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  1. OR Racer46

    Blaster coil spark question

    plug cap may be bad plug wire could be bad as well make sure the ground is good
  2. OR Racer46

    2015 350 sxf mods

    I have the WP Factory Service Suspension Also
  3. OR Racer46

    2015 350 sxf mods

    A few more
  4. OR Racer46

    2015 350 sxf mods

    What other mods are you looking to do ? I have a 2015 350 that I have done a few things to . here are a few pics
  5. He has the sticker so it makes him look fast . I will get the same sticker for mine as well and see what it does
  6. OR Racer46

    ktm 300 motor in a diffrent frame

    The dealer I got my KTM from had someone buy a new 15.5 250 FE and just want the motor for a race cart so they kept the rest of the bike and are putting a KTM 500 or what ever it is 505 ? 2 stroke engine in it . I will get pics .
  7. OR Racer46

    Here she is

    more good stuff
  8. I know of some one that bought a new FE 250 just for the motor . The dealer is putting a 500 2 stroke motor in the chassis it will be on ebay soon crazy
  9. OR Racer46

    RED BULL Graffix

    Thank you . I was able to have my dealer order me a set
  10. OR Racer46

    RED BULL Graffix

    Grumpyold who did you get those from and how did you get the 350 on them thank you
  11. OR Racer46

    Here she is

  12. OR Racer46

    Here she is

    the 2016 350 will not have air forks as far as I know .
  13. My 16 should be here in July
  14. OR Racer46

    Here she is

    I am 165lbs I love the bike . I race the fast vet class were most everyone is on a built 450 and If I don't get the holeshot I am right up front with them . Its not for lack of bike its been me just hesitating to stay on the gas just a smidge longer . Bike is great in the air . corners great overall I am very happy with the KTM . I got the Mapping switch I will put on this week and a few other goodies to really see what this bike can do . On that note I already have my deposit on a 16 350 .
  15. OR Racer46

    2010-up rmz 250

    Any used bike is a crap shoot . more so on a 250f . one thing I learned from the factory Suzuki guys is to run 10-50 oil it helps that trans . you could end up putting several thousand into that bike . what do you want to do with it ?