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  1. Spiritwalker2222

    Calabogie Boogie

    I was wondering who you were. Now I know.
  2. Spiritwalker2222

    Calabogie Boogie

    🙂 Sounds right to me. There is a rock you step up on the right. And a lightly used trail down to the water on the left. I've pointed down there a few times to say "see the water" and my friends mistakenly think I'm saying we need to go this way. hahaha
  3. Spiritwalker2222

    Calabogie Boogie

    OK, this is killing me. Where was the photo taken? Is that McCreary Lake? That's on the SOT (son of Tantrum), the last big option (15 or so km's) on Saturday? The option also included BFH and Wrack attack.
  4. Spiritwalker2222

    Calabogie Boogie

    I made it out ;-) Came across this, maybe I'll tow it home...
  5. Spiritwalker2222

    Which handlebar bend? Help

    Try them out, there aren't too expensive and the best part is you can rotate your bars forward or backwards to help get them in the right location(ish). Some riders want their bars closer to them, others want them farther forward.
  6. Spiritwalker2222

    Which handlebar bend? Help

    A non-believe in what? I think the new Beta crosstrainer or KTM Freeride are great bikes, but I'd never buy one as they are too small. If I was 5'10" or shorter, than maybe. Same thing with the CRF230. Heck why don't you ride a CRF50? I find the full size competition bikes too small and get taller bars and seat before I even do my first ride. The OP is 6', maybe he's exaggerated his height a bit, but I would expect him to be at least 5'10". I guess the 230 could work...
  7. Spiritwalker2222

    Which year model wr450f is "better"

    I did the swiss cheese mod a long time ago. Can't remember the difference, but I believe there is less clutch drag with the swiss chees mod. My bike currently starts well. I replaced my starter about a year ago, it started good until about 3 months ago. It progressively got worse. I pulled the starter off and the commutator had excessive wear (just like the original starter). I find it hard to believe that the starter would degrade that quickly. When I replaced the starter (3 weeks ago) I also changed out the starter relay. I'm hoping to get a bit more life out of this starter. It starts good in and out of gear now. Although I try to start it in neutral to preserve the life of the starter. Don't want this to be a yearly habit.
  8. Spiritwalker2222

    Which handlebar bend? Help

    Get a full size bike.
  9. Spiritwalker2222

    New to me 05 WR450F, what seat is this?

    The previous owner probably cut down the stock seat. I've seen lots of people do it, but usually without a bump.
  10. Spiritwalker2222

    Starter motor commutator wear

    Well, the starter didn't last much longer. I went for a ride on the July 25th and that was it. I asked RMATV what the warranty is for the part, and they indicated that Yamaha OEM parts only have a 30 day warranty. But RMATV offered me a reasonable discount to replace it, so I've ordered another starter. Props to RMATV, they didn't need to do that. let's hope the new starter lasts longer.
  11. Spiritwalker2222

    Starter motor commutator wear

    Thanks Rowdy, yes I don't see how you'd pull the starter out without remove the exhaust first. Guess I'm just surprised that the OEM starter died in less than a year. Hoping that it's still under warranty, but I don't have a clue if it is or isn't. I cleaned up the commutator and cleared out the valley's and it seems to start good now. But with all the arching damage to the commutator, I wouldn't expect it to last much longer.
  12. Spiritwalker2222

    Where to find a OEM seat 14 WR450F

    Either get a prebuilt like an SDG or buy the foam and cover (if needed) from guts racing. You just need a pneumatic staple gun to recover the seat.
  13. Spiritwalker2222

    Starter motor commutator wear

    Yes, I start in gear most of the time. I cleaned up the commutator surface and cleared out the valley's. It seems to be starting good now. But I only tried it twice as it's midnight here. Should I expect problems due to starting in gear?
  14. Spiritwalker2222

    Starter motor commutator wear

    My starter has stopped working. Long story short, if I short out my starter relay my starter motor still doesn't spin (in some starting locations). So I decided to pull off my starter and take it apart. This is the condition of my commutator, I assume this is not good. I bought the starter (OEM) less than a year ago. What are your thoughts? I bought the starter at Rocky mountain atv, so I'll see if it is still under warranty. If not, I assume if I clear out the "valley's" I'll get a bit more life out of it.
  15. Spiritwalker2222

    14 WR450F leaking gas out of cap ?

    I used to use those, they always leaked. And I would loose them fairly regularly. I don't use those anymore.