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  1. I've not changed the timing chain since I've owned the bike and I've put approx 65 hours on it since I bought it. Before I go ripping the chain out, what is the method to test if it's stretched? I read somewhere that you count the number of pins between timing marks? Thanks for the help. Mar
  2. sorry, I think I should be referring to the flywheel marks opposed to the crankshaft marks
  3. Hello, I'm performing a valve clearance check on my 2004 WR250F and I'm putting the bike back together but struggling to align the crankshaft and camshaft timing marks. Using the 3rd mark on the crankshaft, I align it to the mark on the crank case, however the camshafts marks are not perfectly in alignment. I guess my question is how spot on should all of these mark align? If I align the crankshaft mark, the camshaft marks (especially the inlet is slightly out - see photo) If I align the camshaft marks, my crankshaft mark does not align (it is about 7mm past the crankcase mark (going anti-clockwise)). I don't think I'm a tooth out but before I start all over I thought I'd consult. Could the timing chain be stretched? I could find an accurate way to measure. Advice appreciated.. (and sorry about the dodgy photos) Cheers, Mark _MG_2684 by mkr2009, on Flickr IMG_2677 by mkr2009, on Flickr
  4. Can anybody suggest me places to get touch-up paint for the frame on 2004 wr250f? I'm been searching on the net but I've found nothing here in the UK. Cheers, Mark
  5. Thanks for the feedback. Certainly no comments like "you must do this mod" or "the difference is incredible". It appears as though this is a relatively minor tweak (in terms of impact vs. bang for buck/pound). As said above, the bike is pushing for 8 years old and I'm not going to get away from that fact. Questions is, do I persevere or do I throw money at a new orange plaything (250 exc-f) and save probably a few kgs but not be any faster. As said many times, the bike will always outperform my abilities. Cheers, Mark
  6. I have a 2004 WR250f and I'd be very interested to hear views on whether it is a worthwhile upgrade to change over the tank, seat and shrouds. I'd like the bike to feel a little smaller and more light weight and I'm wondering whether performing the tank & seat change will have any noticeable and worthwhile differences. From looking on ebay it would be a pretty expensive (£150) modification. Does anybody have the sizes of the standard YZF tank and seat so I can compare it to the standard WRF item? I ride 3hr enduro events so fuel capacity isn't really an issue. Thanks for the wisdom. Mark
  7. I'd be interested in a definitive guide to trimming / shaving the seat. I've spent a while looking on the forum using the search but not found really found anything (or perhaps I'm rubbish at using the search).
  8. RB thanks for the good guidance. I took it easy on the re-install and just pressed the bearing up to the spacer (now sits virtually flush with the hub). Many thanks.
  9. I'm changing over the front wheel bearings on my 2004 WR and I've got stuck on the re-installation - namely with the wheel bearing spacer. Old bearings came out no bother (I've changed bearings on my trials bike so I have the general idea). Bearings that came out = 61904RS (as marked on the bearing). I picked up a new set of bearings from my local MX shop = 6904RS (as marked on the bearing). I seated the 1st bearing (disc side) without any trouble, however when I re-insert the wheel bearing spacer the top does not sit flush with the inner hub (it is about 1mm higher). See dodgy photo's in which I've tried to show how high the spacer is sitting Where I need help - Will the additional 1mm put too much pressure on the inner bearing race when I seat the new bearing or do I press the bearing only until it is pressing against the spacer (I thought the bearing should sit flush to the inner hub) - Are the bearings different? The markings are slightly different but both measure up the same (9mm bearing height) Hope somebody can help and I hope my post makes sense. Photo of spacer seated in the wheel. http://www.flickr.com/photos/25821002@N06/5559636564/in/photostream/ Sitting Flush? http://www.flickr.com/photos/25821002@N06/5559637934/in/photostream/ Spacer appears to be about 1mm too long http://www.flickr.com/photos/25821002@N06/5559639160/in/photostream/
  10. I'm refreshing my 04 WR and I'm struggling to find a standard set of decals for the bike. Can anybody post a link to a UK based shop that sells the standard set (I've searched the net and TT forum but still found nothing). Look I'm going for with my bike (1st bike at the top of page): http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?p=4423301&highlight=dsc04752#post4423301 Thanks,
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