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  1. bearburrell

    Tire Pressure MT21 for XR400

    What tire pressure to folks recommend for Pirelli MT21 DOT tires: A) Dirt / Gravel: Front psi & Rear psi Pavement: Front psi & Rear psi thanks
  2. http://photobucket.com/albums/b352/bearbarrels/?action=view&current=norcal.jpg
  3. bearburrell

    Tank to xr400

    thanks for the good info. can you please give me your email for other ??s. Thanks very much Bear
  4. Is it ok for my XR if I use the decompression lever like a jake break while going down hill? It really helps to crawl down the steep technical stuff. Thanks
  5. bearburrell

    Tank to xr400

    Hi Lars, Check out IMS 4.0gal or Acerbis has one also. By the way, hows riding in Sweden? I live in Northern California and am moving to Sweden (outside of stockholm most likely.) I have an XR400 that's street legal here. Do you know if it would be possible to register it for street in Sweden or is it easy to find dualsport bikes that are mainly dirt?? Thanks bearburrell@gmail.com
  6. bearburrell

    tiny cracks on oil filter housing wall

    Thanks for the quick responses.
  7. When changing my oil filter I noticed tiny cracks on the oil filter housing, around where the spring extends outward. It's only the 2nd time I've changed the oil (bought it used recently) so I'm not sure if I missed it before, if it's cosmetic or if it means something. If anyone has any insight I'd appreciate it.