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  1. Just noticed this poll on MSNBC about sledding in Yellowstone. A new lawsuit seeks Clinton Era Ban!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please vote to support your fellow OHV'ers. Click Here. Thanks to all.
  2. Freezer

    Kouba List, Now completetly alphabetized

    Kevin, Check your email. Freezer
  3. ..118 lbs. lighter, better power-to-weight ratio... Power numbers are at the bottom of the article: http://www.motorcycle.com/mo/mchonda/exp2_tech.html Just throwin' it out there... Freezer
  4. Husky, Boy isn't that the truth about time slipping by. I think I'm fortunate that it was ONLY 6 years ago. Some people could accuse me of still living the 80's. I found that article on a mountain snowmobile website, www.snowest.com, where they were debating the +'s and -'s of the new Yamaha RX-1 sled. Weight is a huge issue with sleds in the mountains, and just like the WR400, it is heavy! Loaded, it is pushing 600 lbs., about 80 lbs more than the others. That's no typo. There's something to make our bikes a feel a little less heavy! Sorry if I recycled old news... Freezer
  5. Freezer

    Kouba List, Now completetly alphabetized

    Hmmm.... I...guess...that...means...you...DO have an extra one for me!!! Gee, thanks Kev. I'll get his address and email you. Freezer
  6. Freezer

    Kouba List, Now completetly alphabetized

    I obviously missed the deadline, but would like to buy one for myself. Do you have any extras? If not, I'll take Jake's Freezer
  7. Freezer

    New Yamaha Thumper out today!

    The new Yammi's will be around $9000 out of the box, about a grand more than the others 800 sleds. It will probably do the same to the sled market as it did to the bike market--convert die-hard 2-strokers, but still frustrate because of the weight issue. Overall, it will revolutionize the deep powder sled market. Freezer
  8. Freezer

    4-Stroke Rubber

    Does anybody use the Pirelli MT-18 rear, 120/100-18, which is billed as a "4 stroke" tire? Is it worth the extra bones, or is it all marketing hype? Freezer
  9. Freezer

    Mike68 - TTR-250 Question

    It had only 30 miles on it. The guy (in his early 60's) bought it, took it to Moab once and got vertigo, and never rode it again. I paid $3600--a little more than what I thought was fair. I offered him 3200 and he laughed. Dirt bikes, like jeeps, have inflated prices here in Colorado, and the used market is rare(this was the only one in the paper). I figure I saved a little $ over the dealer hassles and extra charges. If it weren't in _perfect_ condition and I didn't have a high level of trust with the guy, I would have walked. It sure is a mellow ride! Anything I need to know about these little kittens? Hope this info helps you sell yours. BTW, why are you selling? Seems like a great beginner/wife bike. Freezer
  10. Freezer

    Mike68 - TTR-250 Question

    Mike, Thought I'd let you know what I found out. A guy at Thumper Racing told me that since '99 they haven't changed a thing (except for the graphics of course.) The '01s are the same technology as the '99s I know you were trying to sell yours, so that info might put a few more $$ in your pocket. And I bought the '99 for my wife. Freezer
  11. Freezer

    Mike68 - TTR-250 Question

    I'm considering buying a very slightly used '99 TTR-250 for the wife. My question: what's the changes from the '99 to the '00 or '01? Jake seems to think that they may have changed the carbs since then, but I don't know. I can't seem to find the info on the Yammie website, or any others. Thanks in advance. Freezer
  12. Freezer

    WR 426 Review

    From Dirt Bike Magazine online (http://www.dirtbikemagazine.com/detail.asp?id=157): 2001 YAMAHA WR426F Yamaha gave the off-road version of the YZ a boost in displacement for 2001. That puts it out of the 400 four-stroke class, but expect racing clubs to change the rules to suit the new WR. The bike is a great all-around race platform, although it’s still a bit of a brute on really tight trails. TEST BIKE WEIGHT: 260 lb. Rather brief, don't you think? Freezer
  13. Anyone know of a place to find invoice prices, dealer holdback percentages, and other tricks of the retail motorcycle trade? I've found them before for automobiles, but I can't find them for bikes. We all want to make sure we're paying a "fair" price for our toys! Freezer
  14. Freezer

    You may lose health bennies if you ride

    Did you really mean "I"? That is definitely a place where you don't want a typo! Freezer [This message has been edited by Freezer (edited 05-16-2001).]
  15. Freezer

    You may lose health bennies if you ride

    Let's see: taking our riding areas, restricting the performance of the bikes, OHV "registration" to ride in the middle of nowhere, and now denying us coverage for injuries, are we under attack or what? And to think you actually believed that we lived in a representative republic. As a friend of mine said, now you know that if you hurt yourself riding, well you must have done it getting out of bed that morning. Freezer