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  1. Its been a few years since I parked this bike, 1974 YZ125A. but it started right up. I went to take it for a spin and it falls on its face when I get to higher RPMs. I did the basic checks. cleaned carb, jets, checked jetting, reeds, timing, checked for obvious leak in crank seals, float height, etc. The crank seals are new a few years ago when I rebuilt the motor and have very little time. less then 5 hours on rebuilt motor. I ordered a new set or crank seals, just to rule it out. The bike will rev fast and smooth when on the stand. The issues only shows up when Im actually riding the bike. Im starting to suspect the ignition system. But Im not 100% thats it because it revs fine on the stand. Any ideas? Is there a way to test the ignition system? I dont exactly have another setup to swap on and compare.
  2. bronkorob

    Show your PIG

    Got my second XR650R this last summer. Went away from my first one chasing greener grass with a handfull of different bikes, only to come back to the XR. Pic was just before a 3 day trip through Death Valley, up to mono lake, and back down to ridgecrest. Now im looking to swap tanks and tweek the suspension and do a desert race or 2 this winter.
  3. I'm looking for my next dual sport and haven't totally ruled out the XRL. I've had an XRR a few years ago and really liked the borynack (sp?) valving database he had. I followed his setup and loved the way the bike handled. I'm going to be using the XRL to spend a lot of time in the California deserts, and I've heard they need work out of the box. Is there any database or reference as detailed as the borynack setups for XRL suspension? These are the same forks from the XR600Rs right? I would like to be able to do the work myself if I can get valve stack info .. In my search I see a lot of folks just saying swap to CRF forks, which looks to be a more expensive option then sending out for a primo revalve. Can't find too much as far as valving for forks or shocks. Im no racer, but I do a lot faster desert cruising and there is plenty of long whooped out sections.
  4. bronkorob

    XR600R desert racing setup

    Thanks for the info. Great articles. Backwoods-bomber I didn't need much info on suspension because it's pretty subjective and I already know it needs work. I'm not going to the extent of swapping forks though. I was more curious about the old XR setup or items that need immediate address. Like on the xr650r, need peg update, stock exhaust mods, HRC parts, batwing, cr500 Shock body swap, 1x and similar suspension valving is all available on the Internet and pretty well documented. The heyday of the xr600 on the other hand, was before the Internet exploded with forums and all this easy to find info. Other then a few articles and a couple mentions of "classic" baja racers of the 80s and 90s. I know there were a bunch of Baja, district 37 and 38 racers running these beasts when new. What were their tricks and setups? Like what was the deal with cutting the rear fender up to the base of the tail light? I made a terrible mistake by not buying a norra Mexican 1000 race prepped xr600 from another member a few years ago. It had an unobtainable factory dual exhaust setup and from what I remember a load of other tricks. The bike had a winning race history and I kick myself every day for not selling a kidney or something to make that deal happen.
  5. bronkorob

    ATK 605 questions

    If you haven't already, I would still call Keith about the vin. I had an 89 604 with the vin tag missing. Unfortunately for me, he said the records for the LA built ATKs were long gone due to a fire. He made it sound like if I had a 94 and newer, Utah built bike, he could get me a vin from the motor ID number.
  6. bronkorob

    Help me start a 1985 ATK 560

    Check the valves? Easy to do on the rotax. No throttle. Got spark? It has been sitting for a long time, maybe something has rattle loose or got brittle and broke after the first run and hours of kicking. Get jetting info and call kieth at American dirt bike. He knows these motors better then probably anyone. He has helped me before. I've had a few ATK 4 strokes, thankfully most had e-start. They aren't always the easiest to kick start cold. I had an 89 604 MX that was kick start only and it was very touchy to carb adjustments and jetting. So it was a lot of trial and error to get it to kick start easily. Before I got it down, I had to do a lot of bump starting.
  7. bronkorob

    XR600R desert racing setup

    Thinking about a new project. Thought a XR600 would be fun to build up and do a few races on. What was the hot setup for these bikes back when they were new? The XR650R is prett well documented and all the tips and tricks are all over the Internet. Everything the suspension valving, factory tricks, and more. Not so much for the 600. Outside of suspension, were there any other must do mods to these bikes? Anyone still racing their 600? What's your setup? I'm not looking for winning, just a second fun bike....that just might surprise a few guys when it shows up to the starting line.
  8. bronkorob

    KTM MX500 1989

    I had an 89 500 DXC for a bit. As mentioned before, engine parts get pricey. It was a few years ago, but I think there was someone producing these old Pistons but they were 300+ bucks. Pipe, I think the only option is dynoport (sp?), again pricey. I think the 440, 500, 540, 550 bottom ends are all interchangeable. I remember reading reports of ignition issues in some years. On the upside, if you do rebuild it, it probably won't need to be touched again for a long time. My DXC didn't see too much extended time screaming in the pipe. So wear and tear will be minimal. Give you plenty of time to find a second parts bike to have as spares. Awesome bikes though.
  9. bronkorob

    KTM 250SX vs. Yamaha YZ250?

    Had an 06 YZ250 setup for desert, went dual sport for a bit, now I'm on a 15 250sx setup for offroad. Can't go wrong with either. I'm an intermediate rider and revalved both bikes, so bad stock suspension wasn't an issue. Granted, I spent a little more to get the KTM 4CS forks to work good for me, but I learned a lot in the process. KTM does have the better brakes, hydro clutch if that's a must for you. I don't remember my YZ being all that difficult. If you need an e start you have the option in the line up. I opted for the SX because I don't "need" an e start at this time, and I'm not so fast that the 6th gear is going to be the thing that makes me win or lose a race. Saved me a good chunk of change too. YZ on the other hand did have good suspension and the formula to make it work is out there and there isn't a whole lot of trial/error and guessing. So many used parts out there you can build it the way you want for a fraction of a new KTM. There's 10 years of take offs for different tanks, wheels, exhaust, triples, stabilizers, spares, etc. I opted for the KTM because I wanted to try something new. Had an 07 450XC that was a great bike and figured KTM should have just gotten better over the years. Also got a good deal on the KTM, probably not as good of a deal as I could have found on a left over YZ somewhere, but I figured I would give it a shot. No regrets. Great bikes. I would not hesitate on jumping on either one if I had to make a decision. But I am enjoying the 250SX, and probably will give the 300SX kit a shot one of these days, to change things up again.
  10. bronkorob

    Fly Racing Formula Helmet

    I had one. I don't think they make them any longer. But it was a great helmet. Interior was really nice, and wicked away sweat really well without the soggy feeling. It was almost a suede feeling type of inside material. Vented great too. Since they don't make it any longer I now have an F2 Carbon. Same basic helmet. The only difference between the 2 is the formula has the different internal padding (F2 has the normal padding I've see n In every other helmet), a nice zipper helmet bag, extra matching replacement visor, vent plugs (supposedly for cold weather riding), and titanium hardware. I can't feel any weight or fit difference between the 2. Being as they don't make it any longer I would be more concerned with how old it is and how long it's been sitting/kicked around. I would hate to spend a decent amount of money only to get a helmet made 5+ years ago.
  11. 2015 250sx going at it at a local desert race.
  12. bronkorob

    desert riding technique and speed

    Yeah....common sense answer...practice.....practice....practice. I'm tweeting my bike setup after talking with faster guys, find what works and what doesnt. I am very impressed with how smooth some of these guys are! I'm following the district 38 series=high speeds and whoops!! I'm planning on filling in their summer break with some district 37 races to continue riding and exposure to that terrain. Lucky for me I live about equal distances from the bulk of the D38 and D37 race areas.
  13. I have been serious this year about following a desert series in southern california. I haven spent more time on my bike this year than I ever have before. I have noticed lots of improvements and have setup the bike specifically for the desert. Now when im in the middle of a 25 mile lap I feel like I am going at a good pace I can sustain, I am sucking up the terrain, and standing most the time, making sure I have a good riding position etc.....than when the fast guys lap me.....they lap me like I am standing still. The last few races when this happens I have tried to see what they are doing differently other than twisting the throttle farther. granted I know I wont be as fast as them, but I know I have room to improve. first thing I notice is a lot of them pass by and look very smooth! I start to realize I am really working hard to keep my speed and keeping the bike in good posture. Makes me wonder if I just need to twist farther and hope that the extra speed keeps me higher on the whoops, bumps, rocks etc. the old example is going slow on a wash board road....slower speed you feel every peak and valley, fast you skim across the top and smooths out the ride. I know all terrain is different, but can anyone tell me if this is the way you fast guys do this? Is there a point where it smooths out and you just stay on it? or are you just in way better shape and hold on that much tighter? The speed thing seemed pretty straight forward...until I saw how smooth those guys are. made me think I am doing something wrong. before we jump on suspension. I have my bike valved/sprung for the desert. MUCH better vs stock. only issue is I have never rode a bike with GREAT desert suspension. So I have nothing to compare to.
  14. bronkorob

    Attn. Racers, free stuff!

    And the winner is..........?????
  15. bronkorob

    What Have You Done To Your KTM Today?

    Went to the races this weekend. Bike ran great! My knees, not so much. Pic is the bike and my pit crew. About the gas cap issue above. I also got a used XC tank for my SX. Press the Orange tab and spin....mine works easy enough in one position, and if you inser it into another position it locks and its a pain to get off. Exact same problem you are having.