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  1. afcforme

    Safest Helemts

    Hi all, been out of the game for a bit here and just started riding again after a few years. Generally I dont really like to skimp on stuff like helmets, knee braces and boots and figured it was time for an upgrade. Whats everyone say? Leatt, 6d, Sorai, Bell, Arai? Really like the idea behind the Leatts and the smaller size is pretty nice.
  2. afcforme

    TRUMP now pres...EPA and Carb Done?

    Seriously, what a strawman.
  3. afcforme

    Big Girl Nylons

    Just get some nylons and be comfortable with your manhood.
  4. afcforme

    TRUMP now pres...EPA and Carb Done?

    How long from Orange County to Siberia comrade?
  5. afcforme

    TRUMP now pres...EPA and Carb Done?

    I actually would too! As a liberal, communist, socialist bleeding heart democrat I still love me some dirt bikes and am interested in how this will play out.
  6. afcforme

    TRUMP now pres...EPA and Carb Done?

    Go on....
  7. afcforme

    TRUMP now pres...EPA and Carb Done?

    Sounds about right. Thats around the age of someone who would call someone names because they believe in something differently than them politically.
  8. afcforme

    TRUMP now pres...EPA and Carb Done?

    Obummer.....jesus christ are some of you 12?
  9. Who is carrying Goldentyre in the states online?
  10. afcforme

    What's the best battery to run in an 05 450x?

    Anyone tried the Ballistic EVO2 batteries?
  11. afcforme

    Best Motorcycle shop?

    Remembered another one. http://www.yelp.com/biz/gustin-motorsports-costa-mesa-5 These guys left Champion when it was sold to Del Amo. Havent actually been but always heard really good things.
  12. afcforme

    Best Motorcycle shop?

    Check out AS Racing. About an hour and a half north. But held in very high regard amongst the so cal community. http://www.asracinginc.com/
  13. afcforme

    First GoPro Video

    Check out Youtube for video tutorials on editing. Tons out there for gopro studio/premier pro/final cut etc etc etc. Its how I learned, they are always really helpful.
  14. afcforme

    First GoPro Video

    I've really found with videos that editing is key and unfortunately it can be time consuming though it doesnt always have to be. Unless you're really trying to show that train in particular that video (and please take no offense) could probably be cut down to a 1-2 minutes with some quick editing and just a basic music track (though i always prefer a 50/50 mix of music and engine noise when it comes to dirt biking video). For the most part I think most people will lose interest with a video like this pretty quickly, so keeping it in the 1-3 minute range for a ride is a good rule of thumb.
  15. afcforme

    Motocross Track In Orange County plans?

    I am not, &%$#@! tha police. I wish tere was any dirt to ride around there. I mostly just rip around portola when Im bored. I ride both my motorcycle and bike on portola all the time and have never seen a cop out there.