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  1. DirtRider99

    ??Need Help??

    YA correcto!!!
  2. DirtRider99

    ??Need Help??

    Hey Fox F*** im not in a bad mood and well i never talked SH*T to you so i dont know why your calling jme an A$$Whole. Any way how did my wheel get so thrashed my friends and I jumped it over jumps we prolly even shouldnt of jumped with it. Also my other friend was riding it and all the sudden all the sprocket bolts broke so the sprocket was spining freely and it just tore the hub up bad.
  3. DirtRider99

    ??Need Help??

    The WHOLE F***IN Thing is messed up. I no the 125 Rim is 14" and the 125L rim is 16" thats why i asked if it would fit.
  4. DirtRider99

    ??Need Help??

    My 2000 TTR125 rear wheel is thrashed i need a new one but i cant afford a new one. There is a 2003 TTR125L rear wheel on ebay will it fit my bike?
  5. DirtRider99

    TTR Motor Salvage bike

  6. DirtRider99

    TTR Motor Salvage bike

    Any body need any used 2000 TTR Parts Motor Runs Great but needs clutch.
  7. DirtRider99

    Kill Switch

    My kill switched just stoped working all the sudden. Any help?
  8. DirtRider99

    picture of the perfect roost

    http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y5/ReDBaRoNn891/ygp9C4FF.jpg thatz my friend
  9. DirtRider99

    WOW 2006 CRF250r

    No offense But IT NOT A DUAL EXHUAST it spilts before the airbox so theres no dual carbs or any thing.
  10. DirtRider99

    Attention Photoshopers

    mxrider could you do a lifted cherry red truck and a lowered cherry red one.
  11. DirtRider99

    Attention Photoshopers

    http://www.goresvetteworld.com/inventory/7980/MEDIA/OUT%20(3).jpg could you do that picture the same way
  12. DirtRider99

    Attention Photoshopers

    can you add some black bead lock wheels???
  13. DirtRider99

    Attention Photoshopers

    The one above
  14. DirtRider99

    Attention Photoshopers

    http://www.goresvetteworld.com/inventory/7980/MEDIA/OUT%20(5).jpg that one sorry.
  15. I was woundering if yall (photoshopers) could photoshop this truck Cherry Red with black limo tint. Because i have one just like this one that i wanna paint Cherry red. http://www.goresvetteworld.com/inventory/7980/MEDIA/OUT%20(5).jpg