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  1. tell them , Im a total moron that wants to blow up my bike asap! av gas is for idiots
  2. 155

    Help me pick a pair of boots

    no, tech 7's or 8's
  3. 155

    Maryland - Budds Creek: Need some Help

    bring your tent!!
  4. 155

    eagle bridge mx

    dont know but we used to get 20+ riders to go there on any weekend but now Im embarressed to tell people to go there. It sucks because that place could be so great.
  5. 155

    eagle bridge mx

    went there sunday , what a disappointment that place is clapped, they ruined the track across the street with some stupid crap and the main track was wrecked !! no dozer, no water,&%$#@!!!! this place used to best place 2 years ago, it has so much potential to be wasted away. Anybody else notice how shiity it is now compared to even a year ago?
  6. 155

    eagle bridge mx

    what time can you ride till?
  7. 155

    eagle bridge mx

    are they open this weekend???
  8. 155

    kx 450 or kx 250

    is that a trick question? give me a break kxf
  9. 155

    problems with new top end

    timing, you need to release tensioner to check
  10. 155

    oil filter bolt repair

    case comes off pretty easy dont botherr takinfg off clutch cover ,stuff will fall out so make sure you have the service manual with the diagrams incase your not sure, be careful
  11. yikes no head pipe that cant be good! I would normally say it carb related but after that I would tear down hte motor
  12. 155

    Loose rear sprocket...

    nylocks are not for dirt bikes why the hell would you use those you need the stock nuts and hope the hub isnt shot.
  13. 155

    Yami rear spring

    yes definately does I have one on mine its also the in between spring rate 5.5 on the 07's and its ti
  14. 155

    dilla mx???

  15. 155

    49mm fork cap wrench

    racetools.com makes a nice one fits perfect