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  1. mv7000

    2018 KX250F vs 2019: Parts Differences?

    should be the same! check rmatv oem parts to double check part numbers!
  2. mv7000

    Brand new twinair filter falling apart

    really old!
  3. mv7000

    KXF 250 Head Gasket

    bolt holes will only line up one way
  4. mv7000

    Acrebis frame guard 2013kx250f

    Best of my knowledge the frames are identical!
  5. mv7000

    How do I check if my bike is cooling properly

    Word of caution! Don,t rev the bike with cap off while running it!
  6. mv7000

    YZ250 WR Gear swap (3-5th or 1-5th?)

    How fast for how long are you tapped out in 5th.? It would seam that your mx gearbox would be perfect!
  7. mv7000

    Flywheel Marks

    Details in owners manuel,or go to Kaw website and download manuel!
  8. mv7000

    DID VT2- what am I missing?

    DID narrow x ring are more expensive than stock chain ,which is not the same as the narrow DID!
  9. 17 has air forks,valve clearance specs are alittle different( without looking I think the exhaust is different)!
  10. mv7000

    JE 13.5 piston need higher octane than 93?

    Should not be a problem with 91 or 93! Give JE a call
  11. mv7000

    Why is my dirt bike leaking oil

    If your sure its engine oil then check the engine breather tube right above the frt sprocket! Itshould be drained occasionly! If its trans fluid it maybe overfilled and coming out black hose that is usually routed down by the linkage.
  12. mv7000

    utah chimney rock

    anyone happen to know the altitude of Chimney Rock? THANKS
  13. did you put alittle grease around the top of the bladder? with the tool that screws on to the Schrader valve you can pull it up against the ring! best to don it without any air in it!