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    Which wires do I jump with 2.2k resistor on a 2011 Husky TXC250

    I figured it out. Turns out when I peeled back the plastic wire protector that the female plug has red/green and white/brown.
  2. I'm about to Ibeat my 2011 TXC250. From what I have read on here I am supposed to jump the o2 sensnor with a 2.2k ohm resistor. I have found one article which said to jump Red/Green with White Brown but that was for an on raod husky. I have four wires leaving the o2 sensor Gray, white, white, Black. Anybody have an idea which wires or plug location that i should jump? Thanks.
  3. Finally got both of the Honda ATC185 three wheelers studded up. Took them out to the Rum River in Northern, MN and got some fast ripping and some funny crashes. Thanks for checking it out.
  4. Here's some Gopro video of me ice riding my 1981 ATC185S Honda 3 wheeler. Filmed on my little home pond we ice ride on in Minnesota. Got about 500 studs or so in the tires. All the lugs on the front tire and every other couple on the rear two tires. Thanks for watching!
  5. Capt Justin- thanks man, glad you liked it, thats why I make em Jay- Yeah I also have a 1997 RM250 thats a real beauty. Had the double powervalves that year and non-up side down forks. She's pretty quick. Just started racing this year and got the hole shot at the OMA national hare scramble at millville,mn (spring creekmx). It was only open C class but it still felt pretty awesome. Got it warmed up, it was a dead engine start. Put it in 2nd gear and as soon as the flag drop I gave her a stab and took right off, had to be faster than electric even. Here's a link to me smoking those new KTM's...
  6. Nemadji_Forest_Rider

    Lets see your backyard tracks!

    Here's a video tour of my 2.5 mile plus back yard track (really its mostly single track). Located in Minnesota on 40 acres, mostly wooded. Got a bridge crossing and lots of tight trail. I got a trail map at the end of the video too. thanks for watching!
  7. @LVThumper- Damn taints always breaking. @JayGord - Yup, spot on. Its a 95 Rm125 with an Eric Gore 144 kit, fly weight, wave rotor. Its an awesome woods machine even being almost 20 years old
  8. Been saving all of me and my friends gopro crashes and fails from the last 3 years of riding. Some decent ones and some funny ones, nothing too nasty though. Check it out. Mostly filmed in Minnesota with the Gopro 960 and the 1080, and all different types of bikes. Thanks for watching!
  9. LB, cant believe you got that much trail out of 3 acres, I gotta get going with the chainsaw again. Nice hills too. CooHead- also cool track, makes me wanna get some berm action going now.
  10. Everybody thanks for the kind words, glad you watched and liked it. Cool videos too. LB -good points on shooting and editing. But man is it a bitch, I spent 4-5 hours riding and shooting and then about 10-12 editing the damn thing on my older computer. Thanks again for watching, motivates me to cut more trails and maybe make a longer bridge or something else funky...
  11. Whatever gets the job done, clippers and machete is some time the best way to do it. You can definitely make some sweet trails with 5 acres too. Some of my favorite trail sections here are only 3-4 acres. Thanks for watching everybody!
  12. Here's me and my CRF230F riding around my 40 acres of trail/track. Has the Honda power up kit, 110 rear tire, 1987 CR125 Forks, and a 1987 XR600 rear shock with reservoir. Love this bike, the suspension upgrades help a ton. Thanks for watching.
  13. Thanks for watching. Took a lot of chain saw chains to get it done, but worth every penny.
  14. Nemadji_Forest_Rider

    Rear shock tricks/tips for woods riding? 1997 RM250

    DRZ swap went good. I ended up getting 2001 DRZ400S forks, so I only have a comp adjustment, no rebound. You can adjust spring preload though. Everything fits perfectly, basically the exact same forks minus the internals. I started with everything set to the middle. I am currently 3 clicks softer on the compression from middle, and I went 3 clicks harder on the spring preload. I went really soft with the comp on the rear shock, I think i'm 4-5 clicks away from the softest setting. I turned the rebound way up too, also 4-5 clicks away from the hardest or "slowest setting". So far the bike does handle the woods better. Its still not as ideal as a freshly valved setup I'm sure, but the forks were cheap and they are definitely plusher in the woods. I was also able to get the stock rear shock soft enough so the front and rear end aren't fighting each other, and overall I feel more stable going over roots and rocks or crossing downed trees. The forks can still take a jump too, not as big as one obviously but I hit a few lips that landed to flat and the soaked up the hit without complaining. If you are on a budget and trying to ride a 1997 RM250 faster in the woods, I would say its worth it, if you can find a good set on ebay for around $150 like i did. If I was to do it again I would buy the DRZ400e forks or 2005ish or newer s forks so I could have a rebound adjustment. So far I haven't really felt like I need to adjust rebound in the woods though. All in all it was a cheap mod and helped, I will be saving to properly revalve the stock suspension, but the fork swap is a good way to get a little more plushness while you're saving up the cash for a pro revalve.
  15. So I wondering if anybody has any scandalous tricks for setting up a rear shock for woods riding without revalving it? I'm on a budget, and have been doing enduros and harescrambles this year. The bike is a 1997 RM250. After getting my wrist banged numb and getting shot over rocks and stumps, I'm finally trying to do something about the suspension. I already have the forks sorted out, I got a pair of DRZ400 forks off ebay for $150, read on here that they make a pretty good set of woods forks for the bike without having to spend money on a revalve, and they slide right on. Now I'm hoping to do something about the rear shock for cheap cheap. Can I put a 2 weight or less fork oil in it to get a little more plush? Can I do anything with the air bladder psi? I feel comfortable meesing with the stack and internals if I could find a step by step guide, but have searched for hours and can't find anything that seems complete. Trade secrets I guess? I can rebuild a shock no problem, but have no knowledge of valving/shim stack. Any awesome hidden Guides??? Any affordable solutions to tune my shock would be awesome! I know I should just get it prof. valved but thats just not in the budget this year, though I will send my forks and shock in eventually, winter maybe. THANKS.