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  1. As far as I can tell, the Alamo fire did not travel far enough East to overlap into the Colson/La Brea area at all. Though it never got closer than about 5 miles from me, I could see the flames from my house on Friday and Saturday!
  2. Public comment period closes this Sunday! If you would like to hand deliver your written comments, today is your last day. I know that there have been some hiccups with the webpage (check out Chris Owens' last comments, and Joy Griffin's... obviously a website related error), so I intend to hand deliver mine today as well as submitting them electronically.
  3. That is one of the topics that will be included in my proposals. Please elaborate on it and submit a public comment.
  4. I would still like 4-wheeled access too, as I'm sure that users from all forms of recreation would. By far, my family's favorite campsite is Wagon Flats, and I don't think my 3 year old, or my 6 year old, or my wife, or my dogs, or even myself, are up for the required hike to get there. La Brea Canyon Road was shared use prior to its closure. As you said, assign it a difficulty rating and apply for green sticker funding. Maintenance and funding solved. But we still need to address our slimey friends. The specific findings from NEPA reports are one of the pieces of information that I'm still after. I've got a suspicion that a perimeter was just drawn around a "general" area and designated as critical habitat, much like the La Brea "burn" area was not all burned. I have not dug too deep on the steel headed trout issue, but I have found evidence that suggests they have not been present later than the early '70's (possibly late '60's)and they were planted/introduced to the area for sport fishing in the 1930's... not native. The seasonal nature of the creek could not support them. You can always visit the Forest Service office in person during normal business hours to discuss these things with them.
  5. The short story is that they are open to alternative proposals that are sustainable (won't require constant/excessive maintenance.) They are well aware that the public is opposed. Pitch forks and torches won't reopen anything, well thought out solutions might. Alternatives that minimize water crossings would be a good start. Like it or not, endangered/threatened species exist in the area, and we need to accomodate. No amount of funding will change that, so start thinking of how we can come up with a solution that satisfies their needs as well as our own. I arrived prepared to give a 5 page speech, but instead, I refrained and will alter my comments to not only include the reasoning behind my opposition, but also include new alternative proposals. I'm glad to see that every FS employee recognized me, and most already knew me by name. I feel that maintaining a positive relationship with those involved in this project can only help our interests. I may visit again this week to try to get a little more information on a few very specific areas of concern, and verify locations of private parcels within the forest, before getting too deep in my new proposals. You can submit as many comments as you like. Just to get your wheels turning... don't forget that roads and trails that are open to ohv use/mixed use can get green sticker funds that forest roads don't have access to for repair/maintenance/construction. I did make it well known that I want to be actively involved in this project, and I feel that we are well represented.
  6. Just a reminder: the Forest Service is having a public "open house" TONIGHT from 4-7pm, this is an opportunity for us to voice our concerns. Please come if you can! 1616 N. Carlotti Dr. Santa Maria, CA 93454 If you haven't submitted a comment yet, please do so at https://cara.ecosystem-management.org/Public//CommentInput?Project=50298 You have until 5/21/17 to speak up, or forever hold your peace.
  7. TheLetterJ

    Does this mean that Colson Canyon is open again?

    Jon, Thank you for bringing attention to this. I meant no disrespect in calling your link "fishy" the web address just did not look like the typical fs.usda.gov type that I would have expected. I did go by the FS office today for some clarification. The website is indeed a valid way to submit comments. Only comments directly related to the proposal will be considered, so PLEASE take the time to review the proposal and make sure that your objections (and reasons behind them) are clear. If you don't comment now, your future comments on the matter WILL NOT be taken into consideration. Equally important, there will be an "open house" to discuss the La Brea Restoration on May 8th from 4-7pm at the Forest Service office (1616 N. Carlotti Dr.) in Santa Maria. I encourage all to attend!
  8. TheLetterJ

    Does this mean that Colson Canyon is open again?

    Your link is fishy. I'll be going to the forest service office tomorrow to look further into it.
  9. TheLetterJ

    Kenny's Barstow Bash, Feb. 17-19, 2017

    Wait... so what's the plan now? Just a daytrip on Sunday, or is anybody staying the weekend? I just put the trailer back in storage a couple hours ago but.... I'm cornfused.
  10. TheLetterJ

    Kenny's Barstow Bash, Feb. 17-19, 2017

    I guess we're out then. We were just going for the camping anyway, but if I'll just be stuck inside my trailer (with its newly found leak!) with 2 dogs and 2 wound up children, maybe it's for the best. Travis is calling right now to cancel his toy hauler rental too.
  11. TheLetterJ

    Kenny's Barstow Bash, Feb. 17-19, 2017

    I'll be there fri-mon, sadly won't be riding though. Travis will be there sat-mon with his 5duece5. Dozer is still up in the air, gotta see if he can ditch the family. I know it's too far out to be certain, but the weatherman is calling for rain in Barstow that weekend. You guys are all in rain or shine, right?
  12. TheLetterJ

    Kenny's Barstow Bash, Feb. 17-19, 2017

    Hey! Is that my old 1974 Kawasaki 100?
  13. TheLetterJ

    Kenny's Barstow Bash, Feb. 17-19, 2017

    Alright, my buddy Travis has confirmed a toy hauler rental, so he's in too. He'll be driving out Saturday and staying through Monday.
  14. TheLetterJ

    MotoVan Blues

    After checking what the other guys have already said, change your fuel filter. When my 5.4 powered E350 was "chugging", making rattling sounds, and falling on its face going up grades, a $9 fuel filter solved the problem.
  15. TheLetterJ

    Kenny's Barstow Bash, Feb. 17-19, 2017

    ...hey, I said I'd bring firewood... there might even be a box of kittens in the back of the van to keep you warm.