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  1. I may drain the tank and see what I can find out. Fill her up with water and go to town. I'll report by the end of the week
  2. Just don't send it down here guys. We (espacially California) have a fight on our hands too.
  3. KLXer

    CRF Mods

    The bike is jetted lean. The JD kit comes with 2 needles and the main jets from (with the stocker) 170-180. The directions are clear and prisise (unlike my spelling) It was amazing how much it woke my bike up.
  4. Does it serve a purpose other that to make it that much harder to fill the tank? Anyone removed it?
  5. Compaired to the Xr lots. You end up doing top ends like a two stroke. I check the valves every other time I change oil. I change the oil every other ride. In general I've ridden the bike as far as 60 miles in a day, good for 35-40 on a tank of gas.
  6. KLXer

    JD jetting kit question...

    Agreed...I set mine up per instruction and tried to hill myself. Jetting was spot on and low end responce was unreal. the bike scared me again...
  7. KLXer

    Throttle Cable

    sounds like the "power up kit" is a jet kit. The brass thing is probably a main jet.
  8. KLXer

    I want more power!!!

    I'm a little disapointed in the overall responses to this thread. There have been several opprotunities to teach someone valuable information about the bike however we have chosen to belittle and mock. To make more power you must add the right combo of more air, more fuel, and more area to get the left over out. I'll explain more tomorrow but I've been up to long and need sleep. On edit-sorry HondaFreak, didn't mean to reply to you just the closist one to where the mouse was
  9. KLXer

    Safety issue

    The valve issue is funny. A buddy and I keep checking and checking our valves yet have never had to adjust. Then someone else comes through and says they adjust them every other ride.
  10. KLXer

    flywheel weights

    Is there a general consesus on how much weight to run. I'd like to keep some of the snap but the way the power hits some hillclimbs become tricky. My thoughts were that 7 oz might be too light but 9 oz might be the ticket. Any sugestions.
  11. KLXer

    RC on a 450 for Supercross?

    Ricky will ride what bike Honda wants to sell. With the 4 stroke being the hot ticket right now I imagine He'll be on it when he comes back.
  12. I wouldn't hold my breath. I'm lucky if they cover REAL accidents anymore
  13. KLXer


    Oil is`huge on any 4 stroke. The CRF is definatly a race bike and has maintance intervels to prove it. If you are looking for something low end grunt running get an XR.
  14. KLXer

    TRUCK WINDOW STICKER- Honda????????

    I think we got our from factoryFX. I had my Kawi but I think my brothers honda came from there. He took his off because he got tired of idiots asking "why do you have a honda sticker on a dodge."
  15. KLXer

    First ebay purchase and I get screwed!

    If still in need at the end of this I still have my stocker with only a couple storage scratches, started on the bike twice before the spart arrester type quit pipe went on. I'll never use it due to California noise laws.