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  1. I’m curious if you know about the rear fender. Would a 250 sxf or sx rear fender fit a 300 xcw?
  2. Would this apply to a 2017 XCW as well? Get the 17 SX plastics?
  3. Awesome! I'm thinking of going with the JD kit as well. What temps / elevation are you at and what jets are you running? My current settings are: Around 900 ft elevation 65-70 degrees f 42-75 needle, clip 1 S4 needle jet 25 pilot 440 main AS 1.5 out Filed out front of slide fairly large JD jet block The bike runs really smooth from 0-3/4 throttle but wide open it sputters/cuts out. It doesn't spooge at all. I've tried a few different things like larger / smaller main jets. I even tried the 43-75 needle which made things much worse. Really not sure what to do at this point and just looking at pulling the trigger on a JD kit.
  4. I have it running pretty well now it seems. Around 900 ft elevation 65-70 degrees f 42-75 needle, clip 1 S4 needle jet 25 pilot 450/460 main AS .5 out Filed out front of slide fairly large JD jet block So I went from clip 2 to clip 1 because there was roughness right before the powerband. When I first went to clip 1 it ran better but whenever I went from going WOT to closed throttle I was getting some surging. (This didn’t happen when I revved it in neutral, only when pulling in gear. Makes no sense to me but I don’t know) I fixed this by going from AS 1.5 to AS .5 although it’s now easier to stall. The only lingering issue is that if I hold the throttle wide open while riding it sputters when the throttle is at full open to the stopper. I tried going up to 460 main from 450 but I don’t thing it helped any. Not sure what to try.
  5. So I got to try it with these settings AS 1.5 42-75 needle clip 3 S-4 needle jet Pilot 25 Main 450 Temps were around 65-72 Elevation 900 feet The bike ran pretty poorly. It would sputter and big like crazy in the first 1/4 to 1/3 of throttle. Mid range it ran ok. Top end / WOT felt like it was missing some power / wouldn’t rev out all the way. I thought this meant change the pilot and main jet but at the same time I had a feeling to go leaner on the needle. I went to clip 2 on the needle. It now runs pretty well however there is some roughness / sputter right before the powerband if I’m rolling the throttle on very slowly or riding on the edge of it as I often do in single track. It seems to happen more when I’m lugging the bike and if I go open it up on wider trails it happens less. I’m considering trying clip 1 and maybe going up on the main jet?
  6. Thanks! So right now I’m 42-75 3rd clip. 25 pilot, 450 main. 1.5 out on AS. S-4 needle jet Going to ride this morning and see how it runs.
  7. Was watching your thread with him and thinking that my 300 vibrates no more (maybe even less than) my 450f. When he made that last comment I realized he’s trolling.
  8. Here’s my slide. Seems to be modded for sure. Testing your reccomended jetting tomorrow!
  9. What jets / needles came in your 18?
  10. The 17+ Ktms are counterbalanced. But even bikes that aren’t most people don’t seem to have an issue with the vibrations. You might be more sensitive to it.
  11. I’m just guessing that front of slide was botched by previous owner. It may not be. I’m going to have to check as memory is getting fuzzy now. Luckily I ordered 25/27.5/30 size pilot jets!
  12. I got mine from Gnarly parts in BC. I think it was $25. Comes with two o rings as well for float needle.
  13. That makes sense. I always went with steady throttle over wet roots / logs. Never have pulled the clutch and coasted as you describe but I could see how it might help keep the rear from spinning on them. On my 4t I always did clutch when braking with the rear to keep from accidentally stalling. I found I was always modulating power with the clutch on the way out anyway so it made little difference to clutch a bit earlier. I'm finding now on my 2t that I don't do that anymore. I usually apply brake pressure until I hear the engine close to stalling. This is my cheater way of braking on the edge of traction. Costs of stalling the 2t are much lower especially with magic button (another reason to try a trail bike). However if you do fly over roots at 30 mph, I have found that my 2t deflects more than my 4t. Either way would be interesting to see how you feel about the new bike. It's always a fun experiment to get on something new.
  14. Got the parts you recommended (except the slide) so I'll be able to report back soon! Thanks again for your help.
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