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  1. 679

    new tire

    When you don't get the holeshot...
  2. 679

    Barcia third in 450's. Nice!!!!

    I think it's funny how Trey Canard doesn't thank the man above for breaking his femur.
  3. 679

    Confirmed:Barcia to factory honda

    I believe he said he got over that right before Washougal. Hes probably still recovering from that and a broken nose though
  4. 679

    more ways to advertise?

    I would work more on the quality of your ads rather than quantity. Post pics on your CL ad. Maybe make a list of add-ons rather than a single paragraph containing all your info. Take out all the phrases like "chain lubed every ride" and replace it with all routine maintenance done. Or the explanation on how new the tire is, simply say that the tires are fresh. Instead of telling us to ignore a whole page of tags, maybe just take out the 99% of them that don't apply to your bike. If someone wants to buy a ford or chevy, they aren't going to buy your 85. Work on your grammar a little. And be patient. This isn't a great market for bikes, especially minis.
  5. 679

    Cleaning your bike..

    http://motocross.transworld.net/1000102084/features/how-to-presented-by-bikebanditcom-wash-your-bike/ I liked the tip about laying your bike on it's side in the pressure washer.
  6. 679

    CR250 running backwards?

    The only way your bike will run backwards is if you bump start it going backwards.
  7. If you're going to buy steel sprockets, just buy some cheap ones and invest in a nice chain. I've been running the parts unlimited steel sprocket on my bike with no problems. It's been lasting just as well as my Sunstar. They're usually a bit cheaper than the JT sprocket, and doesn't look as ugly (IMO).
  8. 679

    Thinking of dumping fmf

    Its not like that exhaust loss is causing a noticeable difference in power.
  9. 679

    X Games Enduro X!

    Im not sure I can think of a single more hilarious thing I have ever seen! It was absolutely great, I hope they have it next year too.
  10. 679

    Thinking of dumping fmf

    The problem is more likely a bent subframe, mounting bracket, or the way the pipe was handled previous to installation, and not FMF's manufacturing. And what do you mean by unsatisfactory results? A gap there is really not that big of a deal.
  11. 679

    Theives, Please Read

    Thieves want whatever is convenient to take. I had my house robbed a couple of years back, the dog woke me up in time to run the guys out of the house, but not until they had cleared out the garage. I happened to be bikeless at the time. They had taken everything with a handle or in a case, from my old, used angle grinder to my leaf blower (***?). I have way more valuable tools/objects in my garage, but they were hard to transport. The good news of this story is that in the morning, I found all of my junk just sitting on the wall of my backyard. The theives must have took off pretty fast. I don't think I've ever loved a dog as much as I did that day. I have also had my work truck broken into, and same story, if it has a handle, it's easy prey. I no longer keep my tools in toolboxes or cases, and my truck is absolutely trashed, but since then all I have had stolen is a stereo.
  12. 679

    Herlings at Southwick?

    You are right. I was getting him mixed up with some french Honda rider, who also said he was the worlds fastest sand rider.
  13. 679

    Herlings at Southwick?

    I believe he was at southwick a few years ago claiming that he was the fastest sand rider in the world. He was impressive, but definitely not the fastest.
  14. 679

    thumb throttle

    I went on a ride with my hunting quad a while back, I'd never really ridden it before. My thumb was sore as **** within the hour.
  15. 679

    thumb throttle

    I always thought that why quads have thumb throttles is so when anti-helmet hombrero hops on one, and gets all outta shape with whiskey throttle, he can let off. Have seen a few death grip accidents with dumbasses and their converted throttle tubes.