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  1. woodsrider4

    New to Me RMZ

    Okay sounds good, I actually threw the rich coupler in last night after reading a few more threads. I'll be going riding this weekend so I'll finally get to see how the bike performs!
  2. @JLB943 I see you're in NJ also. Which track did you go to that took it out of you? I went to FOD about a month ago and it was very unorganized with riders everywhere with the track pretty beat up & nasty and it really took it out of me. I went to Englishtown with it's new track last weekend and it was way more organized and the track was perfect. Englishtown really has me excited about riding again.
  3. Went to a local track the other day and a rider pulled his brand new Kawasaki KX450F off his truck, fired it up cold and rev bombed everyone for a solid couple minutes. He then shut it off and sat in his lawn chair.
  4. woodsrider4

    New to Me RMZ

    What's up everyone! Just picked up a clean 2014 RMZ250. This is my third Suzuki I've owned, first mx bike was a RM80 way back in the day and I currently still own my 2001 RM125. I read through the manual a little bit last night and have been looking through forums to learn more about this bike and thought I'd come here to see if any RMZ experts had any information that they thought might be important. I'll definitely be keeping up with oil changes and air filter cleaning along with learning to check the valves regularly. One thing I'd like to learn more about is the power couplers and ECU along with the full FMF system. I had the bike running last night, rode it up the yard and back a few times and the FMF header was red hot. Which coupler should I be running with the FMF system? I believe the leaner coupler is on currently and I don't believe there is any tune on it for the exhaust. Let me know if anyone has any info to share.
  5. woodsrider4

    YZ250 Leak??

    The more I look at the bike it feels like I keep finding more wrong with it. I'm glad I posted these pics up here because you all helped me a ton to finding these issues. Lucky for me the bike is off craigslist now so I won't be bringing this one home anytime soon. YZ DOC I know exactly what you mean, I think by now I kind of expect random issues with bikes previously owned by others. It's definitely not easy searching for used bikes but luckily the ole RM still runs like a champ until I find my next bike.
  6. woodsrider4

    Just got two kx250f .. #1 2009 ... #2 2012

    One thing I can say from owning a 4 stroke mx bike in the past is check the valves. I had a CRF250R that was extremely difficult to start every season and every season the valves were out of spec but as soon as they were adjusted or replaced it ran like a dream again.
  7. woodsrider4

    YZ250 Leak??

    Well now I have the heebie jeebies about this bike. Makes me wonder how someone can let their bike get to this point. I've have plenty of bikes and have never let my bikes just sit broken and dirty. It also throws me off looking at how nasty the exhaust port looks on the pipe. I'm pretty much slowly looking at upgrading from my rm125 so I'm not in any crazy rush to get a new bike. I can still ride out the season on my bike until I find another bike to enjoy.
  8. woodsrider4

    YZ250 Leak??

    Alright I'll see how it goes when I go check out the bike. I think $2500 would be a solid deal for the bike even with the gasket issues. From what I've been reading and watching videos on youtube, top ends don't seem extremely difficult. Does anyone have any advice for a first timer tearing into one of these engines? I'm kind of looking at this bike as a learning experience for all my future engine building endeavors if I purchase it lol
  9. woodsrider4

    YZ250 Leak??

    Thanks for the input! I'm definitely not new to dirtbikes, I've been riding for years. I would be new to tearing apart the engine though (which I'm very interested in learning). I'm pretty good with a wrench and from what I've seen I definitely believe I can learn to work on these engines. The guy wants $2900 for the bike but I'm pretty positive I can knock him down to $2300-$2500. I agree with you that the dirty bike really throws me off also but it seemed like a very good deal for the area where I live considering 05 yz250's are going for $2800 here. I'm not totally sold on buying this bike yet, that's why I wanted some opinions on this possible leak. If you have any other info on these bikes please let me know, I'm always up for learning more.
  10. woodsrider4

    YZ250 Leak??

    I need some opinions from anyone who knows about YZ250's. I'm planning to go look at this 2012 YZ250 this week and notice some residue where the cylinder connects to the case on both sides of the bike. Can anyone tell me if they think this might be oil or premix leaking in the pictures attached. From what the owner told me, the bike is just dirty still and its just mud. The bike is for sale for a really solid price so let me know everyone's opinions before I go check it out. Thanks!
  11. woodsrider4

    Exhaustion from riding older 125

    Sounds pretty solid. I think I'll go check one out then. I've heard they're pretty tall though so that may be an issue for me but the e start helps with that problem lol
  12. woodsrider4

    Exhaustion from riding older 125

    That's interesting. How is the 250fx? I'm debating going to take a look at one soon.
  13. woodsrider4

    Plating a bike in New Jersey

    Bump for more info
  14. woodsrider4

    Plating a bike in New Jersey

    Thank you for the info. Can anyone else provide some information on the topic? I've heard that you can also buy a dirtbike from PA and the title transfer to NJ will allow you to get a plate. Is this true?
  15. woodsrider4

    newjersey Plating a bike in New Jersey

    What up everyone?! I've been searching for a little while to find information on plating a Dirt bike in NJ but can only seem to find older forum without much definitive information on this subject. Can anyone explain to me what Dirtbikes can be plated or if there is a list of Dirtbikes in NJ that can be plated? I'm only planning to ride offroad legally such as enduros and not really on the street. I'm looking at newer bikes currently and don't want to make the mistake of purchasing a bike that can't be plated. I found the manufacturers list for NJ that states which manufacturers can be registered but it doesn't state any stipulations for Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki, or Kawasaki. Does this mean any 250f or 450f can be plated in NJ with the proper insurance? Please let me know if anyone has any information on the topic or if there is a thread out there that I may be missing.