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  1. McLain

    KX FI Calibration tool 2016

    Okay, the secret is to turn off the calibration tool, plug in the new coupler, then turn the tool back on and go through the ladder to the reprogramming menu. When I did it this way I saw my modified plugs. (although they were mucked up a little, back a couple months ago I was not shutting it down when changing couplers, sometimes it took, usually it didn't) It was instructed that way in the manual, just didn't notice it and it is important. Whew
  2. McLain

    KX FI Calibration tool 2016

    Hello All, I did a quick search and didn't find anything. Sorry if this is repeated. I just got the kit, got the accessory cord and finally was able to hook the unit up to the bike. I used a shops tool a few months ago and thought I changed my maps, but not sure. With their unit it seemed like I was able to make different plugs have different maps, but when I unhooked the unit, then hooked it back onto the bike, sometimes the unit showed I made no changes, it was very frustrating and not confidence inspiring that I was succeeding in making changes. When I checked my bike today with my recently purchased tool, it showed fi at 0's (and I thought I changed them to leaner settings back then) but ignition was advanced. (head scratching now) and all plugs showed the same map. I'm thinking standard settings are zero's everywhere, can someone confirm this? pretty sure they are. I have not been able to detect different maps from the different plugs (white, green and black) with my tool today. I've unplugged the unit, turned it off and back on, and when I go from plug to plug, I'm seeing the same maps on all of them. Back when I first got the bike and replaced the green plug with a white I didn't feel any difference on my 2016 model, but did on my 2015. Maybe this is related. When I make a change to the ecu, both ignition and fuel injection, it is the same on all plugs when I swap them out and view them on the calibration tool. So after all this rambling, my question for you guys is are you able to make different changes to different plugs, and have you experienced thinking you made changes, but came back later and found no change took place. If you were able to make different maps for different plugs, was there anything special you needed to do? (back the tool out of on-line mode, or turn it off then back on?) Thanks
  3. McLain

    exhaust question

    You don't need a pipe to benefit from a tune, both add power. You don't NEED a tune when you add a pipe, but you will benefit from it. I just had mine tuned last week and it was pretty significant, and I run the stock pipe. In the past I've had both. I actually think you get more from a tune than the pipe.
  4. McLain

    Scavenge Screen Specifically on 2015 KX450

    You should clean your screen. My 15 had stuff on it, not blocked but I was glad to clean it off. Oil coming out of the hose is from internal pressure. I always had a small amount of oil mist, just enough to make my left boot dirty. Glad the 16 is routed different.
  5. McLain

    Why so few reports about the 2016

    Clamp on style air filter.
  6. McLain

    Why so few reports about the 2016

    I have one and like everything about it. Got 35 hours on it now, all moto. Oil strainer is easy to get to unlike earlier models. Oil change is just one bolt now. Air filter is real tight, I went to a loudmouth system. Mine doesn't pop and runs great on 93 pump gas. Power is less abrupt off idle than my 15, but is all there after that. I run it stock with the green coupler, couldn't really feel much with the white unlike earlier models that felt a little freer revving with it. Suspension is stable and doesn't kick, I don't require any revalves for my pace, which is non cherry picking B class speed. I run the intermediate air pressure with MXA settings on the clickers. Enzo put a .49 rear spring for my 160 lb weight. Bike turns great but is stable and forgiving. Doesn't dump you on your head if you get kicked a little sideways. Starts right up, 3 kicks cold, 2 kicks warm. I'm happy with it and look forward to piling up the hours.
  7. McLain

    2016 KX450 Parts

    I used the front (wrap around) slider from the 15 model on my 16, just had an extra hole that didn't get used. Been on for 10 hours now and works great. Bottom rear fit right up also.
  8. McLain

    2015 fork rebuild

    Are you going to do the work yourself? 90 hours, that oil is ready to come out, I'd get the shock done also. Any leads on the top plug wrench or what do you have planned? Just curious, with those hours, anything else with your bike? I'm 86 hours behind you right now.
  9. McLain

    2015 fork rebuild

    I just got mine, only have a few hours on it, but I like to be prepared. I see my nice new skf fork seals from my 14 won't work, they are for 48mm tubes and the 15 has 49. Nice. If anybody needs them I'll sell them cheap, like $50 for the pair shipped. So anyway, I need a new 50mm top cap wrench, no big deal, they seem to be everywhere for $20. But I'll also need a new "top plug wrench, 36mm" Kawi part number 57001-1801. I located one on gearhead.com for $166, seems kind of steep. Anybody know of a cheaper source or an alternative to that part? Another question I have is how long have your seals lasted? Since I've been wiping down the lower tubes after washing on my other bikes they've lasted much longer. Anyone who's dived into these, any advice or just follow the manual? Thanks
  10. McLain

    putting air in forks without adapter

    sounds good, looks like the way to go. Thanks
  11. 2014 KX450F, dealer lost the air pump so I sit. Any ideas on getting air in these without that little adapter?
  12. McLain

    DEP pipe discount

    Last one I got was the endure version, but I wanted MX. They said only difference was the steel thickness. Power results would be the same, and they are.
  13. McLain

    YZ250 powervalve broken

    I emailed Forward Motion about a better quality power valve that I thought maybe they produced. Here is their response. Feb 24 We do not have any power valves, but I would suggest you buy an OEM power valve for the '99 YZ250 as it was a better valve. Thanks, Scott Weisz Technical Sales Forward Motion at Millennium Technologies 1404 Pilgrim Road Plymouth, WI 53073 8:30 AM -5:00 PM 920-400-1112 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 920-400-1112 FREE end_of_the_skype_highlighting Phone 920-893-4830 Fax www.mt-llc.com
  14. McLain

    YZ250 powervalve broken

    I was out riding my 2014 YZ250 yesterday, and all the sudden it was making a very different noise out of the exhaust. I've learned through hard knocks that when something changes, you stop and see what it is instead of keep riding. I pulled in and could find nothing obvious. The bike still ran good, started right up after being shut off, just had a "tingy" kind of sound at the exhaust. Hard to explain, but definitely different. I rode a little more, but loaded up after 5 more minutes and decided to do a search and destroy mission to find out what it was. On the drive home I convinced myself it was the power valve instead of the Moto Tassunari intake valve I just installed a couple rides before being broken. When I got it cleaned up and started disassembly, I got the pipe off and the throttle side power valve cover off, and the fork would not line up with the hole for tightening the linkage screw. That would be key to finally figuring this out. I took off the tank and radiators so I could access the front cover. I could get everything to move some, but the fork would not go all the way to the hole. I was ready to yank the motor so I could dig deep as you can't really get at much with the frame in the way. I said "hold on there cowboy" and decided to take a break and read the internet. I found a thread on here that showed the power valve assy, and mine looked a little different with the broken part. So back to my storage shed I went to figure this all out, and sure enough, I could see that mine had the valve stopper broken off. I looked and looked, and finally found the stopper jamming the mechanism from extending to the fully closed position, took it out and everything snapped back to where it was supposed to go with the fork over the hole. I read on here that you can run it that way without the stop, so that's what I'm going to do. This bike has about 15-20 hours tops, and I'm an old coot at 51 years and don't ride the rev limiter, but hey, it broke anyway. One thing fun about this is now I know what the power valve on this looks like, and how it operates. I could have brought it in, but then you get a big bill and don't have your bike for several weeks. Much better to dive in and tackle it yourself. You can always give up, bolt it back together and bring it in if you fail. I need to add that this first picture is not mine, but was critical in figuring this out. Thanks Thumpertalk for having this info for me.
  15. McLain

    Yamaha YZ250 (2012)


    Great bike. Moved back to smokers because I didn't need all the HP and weight, and tell you what, I go just as fast on this.