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  1. Jmazza99DR350

    The DR350/250 Promoto Billet Rack is Back!

    I emailed the good folks at promoto billet and it seems I had some good timing. Recently they have been getting more and more requests for old dr racks. They have agreed to another cycle of them as long as they have orders in. Nobody makes a rack like promotobillet. The fine print: Each person that wants one will need to call us direct, place the order, and provide a payment method (c/c number, etc.) Once the number of orders reaches 20, we will build the racks. Total time to packaged can be 4 to 6 weeks if it's during our busy season. 3 to 4 weeks if not. Once the product is packaged, we will charge the credit cards, and ship out the racks. If the total number of orders does not reach 20 within a few weeks, we will contact each buyer with (hopefully) an alternative option- to prepay for their rack- if there are enough sold... Shoot them an email and let them know you want one, and your wish will come true... Thanks Dudes!!!
  2. Jmazza99DR350

    DR350 Buell Headlight Wiring

    Also as you probably have already guessed, the buell setup did not come with a harness, I would have had to cut it off anyway. I have the low beam wire tapped into a hot wire in the DR, so that works the second the key is turned. The high beam is the only thing! Driving me nuts!
  3. Jmazza99DR350

    DR350 Buell Headlight Wiring

    http://www.mistyoak.org/dr650/BuellHeadlights.html This is what I tried to pull off on my 350. I believed that I needed a relay for the high beam and was trying to wire it in so I didn't blow a bulb or drain the system. I should just wire it straight to the bulb? Do you think that would be safe? I was trying to take every precaution possible so the dr was mint. Wiring it into the switch is a bit of a hassle. The switches are different between a 350 and a 650...Thanks for the help man.
  4. Jmazza99DR350

    DR350 Buell Headlight Wiring

    Has anybody done this? Wiring the low beam was easy but wiring the high beam into the switch? Has anybody ever done this? I tried using a relay and doing it the same way that a DR650 is done, but I can't figure it out! Help Anyone?
  5. Jmazza99DR350

    DR350 Tank Purchase

    Nevermind...I bought the Acerbis.
  6. Jmazza99DR350

    DR350 Kick Start Conversion...

  7. Jmazza99DR350

    DR350 Tank Purchase

    I am shopping for a new Tank...I am unsure which way to go, I want the best money can buy...What are your opinions of the IMS, Acerbis, or Clarke Tanks? I will be going with a "Natural" finish...Thanks guys.
  8. Jmazza99DR350

    DR350 Kick Start Conversion...

    I have heard a lot of talk on this subject from time to time but never have really seen evidence of it happening...I have a 99DR350se Electric Start...I am getting into Enduro racing on this thing, and I absolutely refuse to let my bike die in the woods anymore like it has been....You don't get many shots to get her running after you go down...maybe 6 or 7 times and the battery is shot if you can't fire her up..This is a common issue...So does anybody know the down and dirty on the conversion? I would like to have BOTH...with a de-compression lever. I will not get a different bike I am in love with my DR!
  9. Jmazza99DR350

    Best way to prep stock DR350 Bars for Hand Guards?

    If you still don't care about getting new bars (which yes, you still should) There will be a metal log about 4 inches in length (what she said) sitting on the other side of the coin looking piece of metal inside your bar which holds it in there. You have to hacksaw just beyond the edge of the coin piece between 1/2 and 3/4in from the end of each bar end, and you can remove the metal filling and get your handguards on...This is going to require sawing the end of your throttle (maybe)and your going to have to get new grips...aka. Get new Bars. And like the guys said get Renthal bars for sure. Spend the money you'll be happy once you have them. Also look into getting bar risers too...sometimes the bars can move if you go down hard and the braces holding your handguards to the bar can dent your tank if your not careful.