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  1. crf230woot

    2016 yz250!

    ^yup thats the best advice youll get on here. spend your money on keeping the bike fresh and maintained rather than aftermarket shenanigans that dont fit properly and ruin your reliability. Congrats!
  2. crf230woot

    How far on tank of gas? Yz250

    the 70 mi estimate comes from modern injected 4 strokes NOT 2 strokes. Your bike will most likely make it, but it will be close. I have seen a yz run out at 40 but it was a very sandy loop.
  3. crf230woot

    Cushions for Hinson clutch basket YZ250 -10

    i thought the yz baskets didnt have cushions?
  4. crf230woot

    YZ skid plate

    ive owned a ricochet, an enduro engineering, a hyde, and now a cycra one. I too had the ricochet against the water pump... bent it with channel locks. everyone except the cycra has mounting that makes you want to throw a wrench through the garage door. being able to just cut the zip ties of is nice and easy, but the cost of the hd zip ties alone can add up especially if youre changing oil every ride. Plus you dont have the outer protection. Ive heard the new tmd one has equally annoying mounting, but ive never tried it. Conclusion- skid plates are annoying- ride mx.
  5. crf230woot

    2015 YZ250 review! (Novice Rider input)

    my '15 wasnt even close to idling out of the factory. what kind of fuel are you using?
  6. crf230woot

    2016 250X

    someone gets it!
  7. crf230woot

    rocky mountain discount codes ?

    i could use a code today and will pay it forward!
  8. crf230woot

    Almost done 2006 rebuild

    x2 on a chain. One of the best ways to get the power to the ground. looks great by the way...
  9. crf230woot

    carbon fiber r304 pc shorty muffler... *drool*

    why not a ti silencer for half the price? http://www.fmfracing.com/Products/MX/59
  10. crf230woot

    Just Bought a 2015 YZ250

    bigger air box maybe?
  11. crf230woot

    What's happening to Pala Raceway?!

    todays the 1st didnt they say it would be open by now?
  12. crf230woot

    07 250 cutting out

    condition of top end? possibly a sticky powervalve?
  13. crf230woot

    2 questions for IMS tank owners...

    come to think of it i should have flipped it around. My leg mustve bumped it slightly when i was racing rem, i got 2 laps to have the bike stumble to a stop, I look down and the petcock is half turned off, and i would never turn something half way. As far as the staining thing that seems a little complicated for me, ive never heard of anyone doing that.
  14. crf230woot

    Bagget's girlfriend......

    this thread is useless without pics...