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  1. Mx'ers are going to love this. They get to put another sticker on their bike!
  2. 3whlrcr


    Bob Hannah said Keithsburg was the hardest National he ever rode.
  3. 3whlrcr

    Moose Run OMA

    Right now it's wet and they are calling for rain next week too. But it has been very dry all year. If Gusse gets two or three dry days before the event, it should be perfect.
  4. One last shout out for this ride.
  5. Rode mileage today. The DS loop is 38 miles with approx 18 miles off road. If you get started early enough, you can ride two loops. The enduro is two 32 mile loops with approx 24 miles off road.
  6. Pat Smage does not own an enduro bike he can race. Phil does and I'm not sure if he was planning on attending. I would love to go and race the amateur class, but it's just too long of a haul for me.
  7. http://www.iera22.com/ http://omanationals.com/
  8. Easy. Buy the newest and best condition bike you can afford.
  9. I was going to go, but Mr. CrabbyAppleton said it was canceled.
  10. 3whlrcr

    Black River Falls!

    Tomorrow is the big day.
  11. 3whlrcr

    Black River Falls!

    Umm, he said trials, not trails. Yes, I'm thinking of doing the trials. Never been there, it's about time I go.
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