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  1. MXandSXracer21

    Skidplate for '18 350SX-F

    I hear the KTM skidplate is basically a rebadged Cycra plate with the KTM logo on it. Any truth in that?
  2. MXandSXracer21

    Skidplate for '18 350SX-F

    Thanks!! I hear that the ktm one is actually a KTM badged Cycra skid plate. Any truth to that?
  3. MXandSXracer21

    Skidplate for '18 350SX-F

    I'm not opposed to getting an Acerbis one, but I had one on my CRF450R and do agree with some of y'all that it's difficult to mount and all. Anyone have pics of the KTM powerparts one that's been mentioned?
  4. MXandSXracer21

    KTM 350 2018 oil cover bolts

    I'd say it's probably your standard M6x1.0 size.
  5. I am looking to get a skid plate for my new '18 350SX-F. What does everyone recommend? I'm not really a fan of metal ones since they seem a lot noisier to me. I like the P3 but they are pretty pricey, although they seem to have an entry level on for a somewhat decent price.
  6. I was wondering what all is involved with doing a SX-F to XC-F fuel tank conversion?
  7. MXandSXracer21

    Graphics kit

    Yes, I understand about the red bull logo deal. I seem to remember someone making graphics that looked just like the team graphics, only without the red bull logo. Anyone remember who it was that made them?
  8. MXandSXracer21

    FMF Exhaust reviews for 16+ 350SXF

    Is a remap required when switching from stock to fmf exhaust?
  9. MXandSXracer21

    Graphics kit

    I just got a 2018 KTM350SXF and would like to get some pre-printed backgrounds and maybe even a graphics kit. I really like the KTM gncc team graphics, anyone know who makes them or where to get them? Pic for reference.
  10. I just picked up a 2018 KTM 350SXF this past week and was looking at maybe getting a FMF exhaust for the bike. Does anyone have any reviews for the 4.1 RCT Muffler only, megabomb only (sx), and full 4.1 rct setup? Any weights (vs stock), and what kind of power gains we're noticed? I think I've heard somewhere that if you don't want to give up any low end, then just get muffler only. I do 50/50 mx and woods (gncc style courses, not super tight stuff)
  11. MXandSXracer21

    2018 KTM350SX-F or XC-F

    Tomorrow I will be picking up a 2018 KTM 350. I'm still back and forth on the XC-F and SX-F. There is a $800 difference between the two. I know the XC-F comes with 18" rear, 6sp gearbox, larger fuel tank, kickstand, and xc-style suspension valving. I'm don't really care about the kick stand, and fuel tank size is typically not an issue for me. As far as the 18" rear, I'm not sure if it is a selling point for me or kinda moot. Lastly is the 6sp gearbox. How different is it from the sxf gearbox for both woods and mx. As far as riding (I've never ridden a ktm or a 350 for that matter), I am coming off a 2011 Honda CRF450R. I do roughly 50/50 mx and gncc style woods loops, with some occasional hare scrambles here and there. My dealer is offering $500 in store credit on accessories, etc. Should I get the SX-F and upgrade it close to the xcf (mainly just getting a XC-F fuel tank and maybe an 18" rear) for less money on my end? Are there other accessories I should consider to improve the bike? I thought about eventually getting a FMF 4.1 slip on (rather than full system as I hear the fmf headers tend to take away from Bottom end). Anyways I'm new to KTMs, so I will be putting around here more, with pics to follow soon!
  12. MXandSXracer21

    The time has come!

    Where about down south are you moving to?
  13. I'm looking to buy a new pair of goggle soon. What do you all recommend between the 100% Racecraft, the Scott Prospect, or the EKS-S goggles? Price is not a deciding factor since they are all about the same price for me. Thanks!
  14. MXandSXracer21

    New clothes for my baby

    How do you like the RS4 exhaust? Did you get the slip on or full system? Ti or Stainless?
  15. MXandSXracer21

    $10 PGM-FI HRC Tuner Tool

    What OS are you using and what Drivers did you use?