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  1. Here’s a video of the bike so you can hear it, sounds pretty good to me but I don’t know what I’m listening for lol. And don’t worry, those revs were after the bike was fully warmed up and broken in.
  2. Well i got the bike all done and running, i followed your instructions for drilling the piston to the T and it came out great. Engine fired up on literally the first kick and runs awesome. I've taken it out for a couple of rides so far and have been working on the jetting. Had a small problem with a hanging idle but narrowed it down to improper setting on the air screw and idle adjustment set too high so thats solved. The jetting feels pretty close, maybe just a tad on the rich side, which i'll confirm with a plug chop test. I would rather it be a little rich than a little lean though, especially considering it has an FMF SST on it which i've heard is known to cause detonation. What does "spark knock" sound like and how would i be able to tell if its happening? Is it something i have to be listening for or is it blatantly obvious? I've never owned a two stroke before so i dont know what sounds are normal and which arent
  3. Yep that did the trick. Thanks a bunch, i'm glad i asked too haha
  4. No i didn't center it. I'll definitely give that a try, thanks
  5. Alright so i've got another question for you guys. Got all new bearings and seals installed, installed the crankshaft and transmission, and got the cases back together. It all went together pretty smooth, but once i got all the bolts torqued down and spun the crank it seemed to be a little bit "snug". Nothing crazy, it spins smoothly all the way around with no tight or rough spots and i can still grab the flywheel side of the crank and spin it with 2 fingers, but it wont "free spin". Does this sound pretty normal or is it a cause for concern?
  6. Yeah that’s what i plan on. Just got a new crank, all new crank/transmission bearings, and all new oil seals. I’ll be ordering some more parts probably later this week
  7. The side of the air box outside the filter was clean, usually on my other bikes there will be some residual oil and dust in there. There was quite a bit of dust where the air boot connects to the carb
  8. Well I may have found a contributing factor to this engine blowing up. When I went to look at the bike I took a peek at the air filter and saw that it was a brand new uni filter. Now, usually that would be a good sign. That brand new filter doesn’t do much good with no oil on it though! ?‍♂️ It was bone dry when I went to take it out of the air box, and the air box was very clean which makes me wonder if it had EVER been oiled
  9. Well I got the cases apart and everything torn down, no signs of anything broken in the crankcase at all. Looks like whatever was in there did the damage and made its way out. I’ll still be replacing everything since I already have it apart and no idea how many hours are on it
  10. Case match the engine? Not sure I’m familiar with that term
  11. Yeah that’s the plan, I’d hate to put on a brand new cylinder and head just to have them destroyed again the first time I start it up
  12. So doing some research it seems the 2004 gets a bad rep because it’s a “one-year” engine. Since I’m getting a new cylinder anyway would it be worthwhile to order parts from an 03 and basically just convert it? I know the cases are the same, and I believe the only difference in the cylinder is governor actuated powervalve vs electric power valve. I would have to get the governor and linkage I know, but would the power valves from the 04 work? Is it even worth the swap?
  13. They don’t have fangs currently but don’t look broken either. Not sure if the did at one point or not because I didn’t install the piston
  14. You, sir, are a genius. Didn’t even think about that but that’s exactly what I’ll do
  15. Awesome! Thanks for all the help. It’ll probably be a few weeks before I’m getting it assembled due to having other projects going on and not wanting to throw all the cash at it at once. I’ll be ordering parts over the next couple weeks and working on it as I get the chance but will definitely take you up on that offer when I’m ready to install the piston
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