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  1. You are playing word games brother.
  2. I see BETA crates, which documents they are..... well BETA crates. lol
  3. We will see. Where has this actually been announced? Documented?
  4. The season has started guys, let's see the BETA awards. 3rd in class 27th overall. Could have been better but I keep getting clutch slip from radius x midway through races. Think i am throwing stock back it. For trails is is great, for racing, it cant handle what I throw at it.
  5. I have bad two of the thin gaskets tear when jousting in the first turn so i just toss in the medium and call it good. Of course I also adjust the power valve adjuster all the way out, jet rich, and pin it.
  6. Race Ready,
  7. Looks great, but you better lose those tires ASAP or you will go down to a vicious defeat. Lol
  8. I want to see an electric start 200 with a kicker in race edition of course.
  9. The title says it all. This time, I send a text Tuesday and the parts are on my table less than 48 hours later. I don't even have the bill yet. Just awesome service everytime and common parts are always in stock. If you are in the midwest it is a no brainer.
  10. I don't feel that I am at a disadvantage to any bike anywhere on my 2013 250. Yes I have '18 forks and newer styled fender as updates. Lol. It has been ridden and raced hard, but always maintained. I have had it since new and it was the first byob 250 in the US so it is a special and historic motorcycle. It won a championship last year on the original forks and shock valving against all manner of newer machines and got me an 18th overall so you can keep your newer bikes, I am not intetested.
  11. I had Steve at Afterhours do my shock on my 13 and it does everything I need a shock to do. I run a tad more sag than he recommend (i run fork at 2nd line) and had to slow the rebound 2 clicks. Rebound was the biggest issue before the revalve. There is no real reason to replace unless you want to move up to the fox.
  12. They felt great too me, I have 2 hrs on them, 8 is/was the break in period for the previous sets. I am good to race with them right now.
  13. Finally after 2 months of waiting I was able to get some serious test riding done today. Two 8.7 mile loops. The forks worked perfectly everywhere. I started with Steve's recommended settings and they were spot on. I did run them on the second line, I weigh 155 pounds and they had stock valving and stock springs. They were plush, tracked straight, handled big hits with no issues, stayed up the the stroke, didn't push or knife, responded great on logs and up and down steep rooted sections. I did not make make any changes, there was just no need. I can say on initial testing I have never felt better forks for me, ever. I am a 53 y/o solid B harescramble rider. I was worried about how these would compare to the kybs, or showas and they give up nothing, I mean nothing. These are some amazing forks. Psyched to ride tomorrow. Dayum, these are serious forks that take a back seat to none.
  14. I don't know. It has been to damned cold and frozen to even ride them yet. This is the coldest winter in recent memory. So when it warms we just get slurry mud on top of ice and that sounds like pain to me. Lol It got up to 20 today, a heat wave. I haven't even started my engine rebuild, have all the parts but want to get in my break in hours on the forks first.