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  1. Antonisss

    Weave with SM wheels

    in my opinion, your tire pressures are low...i am using 36 psi front-39psi rear and i believe they are very good!
  2. Antonisss

    Oil Problem, need clarification...

    i bought the bike new...i think i did a fair break in...i took it easy, filling all gears till the middle revs and not over revving it...i dont think the cylinder is leaking any oil, but i can actually smell oil coming out of the exhaust probably, when i switch the bike off and switch it back on after 30 seconds...oil consumption i would say is significant...i filled it in 2 days ago, 300ml after only 500-600 km...some of which were 110+km/h for some 20-30km, for 2-3 consecutive days...
  3. hi guys, i ve got a 2002 DRZ400S, supermoto, with a CRD full exhaust, twin air air filter...it has about 25.000km on it, i bought it on January 2004...i had noticed that it had been using much oil and it needed a periodic fill in...so today, as we were on a fast run with a friend of mine, who was on a FZS 1000, he noticed smoke coming out of my exhaust in downshifts(and i do downshift 2 or 3 gears per time trying to slide the bike a bit)...so as we parked the bikes, he told me i am burning oil...and he proved it by opening the gas on neutral...black smoke came out...that scared me...he told me i have some three months of motor life still...he told me that i could extend the motor life by some 15.000 km if i change the piston rings... i asked about changing cylinder-piston but he said if the damage isnt quite big yet, then the piston ring change should be enough... can i have some opinions??
  4. Antonisss

    Gearing on the new DRZ-sm?

    i think 15/45 or 15/46 would have been better...my DRZ SM with the stock gearing and no actual power mods (except from a full CRD Ti exhaust system which doesnt give THAT much) lacks a bit of acceleration on uphill roads-curves-bends whatever...it hardly ever peaks on 5th gear...i have done it though but i had to toucj the gas tank with my jaw...
  5. Antonisss

    Your rear spring

    02 blue drz, was red, but now is white cause i changed it to WP!
  6. Antonisss

    Question about Air Filters!

    so suppose i buy a new air filter(which is dry) and put it immediately on, is that wrong??
  7. Antonisss

    Question about Air Filters!

    Hi guys, i ve got a 2002 DRZ400S... i just changed my air filter today with a Twin Air...the old one was a Twin Air too but it kinda got darker and darker so it begged for it...i have a question though...when i removed it, it was dry...is it supposed to be dry??or is there something wrong?? and one other question...a friend of mine told me to go with KN but the price was like 4 times the one of Twin Air so i said no...are they that much better?? thanks for the answers!!
  8. Antonisss

    Claimed HP

    in greek mags, it says 40HP for the "S", 50HP for the "E"...
  9. Antonisss

    Some photos from Greece

    dude, i am at Kos right now....so hurry the F*** UP!!!
  10. Antonisss

    Does a 2003 "S" mask fit a 2002 "S"??

    well, i ve seen 2 different headlight shrouds...would the modern one fit in the older one's position??
  11. they are of different shape and since i had a minor accident which kinda ruined my mask i am thinking of changing it and putting on the 2003 mask...anyone??
  12. Antonisss

    rode a ktm525exc yesterday

    from what i recall, a stock KTM 525 EXC produces around 48HP on the wheel and weighs around 115kg...depends on what you are looking for...but it still beats a stock DRZ-KLX... but you cant compare the bikes...
  13. with 15-44 gearing i ve topped it at 187km/h, but considering the 17" rims that is approx 160-165km/h...not bad at all...but for SM use it needs a lower gearing such as 14-44 or 15-47...5th is rarely used on twisty mountain roads...
  14. after 9000km on a SM DRZ with standard gear-chain and with no modifications to it except an exhaust and an air filter i have to say that for SM the bike i think could use a smaller front sprocket by one teeth...for street mountain rides i find that 5th is rarely used coz there arent any long straights...so if u wanna compensate for that and use 5th gear also just use a 14-tooth rear sprocket or just a 47-tooth rear sprocket...thats what i would do for SM use...
  15. Antonisss

    you have to do better than that alophind!

    5 inch rear dude?? u dont have a Husaberg 650 , do ya ??