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  1. I have a 1987 Honda CBX250H. The engine shares a bunch of DNA with the XR250L, including (I suspect), the carburetor. My CBX runs well and pulls fairly well, but from what I've read there is a real performance gain to be had by installing an XR250R carb. Is there any real difference or preference through these years? I've selected this generation as they use the same manifold as my CBX. For those who would suggest a search, I did. 886 pages of results, or none.
  2. As the title states, I'm looking for the spark plug gap info from a fsm or owners manual for an 84-87 XL250R. I have the Clymer manual but the value seems to be... odd.
  3. theraymondguy

    Big Bore XR80 carb question

    Jim, Yes, 22mm is the stock size for an XR100R. If you're looking OEM, try to find one that's from a '98 or older bike, as they had the adjustable a/f screw. You also might be interested in an XR100R cam as they had a touch more lift/duration than the XR80R - just be sure to use the XR80R sprocket on the 100R cam.
  4. theraymondguy

    1987 XL250 cam chain adjustment

    Lol. No Trailryder, you were right. I was looking at the wrong parts listing, the adjustment IS automatic. Thanks for your patience.
  5. theraymondguy

    1987 XL250 cam chain adjustment

    I believe there is adjustment in it, perhaps later models went to an auto adjuster. I believe slacking off tension on the lower bolt will allow the spring tension to 'pull' up on the bottom of the adjuster, bowing the adjuster and in turn increasing the tension on the chain. The question I have is, in what order is this done? I've read where someone suggested it should be done with the engine running - I find this more than hard to believe.
  6. theraymondguy

    1987 XL250 cam chain adjustment

    After a frustrating hours worth of search, I must fold and ask TT's help on this. It seems to me that the top bolt sets the tension on the spring. The lower bolt allows the tensioner to move. Does anyone know the sequence of events for a cam chain adjustment? I've read all kinds of stuff that just doesn't add up.
  7. theraymondguy

    250 RFVC in a less likely package

    Thanks for the input guys. I traded my faithful 1988 XR250R for an 1985 VF750F Interceptor at the tender age of 15. In those days I lived to ride, even trail road the Interceptor if you can believe it. It had the same split indicator for the tach and speedo just like this CBX does, valve train made the same great radial sound as the CBX does. I think it's more the memory of the XR and the VF that has me in knots over this little CBX. The bike runs/starts super clean, running on Motul 300V. The P.O. is involved with a local bike shop, bought it for his wife to learn on, they've had it for 6 years. It's got fresh fork seals, newer chain and sprockets, new steering neck bearings, tires etc. A couple of lumps and bumps for character, but it's fairly clean for a 27 year old bike. Guess I gave it away, but I'm the proud new owner after I pick it up tomorrow. It's as though Honda bred the two to make the CBX in a way. 18"/16" 3 spoke wheels, gimpy Sankei exhaust, refrigerator "shasta" white...
  8. theraymondguy

    250 RFVC in a less likely package

    They're hard to find in my neck of the woods, most of the 'good ones' are gone or parts are difficult (chambers). Motorcycling in Canada is for the passionate. We like to price our stuff at near double their value south of the border, clean vintage, original bikes will go for absurd amounts strictly because they are so rare. At $1400, this little CBX is a value (assuming it's not been beaten too hard). An RD in similar shape would run $4000 to start.
  9. theraymondguy

    250 RFVC in a less likely package

    Insurance is a nightmare north of the 49th parallel. Keeping the cc's down and choosing an older bike keeps it closer to affordable. My bike of choice would be an Eddie Lawson replica KZ1000R, and it would cost more to insure than my house, life, and car.
  10. theraymondguy

    250 RFVC in a less likely package

    I'm looking to pick up a small displacement thumper as a learner for the street. Enter the CBX. No, not that CBX, this CBX. Is there anything I should be listening or looking for when I go out to see it? I had an '88 XR250R back in the day but it was fairly fresh, no issues. This one sports about 9K on the dial (Kilometers).
  11. theraymondguy

    For Sale XR100 BBK carb with accelerator pump!

    A mounted pic
  12. theraymondguy

    85 Xr80 rear brake spring Pics

    It doesn't attach to the frame... it attaches to the swing arm. http://www.dewildthonda.com/fiche_section_detail.asp?section=2457982&category=Motorcycles&make=Honda&year=1985&fveh=131245
  13. theraymondguy

    XR80 carb issues please help!

    Either bent valve, valve timing is off one tooth or it's valve lash - it's the only way fuel is going to be pushed out of the carb. With the timing mark on the flywheel lined up with the notch on the case, the dot on the camshaft sprocket should be directly lined up with 12 O'clock or just a breath to the right of it.
  14. theraymondguy

    XR80 carb issues please help!

    Set your valve lash, your intake valve adjustment is too tight. Should be .002" intake and exhaust, engine dead cold.
  15. It's a Keihin PD17 (1985 CB125S)II bought for my 108cc CT70. I bought this carb NOS from a dealer in the states, after some tuning it runs reliable as rain and pulls hard regardless of how aggressive you may be with the throttle. I dare say this carb should be the cure for an XR100 running a BBK (whack throttle, snuff engine out). So, why give it up? It is not great for fuel economy, matter of fact it's downright bad. The modest 2L fuel capacity of my CT70 means running on fumes after 35 Miles of hard running. Not a big deal at the track or the back yard, but sucks out loud having to stop every 45 minutes for gas on the street. It has all the same dimensions as an early ATC200X carb Keihin (PD62B), will bolt right onto an XR100R manifold without fitment issues. Oval bore, It measures out to 23.8mm. Included in the sale is the correct throttle cable (fairly unique as it runs the throttle valve and the accelerator pump), a fair supply of main jets the stock needle and a CRF150F needle. This carb is one season old, shows modest tool marks. Aside from main jet and needle it has NOT been modified. I'm asking $125 shipped. PM me here at TT.