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  1. yzf-farmer

    24hrs of Starvation Ridge entry form

    Is there a pro payout?
  2. Glen Helen is about 24hrs from my dealership. I would consider sending a team if I could make it all work.
  3. Do you have to be within driving distance?
  4. yzf-farmer

    Trouble finding new plastics for a TTR...

    I used bike bandit for my ttr230. It was oem but priced very well
  5. yzf-farmer

    ttr 230 suspension swap?

    I have no answer but I'm very interested in what people have to say. I'd likE to try it too.
  6. yzf-farmer

    New ttr230 carb

    I think I have the answer to my own problem. Find a carb from a Cr150r on eBay. Anybody tried it?
  7. yzf-farmer

    New ttr230 carb

    I picked up a 230 for the wife and what a pain to tune after simple mods. My yzf's are easy to tune and get jets for. Has anybody ever looked into trying different carbs on the ttr230 that's easier to tune and get jets for?
  8. yzf-farmer

    Best yr for off-road yz450

    I'm on my second 06. I sold my first one to jump on the 08-09 bandwagon and ended up back on a 06. Most of my riding is desert style riding with an occasional hare scramble. I've revalved the susp. for me (vet expert) and a revloc clutch, 18" rear wheel and a Wr trans. Of course the usual stuff, oversized tank and Dr.D full exhaust. Performance is steller,ridability is awesome. For me it's the perfect all around bike
  9. yzf-farmer

    Do I really need a new one?

    I would really like the magic button, but i don't want to give up 3yrs of set up that it took to get my current stead at the level its at. Every where I turn it's ktm this and ktm that. i'm told they are better out of the box than my converted yzf
  10. I currently ride a 06 yz450f. Rev-lok auto clutch, desert tank ,susp.set up for me and my style. I mostly ride fast open desert and fire roads. i really like my current set up but i feel like I'm missing something with the the current crop of bikes. Do I buy another MX bike and make it an offroad bike? I think KTM has the bike for me? Is it a sxf, hold over xcf or xcw or 2-stroke?