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  1. Hairyyeti

    Increasing Grip size for Elbow Tendinitis???

    pro grip dual sport grips, I believe that they are 714... nice thick man sized grip...
  2. Hairyyeti

    New 2003 CR250, restoring for trails

    I put 2.5 weight oil in in forks and shock with excellent results. Left stock springs and this is working well in the woods hauling my 260 lbs. around, no deflection.
  3. Hairyyeti

    CR250 Woods setup??

    keihen carb 12 oz flywheel weight moose torque spacer stock pipe 14 tooth countershaft sprocket 2.5 weight fork and shock oil Enduro engineering bar risers kenda equilibrium rear tire easy pull clutch lever this setup is on my 13 year olds cr250r and he loves it, lugs way down, he can buy his own rekluse.
  4. Hairyyeti

    104 hours on piston and still going!

    Keep your air filter clean and your engine will last alot longer, some guys are over the top on their top end rebuilds.
  5. Hairyyeti

    Right Side Crank Seal Question

    go with the 45pj and 178 mj if around sea level.
  6. Hairyyeti

    2013 250RR 1st ride report

    I agree, one of each
  7. Hairyyeti

    Beta 350rr milage

    40 miles in bluff country
  8. Hairyyeti

    Check your clickers

    Nice post, will use this as a reference as I changed the oils in my suspension. I went light with 2.5 weigh oil all around, and had Dave do the rear with my light oil as well. To much snow up here to try it. I Hope I like it.
  9. Hairyyeti

    Kawasaki 2012 Brute force 750 4x4i

    Pick up this bike this weekend, leftover from last year. Getting pretty good deal. Will I enjoy this bike? thanks, Brian
  10. Hairyyeti

    Keihin PWK 38 A/S on Beta 300

    Why, I hear the beta carb is spot on out of the crate. Why F with a good thing?
  11. Hairyyeti

    Show me your...BETA !

    I cheaped out on the decals.
  12. Hairyyeti

    ? to beta

    II hope the bike is okay...
  13. Hairyyeti

    My new beta 250rr

    looking good!
  14. Hairyyeti

    ? to beta

    I have talked with him too as I work out of Effingham. He is a real stand up guy!