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  1. jimmyh

    Cuatro Casas

    There is a bit of a rift in that enclave. I have a place just south at Shipwrecks and we used to surf at Quatro all the time. Last year the hotel's neighbor threw up new fencing restricting access and we've heard it is over issues with the hotel. We don't like the vibe there anymore. I was there last Saturday in a buggy 2/2/19......not a welcoming place.
  2. jimmyh

    Tires for Baja-KTM 500

    Kenda Parker DT for the rear. Excellent Baja tire
  3. jimmyh

    KX head and values on a KLX Still a good idea?

    I run a KX head with stage 2 hot cams and stainless steel valves. Runs incredibly strong and smooth tons of power.
  4. jimmyh

    California KLX450R

    Anyone out there interested in buying a California green sticker 2008 KLX450R? Jimmy 310-259-2153
  5. jimmyh

    Future rides

    Me too Larry. coming in 9/29-10/4. Was hoping to get a good route to do an overnight at Mike's...now??
  6. jimmyh

    border xing Q

    Crossed a week ago at San Y with two in the truck and they attempted to verify VIN#s. I read the last 5 off and we were matching. Never asked for ID, just registration. Never had them check VIN, usually just sticker
  7. jimmyh

    One Place to never go.

    You got big balls Larry. Guess that comes from living local, but most of us just take the bullshit and never ever go back again,,,,,until the next disappointment!
  8. jimmyh

    Don Eddie's

    Too funny and yes it never seems to make sense. tortillas when meal is done, drinks halfway through meal. We hit Pirate's Cove restaurant at Camalu Point on Monday afternoon hoped to get some carne asada nachos.... "Sorry no chips, our fryer is broken" god forbid someone hustles 5 minutes to town and gets some!!!! At least it's consistent throughout Baja!
  9. jimmyh

    Don Eddie's

    Not sure if any of you ride to San Quintin, but we just did an overnight at Don Eddies and had a good time with the owner Tony, Eddie's son. Great bar, food, rooms and free wifi. Old Mill has the cool deck and vibe, but if you need a chill place that is safe and friendly, stay at Don Eddie's.
  10. jimmyh

    New Visa Requirements in Baja ?

    From what I know this is legit. Last time we came through SanY at 5am, we just pulled over to the right went into the little office, filled out a form, handed over our passports and got a free 7-day tourist visa. And the guy there verified, no free zone and it is 200 pesos for the 180-day (no in/out privileges) visa. I was alerted by my insurance company that not complying would void my policy,,,,so I the Dude abides.
  11. jimmyh

    Chain slap mod idea

    I'm with Al, double check that you are taking your slack measurements from the correct points. Never experienced the dreaded slap so many others speak of
  12. jimmyh

    Coast Line Route West of Colnett

    I wish. Gotta do all the time up here now so I can do some bigger trips in 2016. Feliz Navidad!
  13. jimmyh

    Coast Line Route West of Colnett

    damn Larry the goat with his trials tire!
  14. jimmyh

    Coast Line Route West of Colnett

    It is pretty difficult to get from San Antonio Del Mar to the Colonet cove at this point without staying inland a bit. I've hit so many fences trying to hug the coast that is just not worth it. Basically you head south out of SA and do your best to wiggle a straight line to the bluff. From there drop down in between ranchos right onto the beach/cove. Close to the coast, but up in the ranchos is your only real option. I would not risk going onto those ranchos by opening gates. Fun riding but mostly two-track. Good luck
  15. jimmyh

    2015 Baja 1000

    Badass drone shot!