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    Doug Henry riding again.

    Great News, Doug is without a doubt one of the nicest down to earth guys you will ever meet. Glad to see he is back on a bike in some sort of configuration. I remember about 4 or 5 years ago we were at our local sand track. We see this guy on an old beat up 1993 ? maybe CR 500 with #19 on it just tearing it up. So i jokingly say to my wife "who the hell does that guy think he is Doug Henry?" He rolls up pulls off his helmet and starts talkin to us and we just laughed and said what are you doin on that old thing? He says eh needed somethin to ride/practice on and this was all I had. He then went down to Florida for bike week and totally destroyed everyone in the GNCC race I think it was down there. The guy was truly amazing to watch practice/race. We bumped into him at a few different local practice tracks the local racers use and he was always friendly and never had an attitude like he was better than you. When he could be like a lot of other riders out there and just act like I am to good to talk to you little guys. He is my favorite rider of all time. Tough, determined and always a threat to win. I wish him all the best.

    RacerX Convo with Chad and James

    To add to the big guys can't be fast debate that started up in this thread. Here's a name of a really big guy in his prime. He was well over 200+ lbs. And some of the older guys might remember him. He is a local pro hero that had some national success and showed Doug Henry and John Dowd how to do it. I saw several epic battles with him Jim Meenan and John Finkelday just murder each other around Southwick back in the day. Jo Jo Keller. The guy was fast on anything! 125's, 250's and 500's. Still see him every once in a while here at NESC races. And trust me he is still faster than anyone that posted in this thread. Here is a link to a racer x article about him if anyone is interested. http://www.racerxonline.com/article/where-are-they-now-jo-jo-keller.aspx

    Waterpump Problem

    Thanks Ed. That might be the problem because that is backwards from what a "normal" seal install would be and I didn't pay that close attention to it when I took it out. I took it out and it sat for a few days while waiting for parts. So I did put them back in with the flat side facing out not in. So I will give that a try tonight and see what happens. It just goes against all that I know about seals and mechanical pricicples I have learned over the years. And I have been working on bikes and cars for 25+ years. But I am at a loss and am willing to give it a shot. And the diagram clearly show the seals opposite from what I would consider corrrect. But I am not an engineer either.

    Waterpump Problem

    thanks Norcal. Where is that bearing? I will also do a search for that thread. Nevermind Norcal found the thread you were talking about and I now know what bearing you were talking about. If anyone has anything else it could be please let me know so I can systematically eliminate possible causes. Thanks Again. CTRIDER

    Waterpump Problem

    I finally had to replace my waterpump seal after many hours of use/abuse. It has been nearly bullet proof up until now (6 years of 2-3days a week riding/racing). It started to weep from the weep hole under the pump housing. No big deal. Typical seal failure. So I get a new inner and outer seal, shaft, bearing and gaskets. I replace the parts and I also did the impellar mod that I got off here from a previous post. So I put it all back together and get ready to ride. Well it now leaks worse than before I changed the parts. I know all the parts are in correctly so I am a bit confused as to what may be causing it to leak. I also took another newer radiator cap off my kids new bike to see if that may be the problem. But, no thats not it either. I am at a loss as to what is causing this and hoping someone may have run into this with their CRF and can point me in the right direction. I am thinking maybe the impellar mod may be the culprit. But I am guessing. That is the only x factor other in what should have been a staight up waterpump seal change. Thanks in advance for any help with this problem I have. CTRIDER

    09 crf 450 price

    Yes Mike, we go to RH alot. We are members. Look us up if you are there. My son and I both ride #420 bikes. I am on a CRF and my son is on a YZ 85.

    09 crf 450 price

    OTHG MIKE is correct. I sent my buddy up to that dealer. He got an '09 YZF 450 OTD for $6800. The '09 CRF is $7K OTD.He is now kicking himself for not waiting on the CRF now that he has seen it! The local stealer, I mean dealer told him $8500 OTD for the CRF. Needless to say he owes me big! The fool was gonna pay it!

    de Reuver is talking....

    Not trying to start a flame war here but, Sir-crash-a-lot if the sand is so much "heavier" in holland and the GP has the best riders in the world why was Dereuver so tired after 1 moto? Your argument doesn't make any sense. He was fast but he didn't impress me as a great rider. Stewart, Villipoto,Dungey,Short and Cody Cooper "looked" better on the track. And Dereuver thought the track was tough and he is from Holland where the sand is "deeper and heavier". Maybe you should ask him what he thinks of the "Wick". And if he really wanted to ride Southwick he should have stuck around and raced the 2 day race coming up this weekend. The track will be much tougher after 800-1000 bikes are racing on it all day with no grooming between motos. The national is like a highway. We would love the track to be in that good of shape for our 2nd motos. Ask any of the locals here. lol.

    Impeller Mod

    Thanks, Ed & Zac. That's what I was looking for. I appreciate it very much. CTRIDER

    Impeller Mod

    I am about to do a clutch basket swap and waterpump seal/shaft/bearing change on my 03 450. Awhile back I saw a diagram of the 1/8 inch hole mod for the impeller. Does anyone have that diagram handy that they can post or provide a link? I did a search and wasn't able to find it again.Thanks in advance for any help.

    Found leak from behind front sprocket??

    Replace the seals. I had the same problem and just replaced the seals on both the sprocket and shift shaft while I had the engine out doing a top end rebuild.You don't need to split the case either.You just need a good pick or small screwdriver to remove them.Also on the counter shaft there is a seal and an oring the goes over the shaft.It is also a good idea to inspect the metal bushing that slides over the countershaft behind the sprocket for groove marks where the seal rides because using the old one may cause it to leak again because the bushing has a groove mark where the seal was riding on it.Hope that makes sense and helps.

    ASV or Hand guards.....

    I'll second his motion that it's not all hogwash.I had to ride my buddy out of the woods after he also went over the bars and severely broke his wrist.And he is/was a AA harescrambler at the time.So NOT hogwash at all.Go with the asv levers.They are going on my sons new YZ85 here very soon also.

    Looking for CRF450 OEM silencer

    G man there are always oem units on ebay you just have to check in all the time because the older crf's parts will sell faster I have found.I have an 03 also.I just picked up exactly what you are looking for 03 muffler for $65 shipped! And it literally was brand new.The guy took it around the parking lot for a test when he bought it, went home removed it and put on a new FMF system.And I know for a FACT that an 02 will not bolt right up to an 03, because I also recently bought and 02 subframe and the mounting tabs for the 02 and 03 are in different locations by a couple of inches(I had to weld in a new one).Plus the 02 muffler is 50mm longer too if that makes a difference to ya.But hopefully Chrisa will give you as good a deal as I got. Ebay rules for used bike parts though.

    Some place in Conn..

    Or www.ctmotocross.com.

    2 and 4 stroke throttles

    Uhh.really? No kidding. Sorry for the sarcasm but how do ya do it in the middle of a moto?And then it slackens up on you?You can't and that isn't something you can nessessarily feel like a clutch that needs adjustment.And I don't think most think to adjust those cables regularly either. See my point?