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    KTM Plate Revoke List

    Add my 2001 300EXC to the list - plated since the day it left the dealer.
  2. BlueThunder

    Post here if you live in WA. guy's and gals....

    Rob Federal Way 2001 KTM300EXC 2006 Suzuki GSXR1000 2007 Ski-Doo Summit 800XRS 159"
  3. BlueThunder

    Another reply from Adam Kline

    Thanks MX813.......unfortunately I will be out of town on Friday or I'd be heading to Olympia to voice my opinion on this pathetic piece of legislation! Props to all who are able to show unity in our fight against these tyrants.
  4. BlueThunder

    Another reply from Adam Kline

    Very nicely put Mike.....here is my response to "Senator" Kline "(This page contains a list of decibel levels of everything from guitars to jet engines!) SOUND PRESSURE LEVELS (in decibels - dB) (The following is a table of common everyday sounds along with sounds common in music. The red numbers are the sound levels measured in decibels. Wherever possible, I have included the distance at which the sound level is being measured.) 160 Jet engine - close up 150 Snare drums played hard at 6 inches away Trumpet peaks at 5 inches away 140 Rock singer screaming in microphone (lips on mic) Threshold of pain 130 Pneumatic (jack) hammer Cymbal crash Planes on airport runway 120 Fender guitar amplifier, full volume at 10 inches away Power tools 110 Subway (not the sandwich shop) 100 90 Heavy truck traffic 80 Typical home stereo listening level Acoustic guitar, played with finger at 1 foot away Average factory 70 Busy street Small orchestra 60 Conversational speech at 1 foot away Average office noise 50 Quiet conversation 40 Quiet office 30 Quiet living room 20 10 Quiet recording studio 0 Threshold of hearing for healthy youths Better get your facts straight "Senator" Kline......... "SB 5544 simply calls for the industry standard 96-decibel limit on the new 2008 models, 108 decibels on the 2007 and older models. It also sets a 55-decibel limit at the property line of any resident, and 45 decibels within 10 feet of a home. These are peoples' homes we're talking about. Having a 45-decibel noise is like a small jet take off from a neighboring airport, or like a train pulling through town. Between that and the industry standard, it's not asking much." I won't waste too much of my time trying to convince you about your inaccuracies regarding ORV's and snowmobiles.....you have obviously made up your mind about the situation and will continue on your quest, regardless of how many responsible ORV recreationalists point out your uneducated, misinformed statements/rants. I can only say that as an elected official, you are a disgrace to your constituents posting such an inflammatory e-mail without educating yourself about the issues. As an avid off-road motorcycle and snowmobile enthusiast, I take pride in being a responsible rider. Trail maintenance, picking up any garbage left by others, keeping our machines quiet and properly tuned to lessen the effect on the environment and educating new off-road enthusiasts are all responsibilities that myself and anyone I ride with take very seriously. I have personally seen more damage done to our eco-system from campers, hikers and equestrian people than I have ever seen from the majority of motorcycle or snowmobile enthusiasts, but since we are a minority we make an inviting target for scrutiny? I would suggest that next time you decide to enjoy the beautiful outdoors of our fine state, you choose to go where ORV's or snowmobiles are NOT allowed.......there are thousands of miles of non-motorized areas where you can enjoy the peace and quiet without interruption. If you come across people riding illegally in THOSE areas, you have every right to be upset.....they are in violation and deserve your disdain. On the other hand, if you CHOOSE to go to one of the relatively few areas where ORV's and snowmobiles are allowed to be operated LEGALLY, don't be surprised to have your serene outdoor experience interrupted by an off-road vehicle......there are so many of us enthusiasts out there with a very limited amount of area to use, so odds are that you will have some sort of interaction with us. I can only hope that the encounter is with one of the many responsible motorsports enthusiasts in this state as opposed to one with one of the "bad apples"......I detest them as much as you obviously do, since they are ruining my sport as much as people like yourself. As a closing statement, I find it ironic that a former ACLU lawyer would find it acceptable to vent his anger towards a specific group in the manner that you did........that is the true oxymoron. Do American Civil Liberties only apply to the issues that suit you? The last issue I would like to comment on is the stereotype of "obese" off-road enthusiasts....I am 42 years old, sit at a computer terminal the majority of my work day, yet am in excellent physical health and shape; all due to the rigors of off-road riding so any time you decide you would like to come try a motorcycle or snowmobile, feel free to contact me.....I'll be very interested to see how long you last! Robert S Registered voter but thankfully, not in your district!
  5. BlueThunder

    Ripping it up in the staging areas

    Agree completely.........DNR kept the chuckle-heads in check yesterday morning at Walker Valley, but by the time we got back to the trucks, DNR was gone and the staging area turned into a squid-fest! Stupidity is what will kill our sport! On a happier note, had a great first ride of the season and met some really cool people....thanks to Drew and Colin; had a blast!
  6. BlueThunder

    Hand Guard Opinions

    Fastway F.I.T. System.......by far the best mounting system I've used! All the benefits of a triple clamp mount only real mounting hardware that doesn't clog up your bar space. I am an ex-Cycra rider but they had no triple clamp mounts for KTM....pinch bolts are 45° from rear center of clamp so Cycra mounts can't work.
  7. Really like mine....works like a champ on my KTM and worked great on my WR.
  8. BlueThunder

    Gifford Pinchot Ride Report & Pics

    Very nice pics DS650...I love riding that area when it's got a little rain...not really muddy, more like wet sand from the ash content. Really hooks up good!
  9. BlueThunder

    Who has smoked their cdi box?

    Bike was running fine one minute.....next minute I have ZERO spark. Tested all electrical connections, all electrical parts ie; kill switch, coil resistance, etc. Get to the CDI tests and get readings that are way out of spec? Anyone else go through this grief and, if so, is a Vortex CDI box really worth an extra $170 over a stock box? I REALLY HATE ELECTRICAL TROUBLESHOOTING !
  10. BlueThunder

    Who has smoked their cdi box?

    All post hijackers will be dealt with accordingly! This is a post about ignition troubleshooting you chuckleheads!
  11. BlueThunder

    'Monkey Butt'

    EVS makes a great pair of padded riding shorts that are perforated(vented). Combine with a good dose of baby powder down front and back side and your ass troubles are over. Dry pair of shorts and skivvies for the drive home and your backside won't look like this !
  12. BlueThunder

    It ain't Hawaii, TORTURE but it's all I got

    You're a champion frostbite. Hats off to ya for making it happen and sharing the killer pics.
  13. BlueThunder

    What size are stock 00 426 bars?

    Stockers are 7/8" YZ bars. Have to either use 1 1/8" big bar universal adaptor or swap out the upper triple clamp assembly. Adaptors bolt to the bottom bar clamps of your existing triple clamp and will raise and move your bar forward slightly(this is the cheapest way to go if you want to use oversize bars). All oversize bars use your stock controls, as they are stock diameter at the ends of the bars, only oversize at the clamp area, then transition to 7/8" at the ends. Hope this clears up your dilemma.
  14. BlueThunder

    Who has smoked their cdi box?

    Problem has been SOLVED! Wire from the pickup coil to the CDI box was grounding out on the frame. Cheap fix but it took a little time to troubleshoot....beats paying $250 for a CDI box though. Thanks to all for your input and suggestions.
  15. BlueThunder

    Who has smoked their cdi box?

    burned..."out of spec" is one thing, I can live with that if the bike fires properly but that source coil 2 reading an OL on auto range and every manual range of the meter is troubling. Do you agree? I can only guess that some semiconductor or ? (not overly familiar with the guts of a CDI box) is toast. Weird thing is that it read OL multiple times, then got a reading that was WAY out there, now consistently reads open. Positive this was not a fluke, tested the correct prongs on the box, the same, EVERY time.
  16. BlueThunder

    Who has smoked their cdi box?

    Not yet madbajan...problem occured only yesterday and I am still troubleshooting. The coil seems to be fine, the CDI box seems to be the problem. I am going to check all components in the ignition system and try to narrow it down since a new CDI box is around $250 and once you install it, you own it(no returns on all electrical parts is standard practice at the parts house). You might try and pull your coil off and check resistance in the primary and secondary windings to confirm whether it is good or not. It is a simple test with a ohm meter and it is shown in a factory Yamaha manual in ignition troubleshooting section. I doubt your coil is the problem but stranger things have happened?
  17. BlueThunder

    Who has smoked their cdi box?

    TMT...if the specs are meaningless, why does the Yamaha factory manual even give specs to check in the first place? Coil specs are right within tolerance, yet I have NO spark. Next culprit down the line is the CDI box, which has totally "out of spec" readings on 2 checks and and no continuity on the Source coil 2 reading(OL). Leads me to believe the CDI is tits. No rookie here BTW....MMI grad in 94. Just wanted to hear if someone else had this experience before I fork out $250 for a new box. Unfortunately, all my friends ride KTM's so a donor CDI might be difficult. My only other guess would be the dreaded "sheared woodruff key", but I didn't think that was an issue with my old tech WR?
  18. BlueThunder

    derestricting 2000 WR400

    Damn Missle...thought I got hooked up with a free mystery 26 cc's. As stated.....WR400...YZF426 in 2000.
  19. BlueThunder

    Clarke YZF tanks...

    Ready to bolt mine on and noticed that WR shrouds do not sit flush at the bottom boss of the tank. Time for YZF radiator shrouds? If so, have a brand new set of 00 shrouds I'll be parting with. That's what I get for not wanting to use them on the stock tank till I DESTROYED the stockers. Sometimes I wonder if I'm just destined to piss $$$$$ away on stuff or what? Does this also mean that I need YZF graphics in order to fit without mods on the Clarke tank?
  20. BlueThunder

    I forgot my sunblock!

    retract the statement
  21. BlueThunder

    wr 400 plastic

    2000 shrouds go straight in....01 shrouds go in at an angle, but no one mfr. seems to have this deal figured out. I had to order mine 3 times before I got the right shrouds with STRAIGHT mounting tabs! Looked for a part# for ya but couldn't find my receipt. Good luck with your search...I feel your pain
  22. BlueThunder

    Best seat foam for wr426?

    www.gutsracing.com Had their tall soft foam....like SDG's tall firm better.
  23. BlueThunder

    Advice on seat/tank please...

    Really like my Clarke tank and SDG seat Bones....got the tall firm seat direct from SDG since Clarke didn't stock them....little extra ass padding but won't break down the foam as fast(standing most of the time anyways).
  24. BlueThunder

    Clarke or IMS

    Really like my Clarke tank but ran into one SNAFU....rear bottom right side of tank was rubbing against the shock reservoir and a hole at that location would make for a really angry day! Just glued a piece of industrial gasket material onto the tank damper and shimmed the tank off the reservoir. Pissed me off though....poor design flaw?
  25. BlueThunder

    E-line pipe guard

    Lemme guess trav........Reiter Pit? Thought my stocker looked bad till you posted