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    Oil Filter completely full of mud

    I have done this on a 2002 WR426 : The same exact thing...

    Who Still Races the 426 ?

    I race my YZ 426 twice a month. Just kicked some Honda 450F butt last Saturday night. It really doesn't matter about the size of the bike in the race. It's the size of the balls of the rider twisting the throttle. I may buy a 450 this year just for the extra power to leap tall buildings in a single bound. But my 426 will always be a favorite of mine. Bonzai Bill
  3. Ever want to get off the trails and try an MX race but didn't want to ge run over by all those fast guys? Well a great new Trail Rider Friendly owner (Johnny Britt) recently came up with the perfect idea. He started a new class called the SPODE class. It is made up of Trail Riders and new motorcycle riders that want to try their hand at MX Racing and have an equal chance at taking home a trophy. So far there has been 5 races and participation grows every time the gates drop. Last weekend we had our largest gate yet of 14 spodes. And believe it or not it was one of the most evenly matched and hotly contested motos of the evening. As all of you know us trail riders are a bit different and it drives some of the hardcore MX racers crazy to see us up on the line cutting up and having fun. Many of us are doing these races to stay (or get into) shape during the Harescrambles off season. Our fun meters have been pegged with this new class. To ensure that the race is 100% fair for everyone we have restricted which jumps cannot be jumped during an event. We basically outlawed all tripple jumps (Most can be doubled with no problem) and any double that is 65+ feet or better. Believe it or not there are still lots of jumps that you can do. The reason for these restrictions is to discourage Grand Theft Moto riders like Don O from walking away will the first place trophy every two weeks. The track is the International City Raceway (ICR) located just south of Macon , in Warner Robbins Georgia. You can visit the track at www.icrmx.com or talk with others who have been impressed with the event at www.ga-mxracing.com. We are getting ready to really dig into those hardcore dudes pretty soon with things like a pre-race luncheon or a post race BBQ just for the SPODE class riders. If your in the area come out and take a look. Fun is at a premium.... PS.... I haven't been out here for awhile.... Good to see many of you. Bonzai Bill McCutcheon

    How packed will Durhamtown be on July 4th weekend?

    It will be Hillbilly heaven this weekend.... Bonzai

    mx schools in tn ,ga??

    Go out to www.ga-mxracing.com , there are several. Bonzai Bill

    FTR sound limit

    I have been to a bunch of national races where the rule was that if you fail the sound test you ma y race the event but must have it in compliance by the next race..... Then at the next race nobody has a record of test failures from the previous race so you get another warning.....it's a never ending cycle. Bonzai
  7. how far you'll travel and how much your willing to spend for a weekend of riding? My wife has noticed that my normal $75.00 to $100.00 for a (within 100 mile) weekend trip is now costing $150.00 to $200.00 for the same weekend of riding. Last weekend it cost me Just over $100.00 in gas alone to pull my trailer down to a new MX track in southern Alabama. Add to that $65.00 for food and $30.00 for 2 days of riding, it's wearing on the wallet a bit. I can just feel the pain now for my Ocala tripe later this summer. Bonzai

    hare scramble summer race georgia

    Eddie at Diamondback was the only one that had been running a summer series, However , we suspect that he is back to his old ways again and Diamondback will be sold to .... well nevermind.... Look out on www.Georgiaoffroad.com Bonzai


    In other words, it Sucks evn more than it used too! I won't be spending $2.10 a gallon gasoline to ride there until someone comes up with a cure for Eddie's Crainial-Rectumitis... Bonzai

    Diamondback MX Schedule

    Personally I would not waste my time with Diamondback at the present time. The track sucks unless there is a scheduled race <read as NEVER Prepped for Practice> and the trails are completely beat out and not marked properly. I would try Tunnel Hill just down the road or Chattanooga.... Chattanooga MX rebuild is scheduled to be completed and open this coming Sunday..... Bonzai
  11. That's how I would call it. You may want to send these photos to Engine Dynamics in Ca. I have seen ED fix issues much worse than this. E-mail them and paste you link and ask for an estimate. Can't hurt. Bonzai

    Yz 400 Forks

    There are alot of different variables that can affect the recommended oil level height. For my weight/riding style/and valving I have always run 95mm. Others will be different. Bonzai

    Boyesen Accelerator Pump Cover ??

    This is the exact same item as the P-38 Lightning, but more expensive. http://www.mxsouth.com/factoryrd/fac11p-38li.htm I was wondering how long it was going to take before someone started producing knock off's of this successful item. Bonzai

    Enzo here comes my stuff

    Not to worry.... My names Not Lane...... I understand completely... Bonzai

    Enzo here comes my stuff

    Do I hear you correctly, The individual that normally takes care of your suspension isn't getting the job done? Bonzai