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  1. Sounds pretty solid. I think I'll go check one out then. I've heard they're pretty tall though so that may be an issue for me but the e start helps with that problem lol
  2. That's interesting. How is the 250fx? I'm debating going to take a look at one soon.
  3. newjersey

    Bump for more info
  4. newjersey

    Thank you for the info. Can anyone else provide some information on the topic? I've heard that you can also buy a dirtbike from PA and the title transfer to NJ will allow you to get a plate. Is this true?
  5. newjersey

    What up everyone?! I've been searching for a little while to find information on plating a Dirt bike in NJ but can only seem to find older forum without much definitive information on this subject. Can anyone explain to me what Dirtbikes can be plated or if there is a list of Dirtbikes in NJ that can be plated? I'm only planning to ride offroad legally such as enduros and not really on the street. I'm looking at newer bikes currently and don't want to make the mistake of purchasing a bike that can't be plated. I found the manufacturers list for NJ that states which manufacturers can be registered but it doesn't state any stipulations for Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki, or Kawasaki. Does this mean any 250f or 450f can be plated in NJ with the proper insurance? Please let me know if anyone has any information on the topic or if there is a thread out there that I may be missing.
  6. That's pretty awesome, nice to see KTM and Husqvarna still improving their 2 strokes. I actually went riding this weekend and found that all the cardio I've been doing at the gym has definitely helped my endurance on the track and the new pillow top grips I threw on helped the vibration a little also.
  7. newjersey

    Looks like we'll be at Field of Dreams this Saturday! If anyone else on here will be there let us know!
  8. NewJersey

    If you go check it out today, let use know how it goes! There's plenty of us on here that'll ride with you.
  9. What kind of bike are you on? I've honestly been debating upgrading to a newer bike setup lately and can't make up my mind on what to get. Do newer 2 strokes still have the same vibrations as my 01 has or have they found ways to limit the vibrations to a minimum?
  10. newjersey

    Well that stinks. Is Millville our only option now?
    2001 Suzuki RM125
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    2001 Suzuki RM125
  12. Any updates on this?
  13. DM me next time you go riding. Check out my thread about riding in Jersey. There's a couple of us trying to get together and ride whenever we can together.
  14. newjersey

    Lol this weather can't decide what it wants to do! Also, Englishtown needs to start having a better way of communicating with its customers. Everytime I call them it doesn't let me talk to a human being and all there updates seem to come way too late on the website or facebook. I saw a review on their FB that a guy checked their website at 8am for an update on a Saturday practice and they were open, then at 9:30am they changed the status to cancelled. Meanwhile the track opens at like 10am.