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  1. yzdaddy

    Winter Offroad races?

    I would say it was about perfect today for Neb. guys when I started it was 34 and a gentle 15 mph wind out of the south no sun with a smattering of mist...... when I quit it had warmed to 43 and a manly breeze and gusting to about 25 so pretty much perfect.
  2. yzdaddy

    08 yz450f popping on deceleration

    Your idling may be to high or adjust your fuel mixture or both
  3. yzdaddy


    Yam is not going to spend the money on top tier guys
  4. yzdaddy

    Hey Bowman!

    Good choice I'm sure he can use it
  5. yzdaddy

    How will Barcia do this weekend?

    He takes out freezer
  6. yzdaddy

    Cooper Webb

    It doesn't look as heavy as mine. Your skid plate looks to light duty you should try some 1 in. steel plate
  7. yzdaddy

    Cooper Webb

    If you would buy a yz 450 you can gain a lot more than I hp
  8. I'm trying to find some orange plastics for mine I may have to settle for KTM plastics
  9. yzdaddy

    FLY..... Where's my money bitch!?

    You better start lookin outta your window cuz after claimin to be the cowboy capital of the world your gonna have them brush poppin Texans all up in your ass there cowboy
  10. yzdaddy

    FLY..... Where's my money bitch!?

    Do you know Tye?
  11. The 17 yz 450 sucks bad that's why I bought 2
  12. yzdaddy

    Cooper Webb

    You forget mog doesn't ride 450s and doesn't venture on to a race track unless hes lost
  13. That's why they have extra weight they fly better
  14. yzdaddy

    Cooper Webb

    I witnessed a 17 kawi 450 rear wheel bearings freeze on the axle with 3 hours on the bike and the sorry ass dealer in Okla. city didn't warranty the damn thing nice going AJAX YOU SUCK