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  1. Unabiker have by far the best protection of any guard made period. By FAR the most popular guard at the races. Rarely ever see anything else on any bikes ever in the 3 series I run. Unabiker also supports and sponsors series and frequently will be at races so people who bought the lower quality stuff can upgrade. No air flow issues at all and they are compatible with the Mylar upgrade package on the stock BETA rads.
  2. Goldwing oil plug fits the 2 stroke BETAs trans drain.
  3. I cross deep water a lot and never have vent or other issues with my 13 2t. Never rerouted hoses either, I do hit water hard and fast though.
  4. then here is a young gun skying out
  5. Pretty close, leg feels completely good to go. Bike just rocks.
  6. Bigger bore creates more vacume and often takes a smaller jet to compensate. Glad you got it dialed in.
  7. Flogged it, love the '13, 250.
  8. beta 125rr

    Wow, that is amazing, I hope it is true, just incredible.
  9. Well the engineer who actually designed the radius x clutch told me that a few months ago. Plus it isnt cheap oil. Waste your money on expensive sucker snake oil, I will stay with what is proven and works.
  10. Polisport with no tailight assessmbly and number plate for sure. Been there! Lol. You guys had over 300 riders in the AM race.
  11. My favorite race of the year. The ghost town throw down.
  12. Dino rotella as recommended by Rekluse.
  13. Sorry to hear that. I had a similar experience last weekend. Took the lead and in the second lap had 4 get offs in about 4 minutes, screwed up a simple hill and got stuck for a few minutes it's in a really bad mud line. Finally recovered by the 4th lap and missed the cut off for 5th lap. Worst race of the year. 23rd overall and 6th in class.
  14. beta 125rr

    I want that 125 smoker as a play bike and occasional racer when the 250 is down. I hope it is in the 5k range.
  15. Very nice looking cylinder wash, you sir are jetted very close. Love to see such a nice looking piston.