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  1. GIX1

    04 Availability in Canada {NEW}

    Parkland cycle in Stony Plain ab canada has two or did last week my buddy is buying the last #3 they have, 7000.00 plus tax. not bad 780-963-2790 give them a call.
  2. Does anyone here know if a rim from a 2002 yz250f will fit my 2004 yz 450f using my spacers i think, the only thing is it is a 1.85 and mine is a 2.15 rear. Anyone know??? the hub and rotor and sprockets are the same i checked on the parts catalog.?????
  3. GIX1

    yz 450 jets

    anyone else have a 04 450 ??????? What main jet are you running with aftermarket exhaust???? Anyone
  4. I run only a paddle 110 90 19 on stock rim, I would suggest putting a new chain on due to stretch my stock chain had one run and stretched major!! did x ring have to adjust every third ride or so excellent chain.
  5. Ok so the pop on decel is the pilot jet, but if it runs good down low already won't that screw it up if I go up one size, my fuel screw is at about 1 3/4 turns out at a 45 pilot jet and idles good and runs good until 3/4 then on decel after a hard pull on the throttle it pops pop pop pop pop etc until idle. ?? I don't know?? I have been screwing with this for a while now!!!
  6. GIX1

    yz 450 jets

    Can everyone or anyone give me some main jet numbers that you have in your bike with a aftermarket exhaust on a 2004 yz 450f just experimenting. Thanks!!
  7. I never know exactly what main jet I should be running, I have used a 195 for a couple months until it got up to 30 degrees celcius, then it popped and ran like [@#$%&*!], i figured rich due to heat, I can go back to around a 178 main but it will pop on decel, check spark plug it looks ok but the pop on decel I don't like but I am use to 2 strokes. Should I leave the 195 in or 192 or go back to around stock jet?? Any ideas would be appeciated. I have many mods listed below.
  8. GIX1

    Power Now

    Thanks for the responses, appreciate all of them, I was just curious since the weather has been alot warmer my bike seems not to rev out at all flat, it was good 15 degrees cooler but not not, I had the power now in before and it was good just curious about the jetting that's all.
  9. GIX1

    Power Now

    Anybody have an answer?
  10. What does the power now affect jetting does it lean or richen the mixture and what changes would you make ????
  11. I am sure OBEMR is right for canada. Do you have the R4 full exhaust??? That is what I have and I am running 45 pilot, 195 mj I also had running problems with 172 mj. stock clip position, screenless twin air kit, power now, and full R4 White Brothers. Hope this helps!!
  12. GIX1

    Stock 04 450 jetting

    I also have 04 YZ450F with R4 exhaust about 1000ft above I have power now and twin air screenless filter, 45 pilot fuel screw about 1 3/4 out, mj 195, and #4 clip position runs excellent. I know large jet!! never smokes black and nice plug color.
  13. GIX1

    Yosh rs-3 or White Bros r-4

    Used White Brother E-series and have R4 on my 450 both excellent quality and noticable difference in power curve. R4 I like better Sound and power.
  14. I vote White Brothers, R4 or E series have ridden both and awesome results. Need to jet for both.
  15. GIX1


    Call White Brothers, I got mine in april and installed all good. R4 exhaust was in stock around here for the 2004 450F.