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  1. bk29

    water soluble air filter oil

    The test win was in dirt rider during the Jimmy Lewis era. It’s a good product but good luck trying to buy a bottle.
  2. bk29

    water soluble air filter oil

    I’ve used it before. It works good and like no toil the alcohol in the oil is hard on the filter. I use no toil now because swaff was too hard to find.
  3. I got the same email. I’ve had my tank for 20 months. Maybe another one will show up in the next few days. If you want the best tank you have to deal with them. No regrets
  4. bk29

    What to expect for range

    I had a 15 fx and it was great on fuel. I was able to reliably get at least 70 miles from the stock tank. For comparison the 300s I usually ride with typically burn 3.2 on the same ride. Everyone has a different riding style and different trail conditions, so who knows what your mileage will be. I’m just saying it will go farther than you think on 2 gallons.
  5. bk29

    Drop in led headlight?

    It’s a really noticeable upgrade. I didn’t think about the fan vs.mud.
  6. bk29

    Drop in led headlight?

    I’m running a cyclops bulb on my drz. I would look at their site.
  7. Check your valve clearance. When I put my head back on a shim slipped out of its pocket. Took a little while to figure out.
  8. Does Brian Bartlow make it to the tracks up there? He is a nor cal guy that rents out bikes and teaches flat track classes. It’s a great way to find out if you want to do it before you invest in setting up a bike.
  9. This is a new product from GET. Someone needs to buy one and report back to us. From what I understand it can detect a crash and send out an sos. I think it goes to you first so you can cancel it if you want. http://www.getdata.it/prodotti.php?idprodotto=454&idcategoria=40&lang=eng
  10. bk29

    2020 yz250fx

    I was able to ride a 19 450fx and I think the seat height is a lot lower to the ground and unfortunately , the foot pegs. I prefer the seat to pegs dimensions of the 250fx. I’ll probably add a tall seat and or lower pegs. I’m 6’1”. The shorter guys will love the new layout if it’s like the 450.
  11. Yamaha castings have a lot of those lines running through them. They look like cracks for sure but it’s nothing really.
  12. I’ve been fighting a goo leak from the bottom of that cover for a while. I don’t think I replaced that seal when I put a new cylinder on. I probably don’t have one there at all.
  13. I think they have a 250i on sale down there. You probably saw it on cl.
  14. bk29

    2016 WR250F mileage

    I had a fx. I can count on at least 70 miles and I nursed 80 out of it once. Everyone’s riding style and conditions are different though. The best way to figure out your mileage is to fill up at the pump after a ride so you can see exactly how much you burned.
  15. bk29

    YZ 250 top end rebuild loss of power

    I guess it’s not the pv then. One of my friends managed to make his bike run like crap on top by putting on way too much air filter oil. Other than that I’m stumped.