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  1. CrazyJohnny125

    KTM 250 EXC TPI Owner Comments and Bike Enhancements

    No premix, oil fill only. I have heard - ktmandhusky website has great info - about extra premix in them, but rather not mess with the factory tuning/premix ratios. Love the fact I can pull up to a gas station and fill it right up on a long ride.
  2. CrazyJohnny125

    KTM 250 EXC TPI Owner Comments and Bike Enhancements

    TPI update - 20 hours on the bike and love it. Like many have said this bike just does not want to stall. I ride technical single track and this bike has made all my friends with 4 strokes jealous. Getting onto a 450 after this in the tight stuff will make you appreciate the snappiness and weight. Only issue I have had was a leaky oil fill cap; I later found out that I had lost the O ring. The general consensus from the myself and friends that have rode it; the power is awesome and they pull hard and smooth through the power band!. Range - according to my calculations this bike would be able to do 80-90 miles on the stock fuel tank with a good pace. Very happy with the fuel range, and honestly very surprised. This thing SIPs fuel. Currents Mods FMF Silencer KTM and Husky - Fuel filter and larger Fuel fitting
  3. Leatt. It has saved me from a lot of neck injury and well as my family and friends. I highly recommend it!
  4. CrazyJohnny125

    Motocrossed the movie..

    The pro mechanic kid in actually rides. My friends see him at Piru once and a while.
  5. I have actually worn one before. It worked pretty damn good. don't know if it was mental or what. I stood on one foot, and my friend pushed me over. I put the bracelet on and they tried to push me over, and I resisted it. It was pretty crazy! I don't know if it was in my head or what, but it worked.
  6. CrazyJohnny125

    Ford SVT raptor

    Dang canadians, I forgot the exchange rate is different. I was thinking in U.S. dollars!
  7. CrazyJohnny125

    Ford SVT raptor

    Your a fool. Ya 38,000 base price. Incredible smooth. My buddy has 45,000 miles on his and its kicking ass. Smoothest truck I have ever been in. Extremely comfy interior and just absolutely beautiful. They rock. And they do off road pretty well!
  8. CrazyJohnny125

    I need a picture for a book- it could be you!

    Dont know if my form is good, but it's the best picture I have.
  9. CrazyJohnny125

    Three riders arrested

    Is that Sheriff Bob still around or is it a new guy?
  10. CrazyJohnny125

    some proof

    Me hitting a triple. (triple stack tires) ya Im think bout going pro.
  11. CrazyJohnny125

    some proof

    Its not 130 feet. Looks more like 90 range. Get a side picture or video of it and people will believe you. Kinda like saying you have a 10 inch lift on your truck when it really isn't......
  12. CrazyJohnny125

    ThumperTalk Upgrade

    OH yes. tt iphone app will be sick. Upgrade is gonna be great. I like the new background, seems it will be easier on the eyes.
  13. CrazyJohnny125

    new truck pics

    Kid, you really know nothing about trucks do you.....
  14. CrazyJohnny125

    new truck pics

    Dude. this thread is hilarious. You have a six inch lift, with a shit body lift. Everyone has lifted truck, and black wheels is the norm. You dont even know the size of the tires? Know how to read a tire? Its not all about looks.... Sorry but you sound like a total douche. You truck is so HARD. Do you keep a dirt bike in the back at all times? I see lifted trucks with black wheels every day where Im from. Through on a rear bumper and get rid of the body this and that could be a nice truck.
  15. CrazyJohnny125

    Opinions on 7.3 diesel please..

    yup 7.3 is a great truck. my buddy blew the tranny in his but that was it. called her the mule. she ran like a champ. and there is nothing like the sound of a 7.3!!!!