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  1. Damn...where to start? Spent last week in Western Montana and put about 500 miles on the twins. We trailered them there due to having other things we needed a truck to haul over to the cabin. Perhaps 100 miles of the riding was pavement, the rest gravel/dirt dual track Rocky mountain roads in the Cabinet Mountains. This time we really got to open those machines up and test them out for reals. We went riding with some buddies on GS1200 BMW's. These guys are really experienced and have upwards of 40k miles on their current machines. Needless to say...they, (Paul and Shawn) really haul ass in the mountains. This being the first time we rode with them, on roads new to us, one led, the other followed. Our take away from the whole experience was, Wow! The Africa Twin can hold its own and is nearly just like riding a fine dirt bike once you get it past 40mph on the gravel. We could ride them just like dirt bikes and anticipate there every action/reaction to the varying surfaces, terrain and speed. The MotoZ Tractionator ADV's contributed largely to the capability but on the other hand, that AT is just designed correctly for this type of riding. We have never enjoyed mountain riding as much as we do with the twins. We are hooked and have decided we will in fact sell our DS machines because we will likely never ride them again. As I mentioned, these guys are very experienced...one of them is a retired factory Trials rider and they have both been riding for over 45 years. They were impressed with what we could do with the Africa Twin with so few miles on them at this point...these are hard core BMW guys that both ride trials bikes and dirt bikes as well. They can't wait to go riding with us again in the future. AFRICA TWIN = Big ass dirt bike, IMO.
  2. This was my home screen for nearly two years leading up to the purchase of the Twins. OCD...it makes stuff happen Been way to busy to get out into any place cool...going to ride the Twins in Montana soon...
  3. Well stated, my hat is off to you Welcome to the team!
  4. What is your general Northwest location Ed?
  5. Egalitarian, great word and fitting For ME, (as in not my wife). I prefer my WR450F in the trails and my Africa Twin for most everything else. I haven't rode my DRZ400 since I got the CRF1000D...BUT, it is a great DS off road and away from the interstate. Follow the link if you would like some more reading: https://thumpertalk.com/forums/topic/1254696-2017-honda-africa-twinwhy-we-did-it/?page=1
  6. Indeed we did, my first time in Hawaii and I couldn't resist the mud buggies...
  7. The units are line of sight between any linked units in succession (up to 15). Solidly, the range is about 3/4 mile but they can reach over a mile where no obstructions exist. Fifteen units = up to 15 miles apart as the units transmit the signal through each other. They break in and out when in the woods but do self mend the links as soon as they "see" each other again...same thing with canyon walls. We have adapted well to their range and are not typically disrupted as obstructions are navigated. That's just their Bluetooth capability. When we get into tight woods and canyons we ride closer together if we desire to stay constantly linked; or we just switch it over to a phone call...same+same to us. When used through the cell phones the range is unlimited as long as you have cell service and you can also stream music, weather and GPS directions while in full duplex communication with the linked group. The unit lowers the streaming volume when you are engaged in conversation. Up to six in the group can all talk at the same time...the whole group can hear the conversation. My favorite part is we can ride in the mountains and never miss an important phone call as long as we have cell service. An outside call remains private from the group and can be answered by voice command. If everyone in the group has a cell phone they can always call if they get separated from the chain (out of blue tooth range) but feel lost or have broke down. If one or more riders pull off into an overlook or rest area they form their own group automatically and rejoin automatically as soon as they get back in Bluetooth range with the last linked rider. Now, if one has a satellite phone with blue tooth, the unit basically has world wide range capability uninterrupted by anything I suspect. I'm too cheap to buy a satellite phone so I haven't actually tried this but logic prevails sometimes. Once paired they stay paired, until you tell them to break the link...i.e. if you ride with the same buddies a lot, you just leave them linked and next time you ride they'll connect when turned on. The sound quality is incredible. No-one whom has called me even knows I'm not in my living room unless I tell them I'm out on a poker run in the forest. Another cool feature when riding two up, with others, each pair can have private conversation between themselves while being linked into the larger group. They have many other capabilities we haven't even tried out yet. Way too much tech for us old folks
  8. For what its worth: Get a Scala Rider Packtalk Duo from Cardo Systems. Full duplex comms (no talk button to push) and syncs with your cell phone for live streaming and control. Once you try it, you'll never go back. Goes all day on a charge. Very cool technology. We used PTT for years before we got these. https://www.amazon.com/Cardo-PACKTALK-Duo-Communication-Entertainment/dp/B00ZLKCLK6/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1527647063&sr=8-2&keywords=packtalk+duo Not trolling, just trying to help folks out. Cheers !
  9. Hello:
  10. I have a WR450F and a DRZ400S. They are both great machines but one thing to keep in mind: the DRZ does way better on gas than the WR. They are both beasts in the trails but the WR450F is way more trail oriented than the DRZ is, definitely the DRZ is the road machine of those two. My wife has a CRF250L...don't go there for trails, IMO. She also has a WR250F, I like it better on tight trails than the 450 but when in the desert or hill climbing the 450 will leave it well behind.
  11. Yes, riding the outback would be a dream come true for many of us "main landers". Dream on, dreams are what its all about! Sometimes we live 'em, sometimes we don't. Never stop dreaming...it got us ADV's Mai Tai's on the beach, living the dream
  12. Just checking in, been out riding but not just the AT's... If you find yourself on Kauai go ride the mud buggies to get dirty for a day. We both want to ship the twin's over there to cruise the island in style but doubt we ever will spend the money
  13. Washington State, today's ride was in the Olympic Mountains on the south eastern side of the mountain range...right out our back door, pretty much.
  14. We made it out today for a ride in the sun, was a perfect spring day for it. We headed up into the Skokomish river basin to see how far the snow melt has progressed. We took the 23 route up past Govey: It was clear up past Spider lake but we ran into the snow pack when we tried to go over the top of the mountain in above Satsop lakes and drop down into Wynoochee Lake. Lots of water coming off the hills yet on our way down the Satsop drainage: After we got back down to civilization we popped up to the mothballed Satsop Nuclear Plant for a look around: It was a fun ride for an afternoon; we traveled about 200 miles and had a great time.
  15. Your welcome, I've done this a few times. Stay in touch