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  1. I think it depends where and how you ride. If a casual trail rider, dual sport, mx track, western type wide open spaces rider or some type of open trail system the OI is probably fine and why all the magazine testers who dont ride woods like it so much.( and why they have no clue when it comes to off road bikes for peoole who live and ride in wooded areas.) There is always a balance between technology, weight, reliability, risk tolerance, price, protection, convenience etc. I am not against OI, it just doesn't make sense for the way I ride, where I ride, etc. Too many branches and sticks and handle bars and get offs for me. Heck I break about 3 shifters every year and have had about every wire and tube ripped off at one time or another. Also why I want a backup kicker, i have ripped off the starter button, sent the bike tumbledumping down a hill and my seat popped off and had a battery terminal break, ripped off ground wires, worn through the wire to the starter etc. But I still have the original chain guide, handle bars, have never broken or bent a rotor. As long as you make an informed decision and weight the pros and cons you should feel confident about your decision and enjoy the ride.
  2. That is why I order out of state. It seems silly to have to drive to a dealer on a Saturday or take time off work to get a part when my nearby dealer doesn't stock anything and then want a me to come back to get it. Oh well, now I just text, get an email invoice, PayPal and get my part in a couple of days or a bit longer if coming from California.
  3. My bike is a 2013 250 RR. The reasons I like it are so I can run a higher idle so when it is loaded up it is less likely to stall, i can rev and get a solid now hit, it works much better for popping the clutch, I like to rev and run high rpm, I don't lug, I am able to run smooth 3rd gear moderate revs when it is flowing trail. I modulate at a higher rpm. My bike handles and turns much better at high rpm. My gearing up up 3 teeth on the rear. I just like it better, lol. If what works for you, works for you, that is great! Ride on ;-)
  4. The radius clutch pack is amazingly tough. Keep an eye on it for wear and remember to frequently check free play. I didn't after a really tough race and got a lot of slipping in my next race but want about to stop, lol, I was thinking it would be toasted, but broke it all down afterwards and measured everything and all was in spec. It actually works even better now. I still use like a regular clutch and have the high engagement heavy springs so it modulates just like stock with a slightly stiffer pull.
  5. GP has it right. I want the smaller frame but 150 to 200 2 stroke with longer stroke and not just bigger bore. I want good suspension and would prefer electric start and a kicker. I am very fit and weigh between 150 to 155lbs at 5'9". I also like almost everything about my 2013 250. I have the 2018 CC Sachs forks on order. But would like a smaller bike for racing as our courses have a lot of situations where the e start is the difference between a championship. The guy who came in second had several instances where I passed him while he was kicking or he couldn't pass me because I got refired with e start. It is a HUGE deal.
  6. I am hoping to test a TM 144 soon and if it isn't too tall, it is a much better bang for the buck. Hell a 2018 is around $8800 and weighs 208lbs w/o gas and comes with kybs and at the risk of sounding like a little kid, is trick as hell! Lol. Three great dealers of BETA/TM that I have done business with in the past. Dave at get dirty has sent me many parts and I have ordered from Knox also. Currently Steve at afterhours/plusoneperformance has everything and my parts arrive in a couple of days and he has damn near everything or on the rare occasion he doesnt he has it drop shipped from California and like the other two is a wealth of mechanical knowledge and goes way out of his way to help.
  7. Says TBA on the dirt bike list
  8. I have been searching, where was this announced, not on the web site?
  9. Just way too much for a 125 with standard forks and no electric start. That pits it against built 2k woods bikes. Absolutely no reason to buy one when it adds nothing to the conversation versus the plethora of zukes and yammis or even older crs. Hell the 2018 yamaha yz250fx is $7999. Just 1k less than a 250/300 race edition or a freaking TM 144EN, that is stupid. Profoundly disappointed. If the 200 was that price in a race edition, ok.
  10. Any bike shop or online store has them, think there are just small and large. Filterskinz
  11. Was hoping for a lower price point. Will be interesting to see what electric start adds to the price.
  12. I like filter skins, just switch them after every ride or race and filter lasts quite a bit longer.
  13. A pic from today's race. The last race of the series and locked down the class championship on the last lap not far from where this was taken.
  14. Unless you only buy gallon or 5 gallon containers lol
  15. I had just switched out the standard gold wing plug for a magnetic tipped one. I had finally marred the head of my 13 beta plug and ordered a new plug. As I was taking the beta plug out with a bolt extractor and set it on the bench next to the original gold wing plug and noticed they were the same size. I just substituted the o-ring for the crush washer. One of those WTF moments, lol.