) i used forged. now i specifically got a cast because i thought a cast piston would be better than a forged piston with a bridge cooling hole. but who really knows...
  5. on your 86? I didn't realize those had exhaust bridges, i thought they only started making those in 02.
  6. no it's a cast piston (pro x).
  7. engine is complete! 90 percent of the job must have been cleaning out the aluminum fragments and washing parts. plus removing a seized dowel from the cylinder. i tried to twist it out with some channel lock pliers but ended up ripping it in half. i managed to remove it with a drill and punch without damaging the hole somehow. man what a job. here is my cylinder after 67 hours. i guess that wearing above the exhaust bridge is normal?
  8. bottom end complete!
  9. yes it's grease, it keeps the gasket from shifting, plus its also an experiment to see if it will prevent the gasket from getting backed onto the engine case so that next time i split it open i wont have to scrape any of it off.
  10. Update: Still working on this. Here is part II of the rebuild!
  11. my friend took my down this slow and ROCKY trail (and broke his husky along the way)
  12. that's mostly where i ride!
  13. Thanks. I wish i had a new clutch basket to compare it to. I'm wondering how it started to wear out after so few hours (hasn't even had a new top end) i wonder if it had to do something with the clutch shattering, or if that's normal after 67 hours. the basket isn't really notched, i know it kind of looks like it is in the video still above, but thats mostly discoloration.
  14. I'm rebuilding the bottom end on my 2002 cr250 after my clutch plate exploded and sent aluminum shards everywhere. I used a power washer to try to clean the shards out of the crevices in the outer clutch basket, and afterwards i noticed there was play between the gear and the basket as you can see here: Is this how they are? oem basket, with only 67 hours on it.