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  1. I have the 3, it has really helped this year with our split racing format. The track gets really ate up after youth, trail rider, D, and C classes. The return to center and low speed are very precise and repeatable. I run 4 on low speed and it is great for all the chop, 5 is just too much for the woods but awesome in the high speed sections.
  2. Also would be nice to add the 200 kit at a later date if based on the same engine and frame I am really leaning towards the new 125 since my step son could also race it in 3 years.
  3. Steve at After Hours, PlusOnePercormance said he has never seen a non welded gear, even on the 13s.
  4. My father in laws welder was down so had to hit it with the harbor freight ugly stick wire welder. But it won't be going anywhere now. I gave all of them some pretty heavy whacks and they held.
  5. Pressed the old ring back on. I am going to have my father in law tac it up. I could do it but he is a retired professional welder, so....... This could have been done a long time ago. I also included a pic of my gear machined cover.
  6. This could also potentially be a very serious and dangerous situation for a bike if the gear came all the way off causing serious injury or death. I am planning on contacting American Beta tomorrow to discuss this. On second thought, the ring can't fall off, duh, it was already hitting the cover as is.
  7. UPDATE Just received the new fly wheel. There was definitely a design defect inherent in the original design. Notice how the new wheel does infact have the gear all the way back to the ridge I noticed on my old wheel. Look at my previous pics of the old gears position. Also note the new wheel has 4 welds to presumably stop the gear from moving. My guess is depending on the tolerance of the press fit, the gear got knocked out over time with repeated hits from the bindex. The gear is also more robust. The sad part is BETA had to know this was an issue and did not put out any service bulletins. My original can be knocked back to the ridge, tacked and then will probably be fine with the original bindex.
  8. I have the fastway, one thing with the BETA is be ready to do a lot of grinding on the collar and frame to fit. All the big bulky welds were a nightmare for me. Took a couple of days and finally had to grind the bearing cover down about halfway to get everything to fit. I works great now, but was way more work than it should have been. It might have been the small changes to the frame they made in 14 or 15 as mine is a 13. I never needed one until this year with our split format racing where 150 youth run 50% of the track for an hour and a half, then a couple hundred trail, D, and C riders tear it up for another 2hours, then it is Pro A B. So we get a pretty ate up track. Goes from flowing and fast to gnarley rutted, rooted, rocky, and so without the stabilizer I was affraid to push it, especially in the open fast sections. Now I gain a lot of time in the fast sections over the Yamaha's and KTMS because they just can't safely run the pace.
  9. There are torx on the kick starter, triples, and rear speocket.
  10. I have had 3 races in just the last two years where something went wrong with the e-start. 1 time from an errent stick taking off my button when passing, 1 time after an endo down a hill and having the ground/negative connector break on the battery, and this weekend when the bindex gear was worn and my shifter snapped off on the shaft. I salvaged a 5th place running the last 3 miles in 2nd gear only 3 minutes ahead of 6 and 7 and maintained my points lead by 2. No kicker and I would be in 2nd place with 3 races to go. So don't tell me about not having a kicker as backup. It also means I can ride while waiting for a battery or other related starter parts. But hey, whatever floats your boat!
  11. Yes when extended, no contact, just to make sure after that I even took a 8mm nut driver acting as the outer cover bushing and held the bindex in place and would hit the starter, while holding a paper towel so I didn't get splattered with gear oil, and it would spin out and not make any contact, the gears looked just like this // symmetrical but not touching. I am just biting the bullet. I am doing the bottom end after this season I may try to press the ring on further and shim the bindex to get me through after my new parts arrive. I may be picking up a TM144EN for next season and if I keep or sell this bike I want everything to be correct and tip top for the next owner. I hate guys that do shoddy work for a sale. If this is sold it will have all new everything.
  12. After looking at the engine manual pics closely, it appears obvious that the ring was not pressed on properly/completely. There is space between the outside of the gear ring and wheel, mine actually was hanging over the edge. Surprised it lasted this long. For the record there was no engagement at all when finally disassembled.
  13. Looks good, price?
  14. One more thing, that would also explain the initial inner wear on my cover coresponding to the ring.
  15. After looking closely at the second pic and then going out and looking at the flywheel I bet it originally was not pressed on all the way on. If you look closely there is a raised line that should act like a stop for the ring. You can see a gap on mine. If someone could take a comparison pic that might help clarify. Obviously when my new one comes in I will check it closely. You can also see how it overhangs the flywheel on the outside.