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  1. Oldmossyspokes

    Harley ADV bike.

    It's not about Where you're made...It's about What you're made of. Cultural attributes like Respect and Dignity matter these days. Harley Davidson can't ride the wave of Made in the USA anymore without some serious attention to perception of their culture. It's akin to owning a dog that growls and nips at everyone...noone will come to your house anymore unless they are good friends with the dog, as long as the dog continues to treat the well. One bite and they'll be gone for as long as you own the dog. When the dog dies they'll come back...maybe; if you work it right.
  2. Oldmossyspokes

    Harley ADV bike.

    Whoa hey...I wrote "perform the same or better" never did I accuse Harley of building performance.
  3. Oldmossyspokes

    Harley ADV bike.

    This one actually looks kinda bad ass but I don't get the obsession with the V-motor. Why does anyone desire to have that hot rear head right between their legs? Two cylinders next to each other, up front, makes more sense and can be engineered to perform exactly the same or better.
  4. Oldmossyspokes

    Harley ADV bike.

    Well that's unfortunate and a good point. Precisely why one isn't supposed to have sex with ones sister.
  5. Oldmossyspokes

    Harley ADV bike.

    Wow, dual shock and right side up forks...that's cutting edge design Makes me want to go out and buy a Kirby vacuum.
  6. Oldmossyspokes

    Harley ADV bike.

    Exactly, this is Harley's larger issue they are dealing with, whether they know it or not. Harley Davidson made a fortune associating their brand with a culture of violence, disrespect for humanity and inequality for women. This stigma they helped create is going to be really hard to put behind them. The culture around the planet is changing rapidly and the majority of people want all humans to be treated with respect and dignity. Buying a Harley is viewed by many to be risking association with this less than desirable behavior of the past. That is the larger issue, good luck back pedaling Harley, you have a lot of hoops to jump through before many of us would consider owning one of your machines...currently you do not reflect the perceived "American Way"; quite the opposite I must think. Bring respect for others to the culture of your brand first...work on that in a big way. It will help more than you know. Bullying is on it's way out and you must address this before you'll get any of my money or respect. I've been yelled and screamed at, threatened and treated really badly by Harley riders for simply owning a non American Made Motorcycle... THESE ARE YOUR CUSTOMERS HARLEY DAVIDSON...THIS IS THE CULTURE YOU HELPED CREATE...FIX IT OR IGNORE IT; YOUR CHOICE. As always, this is just one mans opinion...or is it?
  7. Oldmossyspokes

    Harley ADV bike.

    Working on some meaning for that acronym...this is like Rev 3 And the roast goes on...
  8. Oldmossyspokes

    Harley ADV bike.

    Harley is to motorcycles like Kirby is to vacuum cleaners. The only real difference is that Harley has been in business thirty years longer. They are both over priced, american made, too heavy and seldom ever make any real technological break through to add to their designs. They rely heavily on their cult like followings to keep them in business decade after decade, buying attachments and parts, plus gear. The newest Kirby still looks like my grandmothers did and weighs nearly thirty pounds. Come on Kirby, even a commercial Oreck vacuum only weighs 8 pounds! They both say "why change a good thing?" And they will both say it all the way out of business if they don't play some serious catching up. Change is good...imagine if we still used rotary dial phones and 8 track tapes, they were the best things going at the time. Innovate or dissipate...it's the rule these days.
  9. Oldmossyspokes

    Harley ADV bike.

    They were called "Lincoln Logs" back in those day's sonny.. Yes, they lack the necessary element of "creativity building" required to come up with cool stuff. Lego's are awesome! https://www.eghsguardian.com/3976/opinion/lincoln-logs-vs-legos/
  10. Oldmossyspokes

    Harley ADV bike.

    ...another facet to this here HD-ADV roast: The HD branded ADV riding gear alone will cost a small fortune...just to get riding the beast. Then there is the required new tattoo of the tactically dressed grizzly bear on a pile of rocks holding a Bowie knife in one paw that's clad is brass knuckles and an AR15 in the other, with the forest burning down in the back ground, of-course. And the exclusive campsites filled with groupies serving up Mountain House chili, granola bars and jello shots that will be needed (income opportunity)...not to mention the HD branded 50/50 tires with the rattle snake tread pattern and sporting the new "green walls". I wonder; will they make it with a simulated oil leak or a real one? (perhaps they'll use vegetable oil to reduce environmental impact). At least the wildlife will be safe; they'll hear them coming two canyons away. If this thing takes off every ADV accessible wilderness cabin in the country will be destroyed within the first five years, I suspect. They'll have to learn to make all the stringy shit to hang off the bike everywhere out of camo look 550 para-cord with antler clad studs and python fangs. I suppose it will have a compass and sextant holder option; vice GPS mount. Does anyone make Kevlar lined Cordura ass-less chaps yet? I can't wait to see the first set of luggage fabricated from a whole white tail deer at the local taxidermy shop (hair, antlers and all) kinda Giant Loop like 😉 This is going to be interesting...Lord help us all. No really, I hope they do well and create some more competition, It'll bring the prices down for the rest of us that would never even consider riding an HDADV, no matter how good they self proclaim it is.
  11. Oldmossyspokes

    2017 Honda Africa Twin....Why we did it.

    Hauled the Twins to Montana again over the Labor Day weekend. Took a trip east on MT200 to Revalli, then up Joko Canyon through the mountains, on up Highway 83 running north out of Missoula to Big Fork on Flathead Lake and back around to Thompson Falls via Polson, MT...one day. Water can be somewhat scarce around here; many folks haul water from public sources like this to use in their homes. Joko Canyon is a nice ride; nicer yet is that the Tribe allows access through this part of the reservation as long as one stays on the main road and respects their lands. This is one of the reservoirs on the Clear Water. The next day we rode south out of Trout Creek, MT up the FS322 to Minton Peak where we stayed the night in the old forest service fire lookout on top the summit. We have stayed here before some years back; riding then on our DRZ400S and CRF250L. That route is way smoother and shorter on a pair of AT's ! Although the DRZ and the CRF are very good Dual Sport machines we will never go back as long as we have adventure bikes...it's the way to go in our opinion...go in comfort and with confidence. Had to get one last meal before we headed into the wilderness; Mountain House meals are good but they don't beat an Albacore Tuna sandwich and fries at The Lakeside in Trout Creek, MT, just off highway 200. Minton Peak lookout is one of the nicest in Montana. $55 per night and fully stocked with everything one needs except food and bedding. Make reservations six months in advance or watch for cancellations throughout the year and be ready to go at a moments notice. The views from this peak are wonderful and it's so quiet its just flat surreal. This is bear country and we ran over a pile of bear poo in the road about a quarter mile before the cabin...this isn't for everyone. If bears and wolves keep you up at night I would avoid this place altogether or you won't be sleeping much. We strung up our hammocks for shade inside the cabin when the sun got real hot coming through all those windows as it went down over Idaho...it helped a lot: I-phones never do a sunset justice, maybe someday I'll get a quality camera instead of motorcycle parts...just kidding 😉 It was a fantastic trip and some great riding. We still can't decide if we like the Twins more off road or on highway...perhaps its all equal to us now. More to come: The next things we'll be getting are Corbin seats, hard panniers and maybe some Scott's steering stabilizers...
  12. Oldmossyspokes

    2017 Honda Africa Twin....Why we did it.

    Hello, me again. I switched up the windshield on my Twin to a MRA with the little loover or whatever you call it, on it: This is an excellent upgrade to the stock short windshield. Keeps the wind off your upper body really well and my helmet stays put up to about 80mph. I can see over it OK seated normally. I didn't realize the OEM screen was as bad as it is until I installed this one. Been doing some long rides at highway speeds and this makes a huge difference. BTW, I have 4000 miles on it now and still love it. The MotoZ Tractionator ADV tires are still going strong.
  13. Oldmossyspokes

    Honda CRF250L....give it a chance...I did

    OK, one last post in this old thread of ours... Our CRF250L story is over. We sold her last week for $4500.00 with 3000 miles on it. After putting 3000 miles on her Africa Twin my wife concluded that she would never likely ride the 250L again and wanted to provide someone else the opportunity to have it, vice letting it rot in the shop. It was with a tear in her eye as she helped the new owner load it onto his trailer. She had a lot of good times on that machine and it really helped her improve her riding skills in a very positive way. ALSO...she seen the possibilities that having $4500 to spend on AT mods could bring to the table. She really wants a Corbin heated seat now that we have rode some interstate for many hours. I'm sure she'll never look back and regret the decision to sell it...it was but a stepping stone in her path toward Adventure riding. Great little bike that CRF250L is , indeed. Cheers
  14. Gunna throw one more thing at you... If it wasn't for the highway speed expectation you described above I would say what you two would really enjoy is an old Honda Trail 90 or CT110...light, comfortable for two with the add on rear seat option, plenty of power off road, will go 50mph with two people, has low range gear box for the really steep stuff, stellar gas milege at any speed and they run forever. Also very low to the ground, easy to haul and easy to ride. Not super manly but a great bike for the history books. They are also low tech and easy to work on. They were designed for what you have described...take it with you traveling for scouting the area and gone fishing type stuff. These were a serious bike of a bygone era that was overcome by ego and competitive nature of the general populous. The question is, for most, "are you man enough to get the right bike no matter how unpopular it may be"? Yes, I used to own one but worked up to a full on Adventure bike over time as my needs changed. https://www.cycletrader.com/listing/1982-Honda-Ct110-5003868405 http://www.motorcycle.com/features/ed-march-around-the-world-on-a-30-year-old-honda-c90.html