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  1. Johnnykind

    XR650R vale clearance???

    Same here! Two stroke was so much easier for me! For Sure... this is my first Thumper, even tho I have had it for 10 years now ...lol rode nothing but 2 strokes my whole life, 2 stroke top end is sure easier to rebuild too !!!
  2. Johnnykind

    Edelbrock pumper Pump shot question

    Sorry I meant the Edelbrock manual says to give it 2 blips for a cold start... Every time I did it would stop halfway thru the kick. So now with no blips, on a cold start, Fires right up... No hard spot... Weird
  3. Johnnykind

    ticking noise

    Thanks for posting the update... I hate not knowing how the story ends...
  4. Johnnykind

    Used 650R help

    Worth every Penny !!!
  5. Johnnykind

    XR650R vale clearance???

    Comments like this make me feel better about my ticking noise's .... lol
  6. Johnnykind

    XR650R vale clearance???

    Whoa, good to know, something to look out for !!!
  7. Johnnykind

    XRR engine rebuild with pics

    Great thread thank you for all the pictures !!!!
  8. Johnnykind

    New XR 650R owner

    been 10+ years, but maybe low idle, or maybe your hitting the rear brake while in the air unknowingly, and stalling the motor ? Just a guess
  9. Johnnykind

    2000 XR 650R Video, need advice!

    I know this post was 7 years ago, but I hope you bought it !!!
  10. Johnnykind

    2000 XR 650R Video, need advice!

    I have the same Damn Noise, just put the top end back together, don't remember it being that noticeable before the rebuild...(but it has been down so long I don't even remember for sure) ... Hopefully your right it is just new parts wearing in...
  11. Johnnykind

    Personal liability waiver for track?!

    For Sure, Good advice, one of our buddy's is a nurse and another is an EMT, Love to have those guy's around when were riding...
  12. Johnnykind

    Edelbrock pumper Pump shot question

    That is what I was thinking too, Big Piston, Big Cam, Big Valves, big hard kick start, but usually like you said I can kick it over in flip flops... Talked to my buddy last week about his 650r and he is having the same kick start problem, his bike is pretty stock except for being Un-Corked Gotta be some kind of, carb issue, he had the hang idle too, so he tried some other advice plugging off a port in the carb ?!? now he has the hard kick problem adjusted his valves half a dozen times, still the same... I noticed with mine if I pulled the plug and kicked it a few times that Vapor lock feeling went away and it kicked over normally after that... Thanks so much for your input, nice to know I am not the only one having these weird problems !
  13. Johnnykind

    Edelbrock pumper Pump shot question

    Thanks bro, for sure, I have really been considering a Lectron, once I tried a few things I was surprised how quick the eddy was to tune.. 3 clicks on the enrichment screw, re-seated the pump shot screw and turned it out 2 1/2, and Bam... she fired right up and the hang idle was gone to tell the truth there was a can of carb cleaner in there too !!! but mostly just screwing around with the screws...lol
  14. Johnnykind

    Edelbrock pumper Pump shot question

    went back and Double checked for air leaks, everything is sealed up tight... After adjusting the enrichment screw, and the Pump shot, the Hang Idle Disappeared... Still can't figure out this hard spot in the kick tho... like a second compression spot in the middle of the kick, just comes to a dead stop. Didn't do it this morning, started right up first kick, Hurt the hell outta my foot yesterday tho, Dang! Seems like it only did it when I bliped the throttle before starting, but the manual says to do that on a cold start ? (Gone this morning hopefully stays gone)
  15. Johnnykind

    Personal liability waiver for track?!

    The LLC Separates you, and your stuff, into 2 different legal fictions, one can be sued, (you) the other is just an inanimate object, to protect your stuff... Since you are the guilty one who let all these people come have fun on your property, you can be sued, your personal property is protected by the LLC and UCC-1, and those 2 did nothing wrong so they can't be sued, that's how they protect your stuff... If you also file a UCC-1 financing statement with a security Agreement listing all of your assets under the the trust, it provides another layer of protection from lawsuits Almost makes you unlienable, long complicated process, but for the most part EVERYBODY should have one of these anyway to protect their family's and personal property...