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  1. Freeride

    Seat Height on a 96 DR125?

    Anyone know the seat height of a '96 DR125? My wife is 5'1" and I found a DR in good shape for sale, but haven't had a chance to go look at it yet. Hopefully it won't be too tall. An XT225 is just a little too tall for her.
  2. Complete from a 2003 S. Head tube and muffler. Free, just want it gone. Otherwise I toss it. You pay shipping. John
  3. I converted my KLX400 from green to blue and have the green fenders and a black metal tank. I'd love to trade them for more blue parts, but does anyone need them? John
  4. Freeride

    Cycle World Article

    Do they have a website?
  5. Freeride

    wanted - "S" stock exhaust

    I have the whole thing off an 03 S. Good shape, the muffler is a little scratched up from trailriding. $100 Shipped.
  6. I've hiked a lot in that area, and I don't think there's much of anything exciting. It's out off the Mt. Loop highway, and there's only forest service roads to my knowledge. For that matter, I don't think you can even get to that campground from the Granite Falls side since the road washed out a couple years back. You'd have to drive around through Darrington.
  7. Freeride

    Reiter Trail Closure - Wall Trail

    Thanks Trav. I agree, there are so many idiots up at reiter. The first thing I pack before a reiter trip is my .40 - which is sad.
  8. Freeride

    Reiter Trail Closure - Wall Trail

    If you click on the link, you'll see pictures of the signage posted on the trail. Right now, it looks to be only closed to: motorbikes, shooting, campfires, and camping. Read the linked thread for all the details we know at this point. I know a lot of our 4x4 guys attend the monthly ORV meeting at Everett Powersports, which happened to be tonight. Hopefully they learned more.
  9. Freeride

    Reiter Trail Closure - Wall Trail

    As an active rider, and 4x4'er, I try to stay informed on all the local land use goings-ons. Recently some of the guys from our local 4x4 board ran into some rangers who were in the process of putting up signs at the middle of the Wall Trail. Apparently there have been reports of trash and debris being thrown over the town wall which is very popular with rock climbers! This is not a problem with a specific user group so let's not turn this into a bike vs. 4x4 bashing. This is a case of idiots ruining it for everbody. http://www.snort4x4.com/forum/showthread.php?s=&threadid=21053 I think we need to work together between the dirtbike, atv, and 4x4 groups to do what we can to save our trails.
  10. Last night, I saw 2 other dualsporters up there, and a quad rider, so I think I'm going to continue to take my chances!
  11. Where can I find out who owns what back there?
  12. Oops, didn't know it was private property. I came in from the North East to the falls, and kept riding South West - eventually the "road" deteriorated into some really narrow 2-track, like a quad trail. I followed that for a mile or two above the creek and that dumped out onto some logging roads. I took a left and went down and over a bridge, followed that for another mile or so and saw a ton of singletrack off the mainroad, but at that point I was getting lost and it was getting dark so I wasn't interested in exploring any more. The logging roads past the falls were marked with signs like CV100, CV110, CV111 etc. I assume this stands for Cherry Valley, but what roads are these? Are they legal if you're plated? The temptation to explore out there is insane!!!!! John
  13. I think I was in the North West area, and I didn't run into any gates or signs, and there was a ton of evidence of recent dualsport use. If I have a plate, I should be okay as long as I'm not in a gated area right?