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  1. Slinger

    First Baja ride: suspension- DRZ/CRF

    What tires were you using? Tires can make a huge difference in the sand.
  2. Slinger

    My new 07 ktm 450 exc pics

    Sweet bike! Now there are two dual sport bikes that are more dirt worthy then the DRZ. Will this bike force Suzuki to update the DRZ?
  3. Slinger

    One ride on a trackmater II there toast !!

    Trackmaster II is really a soft -> intermediate terrain tire that works really well in those conditions. Especially considering price and DOT rating. Yes it helps to heat cycle them on pavement before taking them off road.
  4. Slinger

    Colorado Tuff

    Stock S gearing is way too tall for technical off-road riding. Go to 14/47 or lower and your clutch will thank you.
  5. Slinger

    TT kickstand: E/S model

    Another happy kickstand owner here. Fit and finish and build quality are first rate. The kickstand is more tucked up and out of the way in the up position. Thank you to TT and Pro moto billet for bringing this great part to the DRZ. P.S. Definitely longer then stock so if you've lowered suspension I'd suggest looking elsewhere.
  6. Slinger

    Chain and sprocket recommendations?

    Renthal front Iron Man rear - very strong and light but a bit pricey Regina o-ring chain
  7. Slinger

    Turn Signal Flasher Removal?

    I've got a cracked turn signal flasher module and now theres no juice to the head light or starter. Rear brake light comes on when ignition is switched to park though. Is it possible to bypass the flasher module? Thanks!
  8. Slinger

    Questions about blue plastic kits

    I vote for the blue side panels, since we can get the after market black and white already.
  9. Slinger

    Opinions on Pirelli front tires?

    Check out the MT18, it works for me. Much better then the 606 offroad.
  10. Slinger

    Kalispell, Montana Single Track?

    Thanks for the links! I can't wait.
  11. Slinger

    Kalispell, Montana Single Track?

    Gonna be moving to Montana in September. Any good riding spots close by?
  12. Slinger

    SC-X105L Video Camera

    Do you have any sample video from this setup? Thanks.
  13. Slinger

    Kalispell, MT Bike Rental?

    I'm heading out to Kalispell for a couple weeks and was wondering if there is anyplace near by that rents dirt bikes, dual sports, or ATVs. Theres got to be some great trails out there.
  14. Slinger

    cutting out in wheelie...

    Are you guys running the lighter slide spring that comes with the DynoJet kit? Maybe the slide is moving around as you are wheelieing. You should try putting back the stiffer stock slide spring and see if that helps.
  15. Slinger

    Opinions on these three tires

    Yes I agree. Great for a mostly off road setup. For me the Kenda Trackmaster II is a better back tire then either the Pirelli MT21 or Dunlop 606's off road. The 606's are better on road but the Kenda's are predictable once the mold release has worn off. Don't have any experience with the Continental TK80.