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  1. dhdrider

    favorite/best mod. to your ktm 200?

    Head mod and Oval-bore carb by Cycle Playground and Suzuki needles for jetting.
  2. dhdrider

    KTM 300

    I don’t know that the KTM 300 is significantly different. All of the 300s are great bikes in one way or another. I’d first just sort of run yourself through a decision tree and see where you end up. Do you want a 2t? Yes. Do you want a 250 or a 300 - do you like to have it rev better and ride on the pipe more? Yes? Then get a 250. Do you like to lug more, have more forgiveness in gear selection, etc.? Yes? Then get a 300. Now, you have to decide whether you want linkage or not. Do you ride a lot of whoops, sand, higher speed stuff? Yes? Then you probably want a linkage bike. Do you ride lots of technical, rocky stuff? Yes? Get a KTM XC-W w/ PDS. If you decide you want a linkage bike, then You’re generally faced with a KTM, Husky, or a Beta. (Yes, I know there are other manufacturers, but if you’re a weekend warrior, I would stick with these 3). You really can’t go wrong with any of the 3. You might not be “unique” if you’re on a KTM XC or XC-W 300, but I like being amongst a bunch of fellow KTM’ers because when I’ riding in the middle of nowhere, between all of us, we damn near have enough spare parts to build a bike. That’s good piece of mind for me when I’m riding 100 miles from he nearest motorcycle shop.
  3. dhdrider

    300 XCW Odometer accuracy?

    Yes, that would be true.
  4. dhdrider

    300 XCW Odometer accuracy?

    My guess is the speedo pick up was not working for some time. Hours are accumulated electronically from the motor/electrical system and the odometer relies on the speed pick-up at the front wheel. They are independent of each other.
  5. dhdrider

    Northern Colorado

    Feel free to come to our NCTR meeting at the KTM shop in Loveland on Tuesday, Feb 12th @ 6pm. We'll be going over our work ride schedule in June as well seeing what potential spring trips we'll put together for the Western Slope and/or Utah. Don't let the work ride part scare you. We'll haul chainsaws and cut down dead fall just about every weekend in June. They're still fun. We ride all day and just stop to cut a path if needed. We take care of clearing most of the trails up in this area. (Donner Pass, Killpecker/Swamp Creek, Grizly Helena, and Snyder Creek/Willow Creek)
  6. dhdrider

    The KTM 200 Club

    Yep. I went with the Tusk kit w/ steel plates as well. Quality item. I've had no complaints.
  7. dhdrider

    Scratched expansion chamber

    Yep. I think it's rare that I go through a weekend ride and don't have to re-shape or bend it back so everything mounts up correctly. The sooner you accept that 2-stroke pipes are essentially a disposable item, the better you'll feel.
  8. dhdrider

    Where to ride in May?

    Have you ever been to Moab? Just not sure what your priorities are. Even though Moab is cool, I usually only like to spend 1-2 days riding the usual Moab stuff. I usually can only handle so much of the Jeep width trails. They’re hammered out and somewhat boring IMO. If it were me, I’d probably try to make 1-2 days of your “Moab” riding the White Wash area and/or San Rafael Swell and/or Chimney Rock. These areas have a bunch more single track options. White Wash can be done if you’re staying in Moab, but if you do San Rafael Swell or Chimeny Rock, I’d stage from Green River, UT if possible.
  9. dhdrider

    Jetting & Carb Help

    I’d be curious what needle you have in after you get it free from the slide that is...
  10. dhdrider

    axle nut torque spec ?

    While I do agree it’s a good idea to have accurate torque specs on some of the bolts (head bolts, triple tree clamps, etc), I’ve never considered the axle to be one of them. I will do the axle by hand with the tool kit wrench and then spot check it (rarely) with a torque wrench. I like to know how it “feels” to get it right with the tool kit wrench so when I’m 60 miles form the truck and have to change a tube trail-side, I have good confidence knowing I can get it right w/o a torque wrench and finish my ride with confidence that the rear nut is not too tight and also not going to get loose either. I feel like everyone ought to be able to get rear axle bolts, front axle nut and pinch bolts pretty accurately w/o a torque wrench, because if you ride far from the truck like me, you’re going to be doing it w/o a torque wrench on the trail.
  11. dhdrider

    Jetting & Carb Help

    Maybe either hit it for a few seconds with a torch? Or at the very least put it in the oven for a few minutes to heat it up...
  12. dhdrider

    Am I rich or lean?

    Are you running a screen-type spark arrestor? If so, a partially clogged screen will have the same symptoms. Just trying to help you with the possible simple solutions first...
  13. dhdrider


    Heck, I’m 200lbs w/o gear and I just sold my 2012 300XC and went back to a KTM 200XC. I’m not advocating you do that per say, but “having enough power to haul you around” is all relative. I’ve had a couple 300s and I’ve had a couple 200s. I just LOVE being able to whip that 200 around anywhere I want. It does take a little more effort to tackle some of the technical uphill stuff, but the payoff in the fast flowing single track is worth it to me. About the only thing that is a burden to me going with the 200 is when we have to string together some road miles to connect singletrack. It’s pretty much 45 mph for me! Haha
  14. dhdrider

    3 days at Taylor Park

    Yep, that’s what I was thinking of, Deadman.
  15. dhdrider

    3 days at Taylor Park

    Sorry, brain fart. Yes, that is still good in/out of Dinner Station. There used to be a trail called Lower Dr. Park that is now closed altogether and there was another trail that switch-backed down into a different campground and that one is closed both was as well. here is another trail that is one way off of Cement Creek rd. but the name/number escapes me, but it is well marked.