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  1. Not bike related but along the same lines when I was 15yo I had a triumph 2500 tc car that I entered in the demolition derby at the local speedway. A couple of days before the event me and a mate were thrashing around a paddock at his place when #3 piston decided to exit stage left leaving a nasty hole in the block and a bent rod and mangled piston on the ground. I cleaned all the debris from the sump, cut a strip of bicycle tube the same width as the crank journal, secured around the journal with a hose clamp and fashioned a piece of aluminium plate to cover the fist sized hole in the block and rtv'd it to the block. At least half the other cars in the derby were knocked out before me and I only got knocked out due to car stalling and the starter motor failing so I couldn't restart it. Can ran for quite a while as a paddock hack like that until one day it finally seized
  2. toplip

    cleaning up alloy

    There is a chemical you can get for prepping stainless steel or aluminium for welding (phosphoric acid) you brush it on, leave for a few seconds and wash it off with water. Strips all oxide etc off and leaves it looking like new raw alloy. Have to be careful with it though as its pretty nasty stuff.
  3. toplip

    How to tell Wheel Bearings are bad?

    lift the wheel of the ground and hold the forks/swingarm and shake the wheel side to side. If there is any play you will feel it. Also spin it and listen/feel for any rumbling.
  4. toplip

    sludge in radiator

    Best thing to flush cooling systems with is dishwasher powder. Couple of spoon fulls in with fresh water run it for 10 mins and flush. Make sure use use the stuff meant for machines or else it will bubble up hardcore
  5. toplip

    How to add a link to my chain?

    have you backed off the axle adjusters completely?? which way are the adjuster blocks? short side to the adjuster bolt or long side?
  6. toplip


    Hey, thanks for the offer. I'm going to be in Gladstone which is a wee way from Cairns but I am keen to do a few missions once I get sorted. I think I will advertise my bike anyway in NZ and see if I can sell it. If not I will bring it over. Im pretty keen on getting a WR/TM/KTM or Berg 300 at some stage so this maybe one way I can justify it to the mrs. Also would be a bonus to be able to have a rego and ride on the road. Maybe do the Cairns - Cape York. So anybody here from around the Mackay - Rockhampton - Bundaberg areas that is into trail riding/knows some good places to ride?
  7. So it looks like I will be moving from Fiji back to NZ in a few weeks for 2 months then on to QLD to live for a few years. I have a 07 RM250 that i use for trail riding in Fiji that I will take back to NZ with me, but then I'm unsure whether I should sell it in NZ or take it with me to QLD. Whats the go with trail riding in QLD? Does my bike need to have any kind of rego/insurance etc or can you ride in the bush without it? I dont really want to sell it as I have spent a few $$$ getting it just how I want it for trail riding but if I can only ride moto-x tracks with it then i may as well because its fully set-up for trail riding. Would be a good excuse to upgrade to a new WR300
  8. sounds like notched fingers on the basket to me...
  9. toplip

    Ims Tank vs. Clarke Tank

    I got an IMS for my 07 about a year ago and havent had a problem with it. Fit perfectly and I can still change the plug no worries. I hate the way the clarkes stick up so high at the top. Looking at them makes my sacks shrivel up inside at the thought of nutsing myself on the tank/cap
  10. toplip

    polished rod?

    I wish someone would polish my rod
  11. toplip

    Hey RV, who's the hottie in green?

    yes and foreplay!!
  12. toplip

    Can't Start The 2008 YZ250F

    So does it have spark or not? Do you have a manual? Yamaha manual has a series of tests for each of the electrical components that pretty much anyone with half a clue and a multi meter can do. That how I found my mates stator was rooted on his 450F. When he had the engine rebuilt the mechanic reused the lock-washer for the flywheel and one of the fold over tabs had broken off and stuck to the magnet inside the flywheel
  13. toplip

    2005 RM 250 Gearing???

    What type of riding? My 07 came with 13/50 which was good for general trail and track work however I have since swapped to 13/48 as I ride alot of wide open roads between trails and was finding I was topping out in 5th alot and felling like i needed a 6th gear. 13/48 has definitely tamed the thing down. Before I never used 1st unless starting on a hill but now its alot more usable. Im thinking of going to a 49 though to get a little bit more of the hit back. Bascially general riding 13/50 Tight woods and tight tracks 13/51 Wide open fire roads etc 13/48 13/49 or 14/50 Also one thing to note is a 14t front wont physically fit my 07 without removing the case saver and grinding the swingarm
  14. toplip

    Upgrading help

    not too sure what your prices are like in the US but my last 125 rebuild cost about $800NZ which is about $600US but I had to re-sleeve the cylinder and replace the bottom end. If you only need a piston rings and gaskets it should be well under $500
  15. toplip

    Upgrading help

    If you can afford to, allow a top end rebuild into your budget. Get the top end done and inspect the bottom end at the same time. So long as you use a decent oil at the right ratio on a fresh top end you should have no problems with seizing the motor. You should warm it up to before giving it a thrashing but this applies to any bike. Things to check are general condition, ie wear and tear on the frame, foot pegs, plastics, clutch cover, grips etc Shake the swing arm side to side with the bike on a stand to check the swing arm bearings for play Try to wobble the wheels side to side also to feel for any play in the bearings Compression check if possible or at least wind it over by pressing the starter by hand. Should need reasonable force to wind it over Should be able to start first or second kick. You can also check the air cleaner condition and if possible the crankcase oil condition and coolant. If the clutch is grabby or really on/off that will indicate a notched clutch basket which you can usually get away with filing the fingers one time and then it will only last so long before needing replacement Also check the chain and sprocket condition