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  1. I could never get the open cartridge where I wanted if, but the 18 CC is as good as it gets to me.
  2. I was referring to the second BETA 200 video and the rpm range coming out of the corners and still pulling. Nothing to do with style, it was accelerating out of the corner in mid low range. That is your lesson for today, your welcome.
  3. Second video, it sounded super torquey to me.
  4. Looks like fun. But that is the terrain where the 200 would shine for my wrecking style. Lol
  5. Bone stock. I used Steve's [plusoneperformance] recommended settings, except ended up at 2nd line and 2 extra clicks out on compression. Initially they were a little harsh if i wasnt charging hard. Now they are plush, firm, controlled and will only bottom if you flat land on an Arena Cross track set up. We run the track after Saturday youth, am, pm quads, and then Sunday youth, and am bikes. The tracks are ate up, every root exposed, every rock dug up, every hill ledged up, the field sections are huge rows of braking bumps. I do also run the promoto billet stabilizer. All my friends run various Yamahas. I am the only non blue crew guy. My OC fork was massively inferior, still won the class last year but was getting the crap beat out of me and often very scared by the lack of control in sections. Steve did my shock when i ordered the forks. Now it is literally like riding on a cloud. If the 2018 Sachs didn't work I was going to go 250 fx for sure. Now i want off the yams, and back to my bike when we practice. They now admit it is "as good", lol, they wont say better. YMMV
  6. I also am intetested in a 200 on the 125 frame. No OI, no lights, button and kick, but come with the button standard. The sachs is fine by me. The 2018 CC fork is absolutely incredible. It beats the pants of the 2018 Yamaha Fx kybs. IMHO
  7. Yes, let's not confuse interstates with other roads. 125s are not allowed on interstate but all other roads. Obviously if people are so irresponsible to be driving 80+mph on 55 or 60 posted state roads I would not ride any vehicle around such idiots and would hope the local law enforcement started arresting and imprisoning such wreckless drivers. No one would get away with that type of behavior here in America.
  8. I have the long end q, very durable, have had it since 13. That being said, it really kills the hit compared to the stock silencer. I only use it when I absolutely have too.
  9. This is from Sunday. Less than 200 started, 48 didn't even finish a lap. Pros were arriving and turning a round and leaving. Saw more bikes leaving than heading to the line. This was just 1.5 miles in and I got really dirty later. Lol
  10. Did you bleed the the slave before hooking it up, also you need to let the lever flick back really hard after you get it hooked up to the line. Fill the slave, push it in, let it out slowly while pouring on fluid, repeat till all the air is out of the slave, then hook it up to the line. Again let that son o a bitch fly outward between pumps.
  11. That little 125 sounded good as hard as it was being lugged with no revs.
  12. Because of bike weight. Last race was very muddy and slick and I had a lot of minor falls and had to pick up my bike 8 or 10 times and pull it around twice to get back down hills. I am 53, 5'9", 155lbs, great shape and strong, but 30lbs of bike is a huge deal. Cost me first place from errors after being tired and I ended up 3rd in class and out of the top 10. Plus I ride on the pipe anyway.
  13. You are playing word games brother.
  14. I see BETA crates, which documents they are..... well BETA crates. lol
  15. We will see. Where has this actually been announced? Documented?