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  1. Take it back to the dealer, there is something wrong with it if it's running 9 to 10 bars all the time.
  2. buddoggin

    A lighter KTM 690r

    You didn't say you did anything to lower the weight until now. All you said was you drained the gas, oil and removed the filter. If you did work on the bike to make it lighter, I can see that. I failed mind reading 101... lol. No worries
  3. buddoggin

    A lighter KTM 690r

    I just can't imagine how you could tell the difference between 5 or 10 pounds on a 300 pound bike... but to each his own. And I'm not buying the 284. I think you need to calibrate those scales.
  4. buddoggin

    A lighter KTM 690r

    Well yes. If you want a dual sport under 300 lbs then the 690 is the wrong bike for you IMO.
  5. buddoggin

    A lighter KTM 690r

    Yes, do the 500 EXC mod.....
  6. http://www.cycletrader.com/Ktm-Adventure-990-Motorcycles----CycleTrader.com/search-results?make=Ktm|2319322&model=Adventure+990|764858345&vrsn=hybrid
  7. KTM is made my Ronco. Same folks that produce the Smokeless Ashtray!!!
  8. http://tuneecu.com/KTM_Tune_list.html I would look at these two in the link above... KTM 690 SMC, Enduro R EPT map 2011 model year with Slipon or Silencer set Akrapovic
  9. Just watch this video. It will show you how to do it. Then ask AMa, a user on advrider for maps for your year/mods. He's a genus.
  10. I changed the stock pipe out for an FMF Q4 and re-mapped with TuneECU and I run at 3 bars all day long. On a hot day can go to 4 bars. Stock setup was always 5 bars.
  11. The maps are for all the channels. Go here: http://www.advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=685657&page=48 and talk to the experts. PM a user named AMa. He sent me two custom maps that transformed my bike. He is a friggin genus!!!
  12. TuneECU will not affect your guarantee. You save your currect maps before you load any new maps. All you have to do is re-load your stock maps and head to the dealer. I really doubt the dealer will be able to help much with your problem. KTM sells the bikes in this condifion... but who knows. Good luck!!!
  13. You will need a seat. The stock seats are covered 2x4's. I recommend Renazco. Seat Concepts may work for you as well, It didn't for me, but everyone is different.
  14. Not a stupid question at all and yes I did. The following procedure works for a 2010 and 2011 but I don't know what other years it will work on. You can find more info on Supermotojunkie.com. Here is what I did: Follow the pink wire from the speedometer under the headlight mask to the connector. Disconnect connector. Turn bike on and cycle to where the dash is displaying Mode 1. Hold both buttons down for about 10 seconds. The wheel size should now be flashing. Change the wheel size to 1870 for the 17" wheels. Press both buttons at the same time again. Turn bike off. Turn bike back on to verify that wheel size has been changed (so you don't have to undo the headlight mask and fiddle with the plug again) Connect plug under headlight mask. Go for a ride! The process becomes very easy once you do it the first time. There is plenty of room under the headlight mask to undo the plug. I did not cut any wires and will not. It's just too easy to unplug it and plug it back it in. Good luck!