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  1. YZPaGuy

    '17 VForce4 - post ride reports here

    Since the 17 sx doesnt have electric start we cut the battery holder part out. It allows more air to get to the air box. We also cut the flap on the back side of the air filter number plate off to let more air get in through there also.
  2. YZPaGuy

    17 150SX Suspension Swap

    Thanks all. Going to get a set of conventional on this bike's front end. Any ideas on the rear shock?
  3. YZPaGuy

    17 150SX Suspension Swap

    Does anyone know what other years/ KTM bikes will swap suspension with a 17 150SX? Definitely front forks but would like to also swap the rear shock out. Would like to do a conventional setup for testing. Any help is appreciated!
  4. YZPaGuy

    Famous Reading Outdoors riding meetup thread

    If D6 didn't take their ribbon and arrows down please contact them. Go to this link http://www.d6mx.org/hare-scramble.html and contact them. I know all of these guys and I am surprised it wasn't taken care of on Sunday afternoon as soon as the race was finished. Pictures or video always help. If you need any further information please feel free to PM me. I am not on here as much as I used to be so please be patient with the reply but I will get back to you.
  5. YZPaGuy

    kx100 rebuilt but no start

    Make sure you don't have a rag or paper towel stuck somewhere in the air/fuel in or exhaust system? I have done and so have most guys that do enough engine work.
  6. YZPaGuy


    Due to the GNCC cancellation, we are lifting the 300 rider limit. Everyone is welcome and will not be turned away. Spread the word
  7. GNCC was cancelled for this weekend. Looking for a place to ride/race? Come out to the VFTR Moonshine Enduro and Halfmoon Jr Enduro. The Halfmoon Jr Enduro is for children and is ran on Saturday. The Moonshine Enduro is for adults 16yrs and older and is run on Sunday. Please see attached flyers. Hope to see you there!
  8. YZPaGuy

    SX 150

    T7 http://ridet7.com
  9. YZPaGuy

    SX 150

    We had to have the suspension done for the rocks. It was okay in the sand but was terrible in the rocks. Son is a top B, mid A rider. Even with the suspension done he still doesn't love it when it is sloppy and rocky.
  10. YZPaGuy

    Read this kx100 piston/cylinder (please)

    It looks like a lean seize. They are usually evident on the intake side. Weird with stock jetting though. What is your jetting set at? Where do you have the timing set? I would set it at the stock position. Clean the carb real good and check the reeds. I would take a peek at the water pump also, make sure its working. If you top off the coolant it will puke some out, it should be just above the fins. Running too lean, clogged carb, leaking gasket at reeds, crank seal leaking. Internal issue, big end bearing is bad, crank bearing is bad, not enough relief on intake and exhaust ports, cylinder isn't plaetd correctly.
  11. YZPaGuy

    Race gas?

    If you have and airport close by you can run aviation fuel, no ethanol.
  12. YZPaGuy

    Suspension Service

    T7 does great work
  13. YZPaGuy

    300xc-w tire size

    Yes I'm too lazy to be sure though
  14. YZPaGuy

    Ecea 2018

    ECEA guys run both 4's and 2's. Tons of Yamaha's in enduro's. Just have to be creative with the tag. Also ha've to add led head light and tail light, easy to do. Depending upon how big of a guy you are will narrow the right bike search. On a budget you can't beat a 2 stroke.
  15. YZPaGuy

    Ecea 2018

    C class, you might want to do a dual sport before an enduro. Your bike will make for a long day. If you got an enduro, I wouldn't go for a back row. The trail gets rough back there. Get in the middle and just be ready to move over for the fast guys. After the first two sections you will know who will be passing you. Just go out and have fun, that's what it's all about!