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  1. calhoon

    ReKluse pro ride report

    Thanks, I searched a little farther down the posts and found some more info........been a while since I've been on the site.
  2. calhoon

    ReKluse pro ride report

    How does the clutch lever "feel" compare with the Gen III? And can you "fan" it or use the clutch like a nomal clutch when you want? I've got a Gen III and that's my main bitch. Been thinking about an upgrade if its a significant difference.
  3. calhoon

    Rekluse Clutch

    I have a gen III on my 03.........I won't have another bike without it. It's a quality product and super for single track and tight trails. I'd like to try a Rekluse Pro and see what its like.
  4. calhoon

    for you cold weather folks ... starting

    I rode in 20 to 30 degree weather over the holidays with my 03. My starting routine is thus; five quick twists of the throttle and rapid fire kicks. If it doesn't start within five kicks, another two or three quick throttle twists. Then it'll start right off. If not you've probably got some valve or jetting problems. Good luck.
  5. calhoon

    Crf 450r Head Light Options

    I looked into putting lights on my 03.......IMO not worth the $$$ for a four year old bike.....flywheel, rewound stator, light kit= (and I'm trying to remember here) about 2500 bucks! If I want lights, I'll keep my CRF as a spare and buy one with em.
  6. calhoon

    Moving up from a RM 125 to a CRF450r

    Heavier, 50 HP, four stroke stall............are you kiddin? You're in for a sharp learning curve. Doable, yes, but you will struggle for a while.
  7. Just when you thing you've seen everything...........
  8. calhoon

    Opinions: Lowering my 450

    I'm 5'6 (on a good day) and have an 03. I cut about an inch and a half out of my seat with an electric carving knife, sanded the rough edges smooth and re-stapled the cover back on. It's worked fine for me, but sometimes still think about dropping the suspension a bit. Try the seat first.
  9. calhoon

    fasst co flex bars

    I have severe arm pump problems and have had a broken left hand...........these bars are a god send. I've had mine for almost two years with numerous get offs with no problems. They're spendy, but I'll never have another bike without em.
  10. calhoon

    450X top speed?!!!

    It also wasn't stock.........but how fun is it to have a new Big Red winning Baja!
  11. calhoon

    What are you guys paying for used 06 450X

    Two buddies of mine just bought new 05s in Phoenix, AZ for 5300 OTD!
  12. calhoon

    Tame this 03 CRF450 for the woods.

    What he said........$ for $ the best tight trails / woods mod for this bike there is. The hard core experts don't need it but the rest of us mortals love it!
  13. calhoon

    Koubalink lowering Link

    I cut the seat down on my 03, but at 5'5 its still a tippy toe beotch. I haven't tried the link and just hate messing with my suspension. Personally, I would rather shave the seat and maybe the subframe before I messed with my suspension.....just my two cents. If you get the link, PM me and tell me how you like it.