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  1. singletrkstar

    Peick Injury

    I downloaded the footage and watched frame by frame using video editing software. It looks to me like the guy's front wheel landed on him, then the case, and as the bike is bouncing forward and left / sideways, Peick might have caught some of the footpeg, as it pulls his body forward. Just awful.
  2. singletrkstar

    Screwed by FS1 again

    Gotta throw another shout out for ps Vue. It will"record" the race whichever channel it comes on. Unless it's ota or something
  3. singletrkstar

    Now that the jumpfest circus is over. let the real racing begin

    I was going to say don't sleep on Barcia or Bagget, but forgot about the wrist. I definitely think Barcia is going to be a force to be reckoned with. He obviously just rode out the last few races, trying to stay healthy for outdoors.
  4. singletrkstar

    brand loyalty vs being an American

    Hmm. I don't dislike Eli. I love to watch him race. His personality does come off as a bit dry. I noticed after Saturdays race he did not congratulate Anderson. He may have done it off camera or whatever. I don't know what the dynamic of relationship between the riders is like, but that's usually a clue. I believe Eli trains alone, but some folks are just like that.
  5. singletrkstar

    I have become a big fan of Barcia this season

    Been pulling for him this year as well. Was disappointing to see him get hurt. He was right there in the mix too. It's nice to see a guy swallow his pride, grow up and take advantage of the opportunities given. That press conference with Tomac and Roczen was hilarious.
  6. singletrkstar

    Tomac Meltdown after race

    Buzzwords. Obviously YouTube generation here.
  7. singletrkstar

    I'm with Meyer (spoiler inside)

    That's asinine, the guy has been working hard and riding great. Hell he got the hole shot in that heat. Looked like a stroke of bad luck to me rather than a lack of effort.
  8. singletrkstar

    I'm with Meyer (spoiler inside)

    I was thinking yesterday, is the metal starting pad an issue? Seems the first turn and the first couple laps or so are just so bunched up.
  9. singletrkstar

    Who has the NICEST YZ/WR 250F on Thumpertalk?

    Those blue wheels have really grown on me. Go get that thing dirty!
  10. singletrkstar

    2009 YZ250F Question

    Either way, sounds like fuel / carb / jet issues to me, nothing to worry about. First thing I'd do take the fuel tank and carb off and clean them and make sure it's jetted properly.
  11. singletrkstar

    Tomac is a punk..

    I would imagine the existing injury, combined with the nature, and brutality of that track had a lot to do with the decision.
  12. singletrkstar

    Anderson should feel horrible

    Agreed. I recently watched something on Barcia that talked about how he's recommitted to training, lifestyle, and riding the 450 like it's meant to be ridden as opposed to "revving" and being so aggressive. I think he realizes that the window of opportunity is thin and it's now or never. It's obviously paying dividends and that makes me a fan of his. Hoping to see him keep it up. Another rider who's maturation sticks out to me right now is Cianciarulo. That kid looks like he's taken things seriously and committed as well.
  13. singletrkstar

    Mookie Out

    Read somewhere today that Mook was called out to test track in socal last week I think? So maybe that's why he didn't race his own show this weekend? Everyone quick to jump and judge
  14. Yeah as a rule of thumb, I avoid using the impact on anything engine-wise. I've hosed up way too many things on mountain bikes and my truck. I'll use it to quickly pop off seat bolts and stuff like that. You're wise to be patient and give the dealer a chance. I don't know if I'd have peace of mind riding it half repaired. If it was an few years old maybe, but not on a brand new bike.
  15. singletrkstar

    2007 YZ250 good deal or no?

    I had a 2003 yz250 and honestly the weakest link was the suspension. I threw several hundred dollars at it but should have listened when someone told the best thing to do was change clamps and go SSS. Honestly, cheap engine to rebuild, but if the forks are not the SSS I wouldn't buy it.