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  1. Finally rained at our dirt bike park, and we took full advantage.
  2. I thought you didn't have seasons!
  3. the guy was willing to negotiate but unfortunately someone else swooped in before me and took them. o well, probably better i save my money... i barely ride street anyways. now im thinking of powdercoating my rims blue and putting on d606s (my shinkos absolutely do not hook up off road)
  4. Thanks for the feedback. I thought those were a little pricey considering they sell new Warp 9 wheels with tires and rotors for 1,000-1,100, but what do I know. I hardly ride street at all, I take my bicycle to work on weekdays and my CR off road on the weekends, so I won't be putting many miles on those tires, I just worry about rubber drying up after a few years even if there's still tread. After my front end washed out on me over summer on my street legal XR with old tires around a corner I've been pretty paranoid about tires and pressure, etc... If I do get them I'll just buy an extra set of normal sized S rotors, probably tusk. Happy to know they bolt right up. Thanks
  5. found these a couple hours away, he's asking $900 they're used, off a 2014. time for new tires, or can i get away with using those for a couple more years you think? also, does removing those wheel weights damage the anodization?
  6. I got a set of these for my '01: They were awesome. Looked so nice and polished. everything bolted right up, no fitment issues
  7. today we hit the big 4-0
  8. I was supposed to take my honda off road this weekend but my mates cancelled, so instead I took the DRZ on a short ride through the Berkeley hills now that the air is breathable again
  9. That looks awesome! I never knew there were places to ride out there! Are those private trails?
  10. Thanks! yep, carnegie. haven't made it out to Hollister yet, it's a bit of a drive
  11. i know what you mean. i took mine off road for the first time last weekend, and again yesterday, suuchhh an elephant compared to my cr250! still fun though! today, i cleaned my kill switch. it was sticking, there was some dirt in the pathway of that tiny little plastic plate. those who have disassembled theirs before know what I'm talking about. never realized how many parts and how complex this little mechanism is. also, installed handguards. the tusk d flex pro. they are too bulgy and the yellow is off... its more of a sunset yellow, whereas the stock yellow is brighter, almost fluorescent. not so thrilled with them.