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  1. BassMan

    Beta bendix question

    Clarification. It spins the opposite way at rest than when it spins out to engage.
  2. BassMan

    Beta bendix question

    Yes, it should turn when retracted, counter clockwise.
  3. BassMan

    Beta bendix question

    I have a new unused BETA bendix in the garage. Give me a few minutes and I will let you know.
  4. BassMan

    200rr or ????

    That was a nice video that shows the versatility of a large small bore. Or is it a small large bore. Lol. I am.guessimg that was mostly 2nd gear. Shows that it cruises so effortlessly for general.trail riding at low RPMs.
  5. BassMan

    200rr or ????

    Well that was an interesting video of a slow 4 stroke type rider on the 200. Would have like to have seen it ridden as intended.
  6. BassMan

    Steve Holcome bikes coming to the US.

    If I wasn't after the 200 I would be all over your son's bike, what an awesome deal.
  7. Just 25 available on BYOB at 11am Friday. We are excited to inform you about the limited edition Steve Holcombe Replica bike, which is based off of the Enduro World GP championship winning 300 RR Race Edition that Holcombe has used to secure back to back world titles. There will only be 25 out of 200 available in the United States! They will be sold on a first come, first serve basis through the BYOB program You can secure yours with a $500.00 deposit. You can select the bike as sold, or add additional features. They will be available to order this Friday on the BYOB website at 11:00 AM Pacific time. They are going to go Fast So don't Miss it! Here is a list of additional features compared to the standard Race Edition: - Numbered and signed metal plate (with authenticity certificate) - Reikon handlebar and handlebar protection - Fully machined footrest with steel pins - Fully machined triple clamps - Fully machined brake pedal - Fully machined gear shift lever - Racing chain guide - Fully machined quick-release rear brake caliper support - Factory rear shock preload adjuster - Fully machined red cover for clutch and front brake master cylinder - Rear brake racing disc - Steve Holcombe special grippy seat cover - Steve Holcombe grip set - Simplified wiring harness - Red radiator silicone hoses - Steve Holcombe 49T sprocket - Steve Holcombe hand guard set - Steve Holcombe graphics - Metzeler tires Availability: February of 2019 MSRP: $9,999.00 Destination Charge: $379.00
  8. BassMan

    Loose bolts.

    Mine have come loose a few times on my 2013 250. But it is part of the ritual.
  9. BassMan

    200rr or ????

    I agree with you that correctly set up suspension is very important to me and I really like my current setup. Thanks.
  10. BassMan

    200rr or ????

    I will see a weight savings of over 20lbs compared to my 2013. That is a big deal to an aging more often injured racer who has shrunk to a surgically corrected 5' 8.5" and weighs 155lbs but should be of little concern for general riding. Once I have fully recouperated from yesterday's and my upcoming surgery, I will present an honest comparison of the two bikes. My 2013 will be completely rebuild with fresh top, bottom, suspension, and complete bearing replacement. You can't go wrong with any of the BETA 2 strokes. Some of the minutia people get into really cracks me up. They are all different but all great and can be used by anyone for anything except western and other wide open sustained high speed dual sport and desert riding on all those scenic open trails and mountains, and honestly in those cases why in the hell would you even have a 2 stroke? Any slower tighter or recreational types of riding are where these BETAs are great for a beginner or a seasoned rider transitioning to 2 strokes. Any great rider can win on any bike and the dirty little secret is many of the fastest riders just buy and ride and don't mess with anything. It is amazing the conversations I have had with blazing fast guys who just add gas and kick ass.
  11. BassMan

    200rr or ????

    Super easy to work on. Everything is well laid out. Started tearing my 2013 250 down today for a total rebuild. It has been a great machine. Far exceeded my expectations as a first year bike. BETA just hits home runs. I am eagerly awaiting my 200. I am around 155 w/o gear. The 250 is way more power than I have ever needed. The 200 has me very excited.
  12. BassMan

    Post your Beta video here..

    Iron Man GNCC B class video of my bud on his new 2019.
  13. BassMan

    The Gremlin Season, Ironman Chapter

    Look at the right edge of the camper pic, there is the spring, look at the caliper in the next pic and you can see no pin or pads, lol Arrrg.
  14. BassMan

    BETA Pro Tent Pics at IronMan

    Look up my Gremlin post lol. This was my only happy time of the day. Lol
  15. Check out those vampire foot pegs. Mike got 3rd on his 250! Cody had a Sweet 125.